31 January 2015


I'm SO proud of this picture fyi

I really don't talk about my city much here on this blog and I think it's time to change this thing. The truth is, I've always been a biggest fan of my city Karachi. A few years ago when I moved to Thatta and I had no idea when I will be able to come back to Karachi, my emotions were more hurt than I expected. And after those long 5 years, I came back to my city again, the city I've always loved with it's magic and flaws and sea and roads and shops and everything about it. If you belong to Karachi, you know there's something special about this city, not just the name and lights and stories and history, there's something MUCH MORE THAN THAT! Maybe that's how everyone feels about their city and I'm being over-dramatic about it but I FEEL THE THING and that's what matter most. I do feel it. All I know is I love this city because there's no need to have a reason doe.
As I need reasons to write about Karachi here on blog, I found one thing eventually. Karachi and its buses. I might have written a whole post about how one of my secret quality is that I can sleep in a public bus but we never talk about HOW GLORIOUS OUR BUSES ARE. Okay, so it's not just that it's only Karachi in Pakistan who has gloriously decorated buses and trucks but as a matter of fact I've traveled Karachi's public transportation more than any other city's so I'll just throw information about it here.
The things about Karachi's transport are:
1- They're noisy.
2- It's usual to have songs, blasting in speakers in background and it's rare to have a good playlist. They're the worst most of the time, songs from 90's or pretty cheap in lyrics but once you blend in the city and its odds, it gets normal and fun.
3- They're crowded but if they're not crowdy, I feel like there's something really wrong in the city atm.
4- You can always bargain over fare. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
See, that's a driver seat and there's that windscreen decorated with all the beaded pieces and threads. The whole bus is decorated with this kinda stuff. It's not just one bus like this here, almost all other buses here are like this, more decorated than your home ever will be.
That's a window. DUH.
And that's its roof.
I'll just end here. Have you ever been to any bus like this?
PS: Noor just started a hashtag series #KarachiThroughMyLens on Instagram and I took these pictures for her. So if you're a Karachitie and have some snaps of Karachi to Instagram, let's join us and show off the city doe!!

21 January 2015

DIY: How to make a hair bow + GIVEAWAY

 First of all, HI, second IT'S NOT MY FAULT SOMEBODY HURT PINTEREST! I've been doing more diy stuff irl than appropriate and I'm definitely not going to stop. I LOVE BOWS. If you've known me for long, you must have an idea that I'm a sucker of pretty things and bow is the list topper of pretty things. As my paypal is hurt enough not to have more pretty stuff from etsy (and ebay too) I just made it myself. Let the creative class begin, somebody roll the drums.


Sparkly cloth (Dudes any cloth would work)
A piece of paper (You don't need the one that says hi, any would work)
A needle and thread
Old hair clips
Silk tape or anything bling-bling (Just for extra fun)


Inserting a paper wasn't a main part in bow making but then your bow would be slouchy and I didn't like the effect without paper. If you put a small piece of paper inside, your bow would be stuffed and it wouldn't give away a slouchy effect.

Step #3: SEW IT
Bring out your inner creative goddess and sew it.

 Remember we're supposed to make a bow? Let's give it a proper bow shape by squeezing it from the middle in a way that it would look exactly like a bow should look.

DANG! We did it right!

 This tiny little bow is almost ready. Now sew a little silk tape on its middle part.

 Glue a hair clip to the bow. 

Round its shape and we're finally done.


Do you like BOWSS???
And by talking of creativity, I want to introduce The Happy Cactus Shop again on my blog. Its run by creative Ari and her shop is filled with cute items that you SHOULD look at.

Meet Ari
ARI: I'm a graphic designer and amatuer photographer living in the Deep South with my husband and two dogs. I have a slight obsession with handlebar mustaches, the color green, German Shepherd dogs, and 1970s home decor. When I'm not sewing, I can most likely be found lounging in my backyard with a book in hand and trying desperately to find a red wine I enjoy.
The Happy Cactus Shop was born about 6 years ago when I was searching for my flash drive in the depths of my purse. After what seemed to be 30 minutes of frustrated digging (in reality it was only 3 minutes) and pulling everything out of my bag, I decided that mere pockets were not enough to organize my purse. I created The Perfect Pouch to store all my small necessary items in and would never have to dig again!

In the years since my shop was started, I have focused on created bags, purses, and accessories that are not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. I use my background in graphic design to make every item something that you would want to display.My inventory is constantly growing with new and different items showcasing both fabrics and my own designs.
The name "Happy Cactus" comes from the fact that, try as I might, my house is where plants go to die. Only the cacti are "happy" with my version of gardening. I am currently the proud caregiver to 9 different cacti (and they are all happy).

Her Creative Goods:
Neon Polka Dot Pouch with Yellow Zipper

Gray Skull Lipgloss Keychain

Twitter - @HappyCactusShop // Facebook - The Happy Cactus // Instagram - @ari_pepper
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Ari is giving away these tiny-cayoot cards they will come handy in V-days season soon! 

Simply Sweet Valentine's Cards

And I'lI'll giving away one Da Bomb ad space to a lucky bloggy friend! 

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16 January 2015

Facebook & Life Lessons

There's this winter coming back in city and I am back in my jacket and heavy-cute socks that makes me feel like holidays again (Let's just not mourn over this part) and I'm going college everyday in crap winds in crap mood with a better-than-ever playlist. While I try enjoy my winter that has become a bad girl in Karachi, I have this little spark of creepy stuff staying in my mind for shit reasons. Firstly, let's talk about something creepy. RUNAWAY. Well, don't.

Facebook has NEVER been my favorite even after saying all this bad-bad stuff about this social media, I'm still there and having fun with "friends"in my friends-list and still doing all the trendy Facebook stuff. There was this notification that said that one of my ex-high school fellow liked my post. He's not a Facebook (Or any kind of) friend anymore after I finished high school, I simply kicked almost all of the high school friendships out of the window and he was one of them. Back to the post. I never remembered what the heck was that. I clicked it and guess what, it was 3 years old post in which I had wished him birthday.

I was like, thank you for liking it after 3 years.

Because I'm just so awesome to be remembered.

Then finally,

I mean dudes that's not how you do it, you just don't. If I wished you in 2012, you're just NOT supposed to like it in 2015 when we're not even Facebook friends or anything. There are some options in my mind that should work right now:
I should creep out.
I shouldn't creep out.
I should think of a reason for creeping out.
But it's just a notification.
Yeah, a little harmless, useless notification.
But this makes no sense.
Why I think this makes sense?
Well, this doesn't.
Hey it does.
Well, hell.

So when I was untangling this I-AM-USELESS kinda issue in my head, I landed on this point that even using Facebook can give you some life lessons that you can HAVE TO pass to your coming generations for a better life. For example:

-Don't like 3 years old Facebook posts of someone who isn't your friend anymore. Nope nah no no.
-Don't let your parents stalk anyone using YOUR account. Another nope nah no no.
-Keep your name in real alphabets instead of writing it like @r33b@ (That's Areeba FYI)
-Trying to pull out family fight on Facebook is DEADLY AND HARMFUL
-Never ever unfriend someone from your mom's family side or your dad's family side or JUST YOUR FAMILY. They hurt back in real.
-Never start a religious fight on Facebook. Honestly, no points to heaven. 
-Don't believe in people who send you game requests twice in a day. Hypothesis proven.

Believe me if you pass all these rules to your new generation. I've spotted so many 12-old-years old (ers) having Facebook account with more stylish profile picture than mine and I'm so darn sure they'll thank you. And you're already welcome.

13 January 2015

Handmade magic

The title of this post tried hard to be an attention seeker because I want everyone to hear this: I MADE JEWELLERY PIECES FOR MYSELF! One headpiece and an anklet made out scratch, broken jewellery, old ideas, dreamy images, charms that are magical and a hope of not sucking. I have many pieces lying in my jewellery box made by Areeba The Me but these two are my most favorite pieces. I believe in magic and they're my spells to have a good babe vibe. 

Here I am, wearing this headpiece and imagine myself as the cursed princess. I mean, aren't we all cursed princesses looking for a cure. The only difference is that some have found their cure and some are just .. finding a way to do so. I can be the sleeping beauty and you can be the repunzel. I can upgrade you to my best friend (ship) if you're a disney-obsessed-old-kid.

Making your own stuff is just so fun.  I've learned this all the past years that if you can create it, you are the boss. Or we should just call it treat yo self. As my unofficial word to live by is Create for 2015 WHOLE LIFE ( I like the way it sounds) so I'm just going to create whatever I can and not to cry over how expensive Etsy ships. If I can create it own my own and still not suck at it, JUST GO FOR IT!

 I've this thing in my mind that I'm caged here in my room, Maybe it's just that I am not believing that I can fly away. I can't feel my wings. Maybe it's just a part of stuck-in-shit-seventeen so I guess I'll just go through it. So in the time, I'll just make my cage beautiful. I like this idea very much, I should write a poem about it! There's a power in this word "create" and I need to preach it OUT LOUD. You never know if a wall poster would make a stuck-in-shit-seventeen feel better more than it looks like. 


Any diy junkies out there? We're in a sisterhood now!!

8 January 2015

When your favorite TV show wouldn't air for more 6 months

 Warning: This posts contain a lot of fangirling stuff, creativity, fandom crying and ranting.

As I'm a Teen Wolf obsessed, always-writing-poetry-on-were-wolves and dreaming of getting a werewolf-bite kind of person and the saddest thing happening in my life at the moment is there's NO Teen Wolf. It ended a LONG WHILE AGO (Err, in September) and I completed all of the seasons this November that makes it a no Teen Wolf for 2 months. How bad is that, actually how SAD is that. And Jeff Davis said there'd be more Teen Wolf in 2015 and I had no idea what would be the date, it turned out it'd be aired in June. Ha, June.


So a few past days, I came to realize this whenever your favorite show isn't on airing and won't be for more HALF A YEAR, a part of you go nuts sometimes. I mean seriously nuts. Like really.

Mark the calender

You .. you just miss your favorite characters a lot 

And then you make posters about them

Peter is the ALPHAH. He has always been the ALPHAAAA!!
PS: He's not an alpha anyway. He just .... feels.



Or you start writing Fan Fiction about them
Hopelessly writing the crap out of your mind. It is proven (by experience) that fanfiction helps busting out each and every extra emotion in you related to the character you dream about all the friggin' time. It's been 2 months only but I wrote a heck load of fan fiction and even wrote an article in Dazzled Mag, progress isn't it? But one bad side of this is that people around me are tired of every fanfic concept I come up with and pressurized them to listen all of my stories. Some are so rude to say that: THIS IS BULLSHIT.

Or .. Or you just do anything that reminds you of them
So I just made this badge out of a bottle's cap. HELLYES!

Then there are cruel heartless useless people
People who don't get why you're so obsessed or they don't support ANYTHING you do and your fangirling is just another useless thing for them. One of their worst qualities is that they make fun of you. I mean, it's just NOT fair to make fun of someone's emotions. No nope nah no way.

But after all this, you have to go through this, You have to be alive and happy and strong until the day of premier comes. You're a survivor, a fighter and a fangirl. You have strength to do this, I know you can pass through and I am proud of you.   Trust me, I didn't just write this paragraph for real.

I think I am done here.
Anyone else love fangirling? And what's your favorite tv show? 

3 January 2015

Nobody likes an exploded head girl

There are so many things going inside my head because I have so much time to think about every problem existed in this world or how this universe was created or how Taylor Swift come up with so many amazing songs or how unfair elementary school system is, under my blanket, because our government was kind enough to extend the holidays, good work government boys! I'm voting you when I turn 18. Sometimes I keep everything lock in my head. But sometimes they're so out of control that they might explode my head and I don't want my head to be exploded because nobody likes a exploded head girl, nobody shouldn't.

So when those "sometimes-I-feel-like-my-head-will-explode" moments come up, I know the cure. I have this quality that I can turn normal looking objects into something some people call weird (I call it wonderful) and that's art. Count everything in that's related to art. I draw/paint/create whatever comes into my mind and save my head from exploding because I told you nobody like a exploded head girl. 

 I'm tired of people posting "Life is a fairytale because.." on various social media I use but the only truth about life know is LIFE IS NOT A FAIRYTALE GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!! So I came up with this, Life is a fairytale and you're the cursed princess. Now go enjoy. 
You're cursed and you've to find a cure for yourself to survive live. That's what life is all about. At this point, I feel like this could be one of the greatest quote of history because it's not usual that someone says this great words, right? 

It's a zine and I made this for Noor. I just realized that zines are the best way to draw your emotions on a paper than anything else. You just come up with a concept, draw it down, make it look like a small magazine and impress everyone around you, win-win! And it helps you to keep your head away from exploding. And remember, nobody likes an exploded head girl.

 So anytime you feel like there are so many thoughts inside your head and they're going to explode, find a way to get them out, I found art my cure, you can find something else. Maybe reading, cooking or it could be anything. But just don't let your thoughts explode your head because nobody likes an exploded head girl.