25 February 2015

Oh the pretty jewelery

It's not everyday that you get a chance to get a picture like this, cute balloon stolen from a kid, perfect poncho and this chic necklace. All in one and I HAD to instagram this picture. The balloon, dudes I'm just a Disney kid. And the necklace is from Born Pretty Store. They contacted me if I could do some review for them and the deal was done so this necklace and 2 other babies were mailed to me. Oh the pretty jewelery. 

Here they are, 3 new babies to my jewelery collection. 

I paired this with my poncho above. And it fits simple necked shirts perfectly. I'm not a big fan of getting fancy so I always look for simple jewelery. That's how I ended up landing on this necklace, 
it looks so classy.

I can't get enough of knuckle rings. They're my new obsession and when I saw this little fella, I WANTED IT. So here it is, lovely little piece.

There's something about this bracelet, it reminds me of moonchild and galaxy and astrology gives good vibes. I saw it first on eBay but they had run out of stock so I just lost it but god bless born pretty guys, they had it. THIS IS THE BEST PART!! Finally finding the piece you missed.

Hello blogland people. 

As I said above that this bracelet reminds me of moonchild but it has become more special idk it gives me wanderlust vibes too. Now you'd say "But Areeba, it's a moon bracelet..." Yes I know it is but I can't help it thinking of running away to another planet or just go far away, so far that I forget everything I've left behind. And before this gets more dramatic, I should end it here. I LOVE THIS BRACELET IN SHORT.

The jewelery is all pretty and stuff but Born Pretty Store's plus point is that they're SO AFFORDABLE and their shipping was surprisingly quick. I totally recommend you all to try them once. And well if you do, you can use this code ARE10K31 to get 10% off! See y'all!

Do you have any special jewelery or the one that gives you any kinda vibes?

21 February 2015

How to take a compliment

There's this big awful situation I got into just a few hours ago, the thing is that, I was being nice because that's what everyone preaches you when you're the youngest in the room. So a few hours ago, I was being nice. Paying compliment to the wrong who had NO idea how the heck a person take the compliment. And it pissed me off. REALLY PISSED OFF. 
Why it is not simple as A B C. When I am being nice to you without you paying me or my life depending on it, just because you're a fellow human being and you're breathing or just a thought that being nice to anyone might gain me a few points to heaven or simply JUST. BEING. GOOD but when I get an absurd reply, I wanna chop your legs off and throw you to an island full of rats. And still, I wouldn't be satisfied. 
Giving compliments is an art fyi. You just don't throw random good words at someone and dang the job is done. It takes moments for me to think, to choose glorious words, arrange them in the perfect order and then spell them out. And if the reply isn't what a normal reply to a compliment should be, WHY WOULDN'T I WANT TO SET THINGS ON FIRE?!??!
This is a very COMMON problem in society and no I'm not blaming government this time. At least the President knows how to take compliments (Wells the other thing is that he RARELY get any for his "Great Government Work") 
The first rule of taking a compliment is that the person who's paying you the compliment isn't:
-Your fan
-Dying to talk to you
-Dying for you to notice him/her
-Dying for you
-Dying at all
Shut up. 
The second thing is that you should be nice to people who are nice to you because that's how a normal human should behave or just remember Karma is a bitch that bites hard.
And the third thing is that BE GRATEFUL YOU LITTLE BAD EGG.

So I'm at this point, ready to say it loud that it's 2015 and we totally should preach that a little Thank You never hurts anyone. All it takes is these 2 words to let me know that my words weren't wasted and someone actually felt good because of me and that's how this whole compliment business should work. 
Thank you dear blog, I feel better.

19 February 2015

Inappropriate Audition Songs

I woke up to find #inappropriateauditionsongs trending all over my Tumblr dashboard and seriously this is the best thing of the day. IDEK how this all started, I just saw it going viral. The thing is 
we choose a character for audition a song to sing that relates. And the rest is glorious creativity.  


 When Ariel lost her voice...
 You read the book?
This had to be featured on the blog.

As this is the highlight of the day,  here are some of my OWN I wrote to satisfy myself because I just couldn't stop thinking about this sentiment going on and I like putting the crap going on my mind on internet more than I should.

A tribute to 5 minutes crushes GOd BLess
Peter loves himself more than Kayne does
 Don't you get that exams are near and my head works like this sometimes...
I really really really didn't like her 
And .. this .. made ... me .. cry .. 

FACT: Peter Hale is the definition of trouble.

What would be your Inappropriate Audition Song? 

16 February 2015

Useless Updates #2

And you're welcome to 2nd Useless Updates.
Monday - It's the time of the week when my head doesn't get around much sensitive ideas to blog about so instead of planning big shot posts, I'd rather put my useless updates of life on blog every Monday. Sounds good? Join me in. It could be anything like how a tv show disappointed you to death or you had a 3 years anniversary with your sweater/favorite shirt. Come on!

-Finally I got back to the creative business inside my head and ended up completing this zine. It's about wanderlust tales and places I've been to in my dreams and people I've touched that don't exist. You know, a magical thing to keep in my pocket sometimes just in case I need a dose of it.

-I forgot to put it on blog yesterday. Here's the glorious couple of Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter. So these gems got married on Valentines Day and Tumblr miracleously didn't crash thanks Lord.

-I've been listening to Blank Space of Taylor Swift all day long. Imagine listening to it ALL FREAKING DAY and I still can't get it out of my mind. 
Oh my god look at that face, you look like my next mistake.

-It's Tuesday tomorrow and I'm so frigging happy it's Pretty Little Liars new episode time. And I am HOPEFULLY GOING TO LIVE TWEET!! Because isn't it the best thing to do? I hope somebody kick A's ass no matter who the heck A is. 

-Okay here's some not-useless-it's-pretty-useful thing, I found this app Blogaway. As we all know how shitty Blogger's app is and it's pain in the ass to blog via tablet, THIS APP IS A LIFESAVER!! I blogged yesterday via it and it worked (I honestly didn't hope it would work because it's not err popular but IT WORKED GOD BLESS) So I'm suggesting it to save some more lives in blogland. And you're welcome/

How was your Monday? And if you wrote any Useless Updates, link up with me!!

Useless Updates

15 February 2015

Oh. So. Emotions

Successfully survived Valentines and if this photo tricks you into thinking I'm going to post about my Valentines Day celebration, you'll be disappointed. I spent this last week worrying about more important things like completing Sherlock series and Benedict Cumberbatch's wedding. I completed the whole show series (3 seasons in total) in 7 days so yes be proud of me. And talking about Ben's wedding, he got married on Valentines Day ISNT THIS THE COOLEST? I like people who choose funny dates that are easy to remember. I spent my week on all the Sherlocked and Cumberbabe stuff and now as it's Monster Monday tomorrow, I'm back to life.
Did you see this? I'm easy to get obsessed with things especially if it's fiction. I like imaginary things, magical stories, adventures that don't happen in real boring lives, characters trapped inside a book. I'm just like that. So there are moments when people around me ask how do I cope with this? Mixing my real life with fictional world, talking about characters that aren't even near reality and crying my eyes out and waste my emotions on silly tv shows. As they think I should be worried about real life around me, yes I'm. I'm worried about every single troubled thing in my life, I'm aware of what's going on in real world. I have an idea the politics of my country is as screwed up as it could be. I know how to deal with my family when they're mad over some family wars on random social medias. I also know how my classes are going and what's the date of my upcoming exams.  I know it's cricket world cup going on and people are going crazy for it. They're also losing their minds and sanity over a single match. Everyone around me and you have a reason to lose their minds for a moment and get lost in another world. I am in love with people who don't exist. They don't need to. That's what I need sometimes, a reason to feel silly things, to love weird stuff. Just like a little excuse to spend my days more beautifully.

I'll leave it here. Till next time!

9 February 2015

Useless Updates #1

Welcome everyone to the first ever Useless Updates, It's the time of the week when my head doesn't get around much sensitive ideas to blog about so instead of planning big shot posts, I'd rather put my useless updates of life on blog every Monday. Sounds good? Join me in. It could be anything like how a tv show disappointed you to death or you had a 3 years anniversary with your sweater. Come on!

As I'm finally done catching up with Pretty Little Liars and waiting for newly baked episode (CAN'T WAIT IT COMES OUT TOMORROW) I'm jumping to British criminal drama Sherlock. I never knew this show was THIS fun and I asked myself WHY I NEVER WATCHED IT BEFORE!!??!! It's really good. I'm done with season 1 and I'll be starting season 2 soon. This man Sherlock isn't from this planet fyi.

And meet this little baby named Golu Molu. It used to be my amma's, it's a zipper pouch and she kept her treasure in it. I mean coins. Parents are insecure about weird stuff, aren't they? After years of keeping it more secured than anything else, she finally gave it away to me. Now it's mine.

This February marks our 3rd anniversary. Yes this sweater and I have been partners in winter for 3 years, the longest relationship with a sweater I've ever had. It was a gift from an anonymous person (actually I forgot the name of uncle who gifted it to me) but I still love it. It's pretty warm and laahvly.

 This is how my bed side looks like. I need more posters + quotes to put on and add some blings to the wall. And the best thing about this is that my favorite dialog is up there "I'm THE ALPHA!"

It's February that means:
-2 of my friends have birthdays and I need to buy something pretty for them. Extra points to our new friendship.
-Catwalk audition. Dude it's fashion show in college.
-*thinking of self defense for Valentine's day. DUH*

Currently reading: Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

Trust me, this man is genius. Or magical I should say. I LOVE every book I've read by Dan Brown.

Treat to myself. I made this necklace. Quite a DIYer I've become,

I bought this watch. I'VE NEVER BOUGHT ANY WATCH BEFORE THIS. Because it was always upto amma or baba to buy a watch for me, I mean that's what parents do, buy boring presents for you. My old one had died and I thought it was better putting money in a new one than repairing the older one. So here's this pretty thing.

 I'm making a zine which is called DARLING, RUNAWAY. So I collected all this beautiful pictures to insert in the zine and make my wanderlust even more strong than it already is and motivate me to runaway for a long trip around the world. I'll start with Turkey (Istanbul to Antakia) then London and the list goes on. Oh and I'd go to Amsterdam too. One day. Ouch.

So we're done here.
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7 February 2015

Lezz do the #iGraphy thing

It's Saturday and that means it's time to join Noor for her first ever #iGraphy link up. The simple thing to do is to add random and beautiful pictures in your post that usually don't have a special story to talk about but you still wanna put them on blog so here's the excuse to fill your blog is ooh-la-la-la pictures. So here we go with my magical photography skills. TA DA! Okay bear with me, some pictures are a week old but they're still magical, Feel the magic doe!!
I needed a reason to show off my glittery shoes that makes me feel like I'm a unicorn. A treat for my feet, they have every right to lead a happy life. 

 I made this galaxy themed swag bag and this little pouch is handmade. Yes y'all, it's time to be proud of my DIY skills. And the earrings were Earth, the bobby pin was comet, the rings were other planets and a terrarium.

 This picture sends me comfort vibes. I took this last Sunday when I was completely cozy in my bed and I rescheduled EVERYTHING and rested for the rest of the day. I mean, that's why God gave us Sundays, right? 

I LOVE the message in a few words. Be you, not them. 
Truth be told, this picture was basically in celebration of arrival of this necklace. I got my mail that day and eBay finaly had shipped it on my doorstep, mail always needs celebration.

 These flowers remind me of broken for no apparent reasons. 

When college announced for a day off on Thursday so I decided to TreatYoSelf time for me and that obviously had to include a lot of reading, writing and drinking lemonade even if it's just February.

Okay so that's it! We're done here. But if you have any pictures you want to show off on blog for no real reason, go join the link and have fun!!

#iGraphy - A Photography link up

PS: Don't forget to join my link-up happening on Monday. See ya there soon!