9 February 2015

Useless Updates #1

Welcome everyone to the first ever Useless Updates, It's the time of the week when my head doesn't get around much sensitive ideas to blog about so instead of planning big shot posts, I'd rather put my useless updates of life on blog every Monday. Sounds good? Join me in. It could be anything like how a tv show disappointed you to death or you had a 3 years anniversary with your sweater. Come on!

As I'm finally done catching up with Pretty Little Liars and waiting for newly baked episode (CAN'T WAIT IT COMES OUT TOMORROW) I'm jumping to British criminal drama Sherlock. I never knew this show was THIS fun and I asked myself WHY I NEVER WATCHED IT BEFORE!!??!! It's really good. I'm done with season 1 and I'll be starting season 2 soon. This man Sherlock isn't from this planet fyi.

And meet this little baby named Golu Molu. It used to be my amma's, it's a zipper pouch and she kept her treasure in it. I mean coins. Parents are insecure about weird stuff, aren't they? After years of keeping it more secured than anything else, she finally gave it away to me. Now it's mine.

This February marks our 3rd anniversary. Yes this sweater and I have been partners in winter for 3 years, the longest relationship with a sweater I've ever had. It was a gift from an anonymous person (actually I forgot the name of uncle who gifted it to me) but I still love it. It's pretty warm and laahvly.

 This is how my bed side looks like. I need more posters + quotes to put on and add some blings to the wall. And the best thing about this is that my favorite dialog is up there "I'm THE ALPHA!"

It's February that means:
-2 of my friends have birthdays and I need to buy something pretty for them. Extra points to our new friendship.
-Catwalk audition. Dude it's fashion show in college.
-*thinking of self defense for Valentine's day. DUH*

Currently reading: Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

Trust me, this man is genius. Or magical I should say. I LOVE every book I've read by Dan Brown.

Treat to myself. I made this necklace. Quite a DIYer I've become,

I bought this watch. I'VE NEVER BOUGHT ANY WATCH BEFORE THIS. Because it was always upto amma or baba to buy a watch for me, I mean that's what parents do, buy boring presents for you. My old one had died and I thought it was better putting money in a new one than repairing the older one. So here's this pretty thing.

 I'm making a zine which is called DARLING, RUNAWAY. So I collected all this beautiful pictures to insert in the zine and make my wanderlust even more strong than it already is and motivate me to runaway for a long trip around the world. I'll start with Turkey (Istanbul to Antakia) then London and the list goes on. Oh and I'd go to Amsterdam too. One day. Ouch.

So we're done here.
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  1. Pssst. Hey this is Kiana from Dazzled. I know that you’re busy with school and ~* LIFE *~ and such but I nominated you for the lovely blog award! https://kianahasablog.wordpress.com/2015/02/08/one-lovely-blog-award

  2. Love you "Golu Molu" what a cute family heirloom. Your necklace turned out great as well! I need to become more crafty!

  3. Fun post! I still haven't watched Sherlock but I know a lot of bloggers online who have watched it and LOVE it. Hopefully I get to it this year!


  4. This is so fun! I like that necklace you made... you should do a tutorial for it. Also, watches are the best. :)

    SHERLOCK is my largest obsession. I've watched every episode at least 4 times. And now you know the depths of my nerdiness.

  5. I love the look of your bedside and your diy is incredible. Isn't sherlock the best thing since bread and sandwiches?! do you love benedict cumberbatch? I have such a crush! xxx

  6. I love these updates! It looks like it was a good weekend!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  7. I love the way you call "AMMA".Your watch is the IN thing now a days,i am planning to buy similar:-)

  8. You're so addictive to Sherlock. I guess I'd need to join you as well

  9. I missed you in the chat tonight! It's about time you dumb Cumberbatch!! Love all the DIYs you do!! Wish I had such posters plastered on my wall too! :D x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ



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