2 February 2015

Every frigging thing changes + LINK UP NEWSSS

It's Monday and I'm supposed to be worrying about college and homework and wild weather outside, it's windy and and I think it's more of a beast out there. But instead of all this, I stayed home. I didn't go out for college or to post office or anything, I don't know why I am so honest while writing a blog post that I want to confess that I lied about having issues with my stomach and tell people my tummy is screwed so I can't get up and take classes.

I have better stuff to do, for example 3 hours of Pretty Little Liars. DUH.

But the truth is (I told you I'm extremely honest here on this blog about my life) It's not just that I am loving being under my blanket, purposely skipping classes so that I can finally start season 5 of Pretty Little Liars and get to know who the fuck A is, or binding my zines together or thinking or getting my shit together, I NEED TIME TO RELAX. I just realized that I need time for myself. Not the time pumping myself up aka glorious me-time, doing all the glittery and shiny stuff, painting my nails so they would bling as stars and do my hair with bows or drink lemonade. I'm just sitting here, making a plan for myself. I have no idea what I've been writing down on my journal since last night, maybe it's about Jack Sparrow and Spencer Hastings and Me being a werewolf (That's a life goal by the way) There's something inside my head telling me about myself. Don't freak out, I'm not a total psycho yet.

a = Areeba & s= Siddique = ME
People change. Things changes, Your favorites change. Every frigging thing on this planet changes but it's totally freaky when it comes to YOU. When you know YOU'RE the one who's changing. The person I've become in past 3 months, I feel different. A new version of me. And I need time to discover what's been going on. I wish I turn out to be female version of Jack Sparrow. I'd be lying if I say I was excited to blog about it. I was rather pissed at this idea. Because there are thoughts in my mind what if it's like to announce "I'm Areeba and I just lost my existence and I feel like I'm getting a new one!" But it just looks fine now. I feel like a totally new person and these changes might have pissed off a few people around me. Maybe that's the best part, I AM LEARNING THE SPELL TO PISS OFF PEOPLE! Well, excuse me while I write more deeper stuff about my new self in my journal and decide what I am going to do with new Areeba.

Wait, do you ever feel like that? I like putting my life on internet so that I can see people like me exist and I'm not alone being whatever I am.

Useless Updates

PS: People, I'm starting a new link-up called "Useless Updates" and this will happen every Monday because I feel like the link-up trend is slowly fading away and I miss having an excuse to blog. The basic idea is that you'll blog about little details and updates in life that you can consider useless but still they're something. Like a character in your favorite tv show said a dialog that made you remember your grandma or how a loose strand annoyed the shit out of you or a funny account followed you on Twitter or a long forgotten song was played on radio or you slept 8 hours on Sunday or you bought funny looking socks. I guess this pretty much explained this. Join me next week and we can share the silly updates from our lives. And you can use this hashtag #UselessUpdates on Twitter so that I can give you some Twitter love. See you there. 


    You're so obsessed with PLL. Aren't you?

  2. ooh my god I feel ya :/ When you have soo much to do, but the only thing you wanna do is just stay in bed. yep.

  3. I frickin love you and your updates haha everyone has to have a day off to catch up right ;) xx

  4. Oh my god YESSS! I thought I was the only one that felt that way. Sometimes when I'm just too swamped with everything I just feel like crying and I NEED to stay in my bed.
    On days like that my mom usually just says I can stay home, I have fairly good grades so it's no big deal if I miss two days per year, :)
    I love your poem! :))

  5. Great post! I have been feeling the same way-- I actually had a breakdown today lol
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  6. all I want to do is nothing but lay in bed and watch the mindy project... so in love with that show. and yay - link up! i love the name haha


  7. Haha, this is a nice way of keeping track of useless things life! I'd love to read mine back later in life for sure! :D I agree, link-ups are fading and I'm glad you guys are trying to keep it going! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  8. I can completely relate with you about laying in bed with tv...SVU is my favorite thing on earth, I'd rather lay under my blanket and be a recluse than go out into the world haha. And I know what you mean about feeling like being a new you. I've been thinking about that about myself a lot too...it's crazy how things change so quickly, even in yourself.


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