16 February 2015

Useless Updates #2

And you're welcome to 2nd Useless Updates.
Monday - It's the time of the week when my head doesn't get around much sensitive ideas to blog about so instead of planning big shot posts, I'd rather put my useless updates of life on blog every Monday. Sounds good? Join me in. It could be anything like how a tv show disappointed you to death or you had a 3 years anniversary with your sweater/favorite shirt. Come on!

-Finally I got back to the creative business inside my head and ended up completing this zine. It's about wanderlust tales and places I've been to in my dreams and people I've touched that don't exist. You know, a magical thing to keep in my pocket sometimes just in case I need a dose of it.

-I forgot to put it on blog yesterday. Here's the glorious couple of Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter. So these gems got married on Valentines Day and Tumblr miracleously didn't crash thanks Lord.

-I've been listening to Blank Space of Taylor Swift all day long. Imagine listening to it ALL FREAKING DAY and I still can't get it out of my mind. 
Oh my god look at that face, you look like my next mistake.

-It's Tuesday tomorrow and I'm so frigging happy it's Pretty Little Liars new episode time. And I am HOPEFULLY GOING TO LIVE TWEET!! Because isn't it the best thing to do? I hope somebody kick A's ass no matter who the heck A is. 

-Okay here's some not-useless-it's-pretty-useful thing, I found this app Blogaway. As we all know how shitty Blogger's app is and it's pain in the ass to blog via tablet, THIS APP IS A LIFESAVER!! I blogged yesterday via it and it worked (I honestly didn't hope it would work because it's not err popular but IT WORKED GOD BLESS) So I'm suggesting it to save some more lives in blogland. And you're welcome/

How was your Monday? And if you wrote any Useless Updates, link up with me!!

Useless Updates


  1. Blogaway sounds really handy, and such a gorgeous picture of the lovely benedict!!! xx

  2. Well, now that I know you are doing a Useless Updates Linky, I will just have to write blog posts about Useless Updates!

    I miss PLL. I haven't seen it for over a year, when we got rid of our cable TV. I need to catch up on Netflix. I really do.

  3. I love these updates! Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. I just got done listening to Blank Space in my car and I came upstairs opened my bloglovin feed to read some blogs and see that. haha it will be stuck in my head all evening!

  5. I don't blame you, that song is really catchy haha xD


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