25 February 2015

Oh the pretty jewelery

It's not everyday that you get a chance to get a picture like this, cute balloon stolen from a kid, perfect poncho and this chic necklace. All in one and I HAD to instagram this picture. The balloon, dudes I'm just a Disney kid. And the necklace is from Born Pretty Store. They contacted me if I could do some review for them and the deal was done so this necklace and 2 other babies were mailed to me. Oh the pretty jewelery. 

Here they are, 3 new babies to my jewelery collection. 

I paired this with my poncho above. And it fits simple necked shirts perfectly. I'm not a big fan of getting fancy so I always look for simple jewelery. That's how I ended up landing on this necklace, 
it looks so classy.

I can't get enough of knuckle rings. They're my new obsession and when I saw this little fella, I WANTED IT. So here it is, lovely little piece.

There's something about this bracelet, it reminds me of moonchild and galaxy and astrology gives good vibes. I saw it first on eBay but they had run out of stock so I just lost it but god bless born pretty guys, they had it. THIS IS THE BEST PART!! Finally finding the piece you missed.

Hello blogland people. 

As I said above that this bracelet reminds me of moonchild but it has become more special idk it gives me wanderlust vibes too. Now you'd say "But Areeba, it's a moon bracelet..." Yes I know it is but I can't help it thinking of running away to another planet or just go far away, so far that I forget everything I've left behind. And before this gets more dramatic, I should end it here. I LOVE THIS BRACELET IN SHORT.

The jewelery is all pretty and stuff but Born Pretty Store's plus point is that they're SO AFFORDABLE and their shipping was surprisingly quick. I totally recommend you all to try them once. And well if you do, you can use this code ARE10K31 to get 10% off! See y'all!

Do you have any special jewelery or the one that gives you any kinda vibes?


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm definitely a Disney lover! That balloon is way too cute! And love the jewelry also! I'm so glad I've found your blog again! I used to read it over year ago when I had a different blog. But yay! If you have time would you be able to check out mine? xx


  2. Omg that first picture is adorable, but I love the jewellery especially the moon bracelet so pretty xx

  3. I love that ring and moon bracelet. It's so cute! They look good on you!

  4. Oh girl,in love with those delicate design.

  5. The moon bracelet though!! :)

    follow my adventures!

  6. You look so cute!

    I would love to follow a life of Pakistani girl!

    Maybe we can follow each other? :)

    Greetings from Slovenia!

  7. I love this necklace. Maybe you should let me borrow someday or I'll have to steal it that I don't want to because the little sinnin' ain't my thing these days so please, just GIVE
    Noor's Place

  8. That pine chain necklace is so pretty, and the moon one too. LOVE THEM!

  9. I love this jewelry! Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  10. I love the necklace and the moon jewelry!


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