31 January 2015


I'm SO proud of this picture fyi

I really don't talk about my city much here on this blog and I think it's time to change this thing. The truth is, I've always been a biggest fan of my city Karachi. A few years ago when I moved to Thatta and I had no idea when I will be able to come back to Karachi, my emotions were more hurt than I expected. And after those long 5 years, I came back to my city again, the city I've always loved with it's magic and flaws and sea and roads and shops and everything about it. If you belong to Karachi, you know there's something special about this city, not just the name and lights and stories and history, there's something MUCH MORE THAN THAT! Maybe that's how everyone feels about their city and I'm being over-dramatic about it but I FEEL THE THING and that's what matter most. I do feel it. All I know is I love this city because there's no need to have a reason doe.
As I need reasons to write about Karachi here on blog, I found one thing eventually. Karachi and its buses. I might have written a whole post about how one of my secret quality is that I can sleep in a public bus but we never talk about HOW GLORIOUS OUR BUSES ARE. Okay, so it's not just that it's only Karachi in Pakistan who has gloriously decorated buses and trucks but as a matter of fact I've traveled Karachi's public transportation more than any other city's so I'll just throw information about it here.
The things about Karachi's transport are:
1- They're noisy.
2- It's usual to have songs, blasting in speakers in background and it's rare to have a good playlist. They're the worst most of the time, songs from 90's or pretty cheap in lyrics but once you blend in the city and its odds, it gets normal and fun.
3- They're crowded but if they're not crowdy, I feel like there's something really wrong in the city atm.
4- You can always bargain over fare. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
See, that's a driver seat and there's that windscreen decorated with all the beaded pieces and threads. The whole bus is decorated with this kinda stuff. It's not just one bus like this here, almost all other buses here are like this, more decorated than your home ever will be.
That's a window. DUH.
And that's its roof.
I'll just end here. Have you ever been to any bus like this?
PS: Noor just started a hashtag series #KarachiThroughMyLens on Instagram and I took these pictures for her. So if you're a Karachitie and have some snaps of Karachi to Instagram, let's join us and show off the city doe!!


  1. Our buses definitely don't look like this and there is no way i could barter a fare hahaha, I totally would love to go on one of these though! I don't think everyone feels like that about their city, so I think it must be special xxx

  2. Looks pretty! I always different cultures :) <3

  3. So cool! I love seeing how another culture can take something that seems to mundane as riding the bus and make it look so ornate. Too awesome.

  4. Your city is full of culture. I love mine too. It's small but it's right for me

  5. Oh wow Areeba! Please post more about Karachi! It looks so wonderful and magical!

  6. Karachi is love. It is a hearty city all molded into busy and beautiful life! Love this post! :)

  7. Karachi! <3 I loooveee my city sooo much! Even though I enjoy travelling, be it within country or abroad, I can't stay away for more than a week! I just want to run back after that duration! I really want to write about my love for Karachi too now and why it is so magical! <3

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  8. Karachi my love!this post is close to my heart,and those bus images makes me nostalgic when i was in college.i love the pictures.GOOD work babe:-)

  9. so cool to read about different cultures and places. Thats why I love to travel. Ive never been to Pakistan but I have been to India. I know its different but so cool the similarities I see just from the photo alone!

  10. Wow! Super cool buses! Our buses don't look anything like that! Kinda reminds me of my bus in high school though, we had a cool bus driver who would decorate the bus haha (not as nice as this one though!)


  11. Crazy buses! I have never seen anything like them! Out buses are bare and dirty!

  12. I've seen some vehicles like these in my country (Bahrain), you can tell that the driver is Pakistani if the vehicle is decorated like that, it's like trademark haha
    I really like the decorations, so colorful and pretty
    I have a question though, don't you have public busses that are regulated by the state/ government, which have fixed fares?

  13. Omg I absolutely love this post and I can't wait for more! ;] I love reading about where my favorite bloggers are from. That bus is amazing, I've never seen anything like it! I wish we had public transportation like that here, maybe I'd actually use it haha.

  14. honestly i had never heard of karachi but the photos make it look awesome!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin


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