25 December 2014

Winter Shenanigans

Before I start this post, I'd like to say that this post is about my winter and I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfies and sunshine but mostly I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfies. 

I went out to see the world because I was out of city (and sad part: Out of Internet) so going out was the last option. But mind me, it's not like I don't like going out but when I didn't have wifi so going out and have "fun" was the last option. But one good thing happened that I got all these sunshine-y pictures to put on blog. 
This is a flower I threw gently in water so that we can have a classy shot. And by the way it turned out pretty good.

And here's a I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfie that I told you about. The sun was so shiny that it was hurting my eyes. Winter mornings (Err we can call 11 am morning) are cool and warm and everything complicated. The sun was shining like mad but it was only shining, there were no warm rays so my jacket was a good option. 

Again an I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfie, I wonder why I can't take all those glossy and glamorous selfies that break records on Instagram or go viral or the one people leave this kinda "<3 <3" hearts. But I try my best. Sometimes I blog about this selfie business. But I usually end up with I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfies. This post sounds really sad right here.

 And there's this nail colour I LOVE/LUV/LUVVV! This is basically my I-don't-feel-good-so-I-applied-this kinda colour. I once said a great thing "When nothing goes right, apply nail polish"  so this colour fits my emotions when I feel totally sucky.

Believe me this colour is too mainstream. Apply red nailpolish when you need to feel chic. Or you need to feel like "You can call me Queen Bee"

And this was really pretty sight. Looked like they were dancing slowly on We Own The Night.

So I tried to take a selfie and it turned out I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfie like the rest of them. I hope you feel my pain and be proud of me for at least trying. I love you all.

And looks like the whole world is celebrating Christmas (No, I don't) So Happy Christmas to everyone celebrating and eat a lot guys, festive food is the best kind of food. And don't forget to enter my Holidays Giveaway! And my New Year Link Up! Again, I LOVE YOU ALL. And this time I said this in all caps.

How is your winter so far?


  1. These are such pretty photos! I like the selfie with the flower... but I agree. Selfies are hard!

    Zoe | Glittering Eyes

  2. you SHOULD take more selfies doe x

  3. Girl...I cannot tell you how much I ate today! Omg...I feel like a bear ready for my winters rest now! Just wrap me up in some blankets with the candle warmer going and I am out! And your selfies look great mam!

  4. your photos are still great nonetheless!

  5. Aaaawwwweeeesssooommee as always you take such good shots and your selfies are pretty good I think better then mine :p


  6. I suck at selfies, I think I take about 20 and still hate them all *tear* anyways that second to last photo is really pretty!


  7. Haha such a great post! You made me smile :D


  8. i love your selfies you're so pretty! I love your blog, so i followed you, i hope you will follow back :)


  9. I love all of your pictures!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  10. Hey you are as cute as a button girl!! Love all the photos! they make me want to run out of town too!! By the way I love the 'applying different shades of polish on each hand' trend and you totally rock that blue! ;) xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  11. i love your turquoise nails and the flowers! already dreaming of summer here in cold cold germany :)


    p.s. win a blogpresentation!

  12. Well I think your selfies turned out amazing ;] And the others are beautiful too!

  13. Beautiful pictures,




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