15 February 2015

Oh. So. Emotions

Successfully survived Valentines and if this photo tricks you into thinking I'm going to post about my Valentines Day celebration, you'll be disappointed. I spent this last week worrying about more important things like completing Sherlock series and Benedict Cumberbatch's wedding. I completed the whole show series (3 seasons in total) in 7 days so yes be proud of me. And talking about Ben's wedding, he got married on Valentines Day ISNT THIS THE COOLEST? I like people who choose funny dates that are easy to remember. I spent my week on all the Sherlocked and Cumberbabe stuff and now as it's Monster Monday tomorrow, I'm back to life.
Did you see this? I'm easy to get obsessed with things especially if it's fiction. I like imaginary things, magical stories, adventures that don't happen in real boring lives, characters trapped inside a book. I'm just like that. So there are moments when people around me ask how do I cope with this? Mixing my real life with fictional world, talking about characters that aren't even near reality and crying my eyes out and waste my emotions on silly tv shows. As they think I should be worried about real life around me, yes I'm. I'm worried about every single troubled thing in my life, I'm aware of what's going on in real world. I have an idea the politics of my country is as screwed up as it could be. I know how to deal with my family when they're mad over some family wars on random social medias. I also know how my classes are going and what's the date of my upcoming exams.  I know it's cricket world cup going on and people are going crazy for it. They're also losing their minds and sanity over a single match. Everyone around me and you have a reason to lose their minds for a moment and get lost in another world. I am in love with people who don't exist. They don't need to. That's what I need sometimes, a reason to feel silly things, to love weird stuff. Just like a little excuse to spend my days more beautifully.

I'll leave it here. Till next time!


  1. Love it, I completely agree with you, I am socially aware of the world, the news, politics etc but the people who focus on them too much get negative and drained, we all need some fiction and fun in our lives! That's why I like cartoons and fantasy films xxx

  2. Yeah I get what you're saying. Escape for a moment to be able to handle the real life once you're back. Yup

  3. I love it! I know just how you feel!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. Totally agree! It's nice to escape the real world sometimes!
    Jade x

  5. Omg you are NOT alone in getting lost in fictional worlds/combining them with real life. I am so obsessed with Grey's Anatomy lately, and like you said I'll spend so much time crying over it, it's absurd haha.

  6. Hahaha I can relate a lot! xD
    The reason why I love watching the vampire diaries is to escape my boring life haha
    I like being in my own world
    I really wonder how could you finish 3 seasons in seven days!


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