8 January 2015

When your favorite TV show wouldn't air for more 6 months

 Warning: This posts contain a lot of fangirling stuff, creativity, fandom crying and ranting.

As I'm a Teen Wolf obsessed, always-writing-poetry-on-were-wolves and dreaming of getting a werewolf-bite kind of person and the saddest thing happening in my life at the moment is there's NO Teen Wolf. It ended a LONG WHILE AGO (Err, in September) and I completed all of the seasons this November that makes it a no Teen Wolf for 2 months. How bad is that, actually how SAD is that. And Jeff Davis said there'd be more Teen Wolf in 2015 and I had no idea what would be the date, it turned out it'd be aired in June. Ha, June.


So a few past days, I came to realize this whenever your favorite show isn't on airing and won't be for more HALF A YEAR, a part of you go nuts sometimes. I mean seriously nuts. Like really.

Mark the calender

You .. you just miss your favorite characters a lot 

And then you make posters about them

Peter is the ALPHAH. He has always been the ALPHAAAA!!
PS: He's not an alpha anyway. He just .... feels.



Or you start writing Fan Fiction about them
Hopelessly writing the crap out of your mind. It is proven (by experience) that fanfiction helps busting out each and every extra emotion in you related to the character you dream about all the friggin' time. It's been 2 months only but I wrote a heck load of fan fiction and even wrote an article in Dazzled Mag, progress isn't it? But one bad side of this is that people around me are tired of every fanfic concept I come up with and pressurized them to listen all of my stories. Some are so rude to say that: THIS IS BULLSHIT.

Or .. Or you just do anything that reminds you of them
So I just made this badge out of a bottle's cap. HELLYES!

Then there are cruel heartless useless people
People who don't get why you're so obsessed or they don't support ANYTHING you do and your fangirling is just another useless thing for them. One of their worst qualities is that they make fun of you. I mean, it's just NOT fair to make fun of someone's emotions. No nope nah no way.

But after all this, you have to go through this, You have to be alive and happy and strong until the day of premier comes. You're a survivor, a fighter and a fangirl. You have strength to do this, I know you can pass through and I am proud of you.   Trust me, I didn't just write this paragraph for real.

I think I am done here.
Anyone else love fangirling? And what's your favorite tv show? 


  1. my favorite show is on a break right now and doesn't come back until march. i'm so sad! it was really hard the first few days, i kept watching youtube videos about the show but now I am more controlled and am trying to catch up on other shows. sometimes i forget there is more TV out there than just Once Upon a Time haha


  2. my favorite's Teen Wolf Duh! haha

  3. I need to figure out this whole Teen Wolf thing... I'm seeing people obsess over this series and I haven't gotten a chance to watch the first episode yet! I'm extremely happy as the winter break is finally over and all my favourite TV shows is coming back on, haha. Speaking of which, tonight is the premiere of Archer season 6 ^__^

  4. I'm not a Teen Wolf fan, but oh gosh Orange is the New Black? They release their ENTIRE season in one day and then they don't come back for another year, or more. It's heartache I tell you, pure heartache.

    Z. | J. POTTER

  5. I don't watch teen wolf,But i adore your your writing skills totally.xx

  6. Haha! I have been through this when PLL was on break but now, I haven't watched the latest season and they're starting on the new season already! So many eps to catch up. Where do you find those memes and gifs?

  7. I feel you. I hate that feeling when my favourite TV show goes on a break. Even worse, when they delay airing the seasons here on TV. Argh! Let's see, right now pretty much all of my favourite TV shows are off air/won't be aired till God knows when- Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Castle and well ofcourse Teen Wolf. JUNE!!! YAAAS!

  8. Haha I feel for you, I get the same with Sherlock and guess how long we are waiting, TWO YEARS! We get an xmas special this december and then doesn't come back until next year, that's just insanity isn't it?! xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  9. I know just how you feel!!! I need all my shows to come back now!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  10. You know how I feel! Apparently their going to make Season 5 the most 'scariest' season they've had. I don't think they can top a villain like Void Stiles for me. Nope.

  11. You're so creative! :D
    I can relate to this post a lot haha
    Well, thank god the series has not ended for good ;p
    I mean some series only have two seasons :'( and it's hard to grasp that there will be no more episodes, plus the last episodes usually don't have a real ending, it's like the producers did not plan to stop making the series
    anyway, I still haven't watched teen wolf but it's on my to-watch list
    the best thing is to be friends with fangirls. they won't make fun of you and you'll have a lot to talk about


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