17 December 2014

Why BuzzFeed is my bestfriend

I'm obsessed with Internet, you can guess that. My online best friends include Tumblr (Duh, I mean Tumblr is my second life) and Buzzfeed. It's a beautiful place to waste your time on articles that usually make no sense in real life but oh sometimes they really make sense and help you in someway. This post is dedicated to my online best friend who really makes my shitty moments of life good and I can stare at my tablet's screen for long,

The GIFs
When you have so many emotions, trying to come out but you can't explain them in words, GIFs jump to help. The besuty of buzzfeed is that there are SO SO SO many gifs there. Like a planet of gifs, their articles use gif-language (This word makes sense to me) and I feel like YEAH THAT'S WHAT I WANNA SAY! And, YES THIS IS TOTALLY ME IN THIS GIF!

Me when I tweet something wrong. NO PLEASE DON'T SEND THAT TWITTER!

My emotions when my favorite character is paired with the character I HATE! 

I get the news
I'm glad it's a not-so-boring way of getting news from all over the world. Thanks to buzzfeed for keeping me reported when Ryan Gosling disappeared from the holy world of internet. Plus point to this website, they love Ryan Gosling as much as I do so we're soul mates here.

Oh the quiz
The quizzes make my life better. Like the moment when I took this, which hot guy you deserve for holidays
Michael Fassbender was born on this desolate planet on April 2, 1977, 
making him a supporting Aries to your ruling Leo. 
You’ll both have your really high ups and your mellow lows,
 making it one dynamic pairing. ;)

I got Michael Fassbender but I'd have preferred Ryan Gosling or Tyler Hoechlin. I'm thankful anyway. 

And this Teen Wolf ones,
I was Lydia Martin. Huh, I always felt I'm a banshee!

Viral Stuff
Viral stuff is always the juciest. When Alex From Target happened, it was my best friend Buzzfeed who let me know what was up. And all the viral vines and everything!

It satisfies my lust of fandom
I mean the gifs, the captions, the similar taste in fictional characters make me feel better there. There's no discrimination, you can find every kind of fandom. Like when I needed this Teen Wolf article because it won't be on air until 2015 and I needed support to be alive.

The community
This wonderful community who posts stuff there except of Buzzfeed staff, They talk my language and make me feel like home. And I love them even more when they post articles like thisss

My current favorite gems from Buzzfeed this week:
55 greatest celebrity tbt photos of 2014 // My favorite: KIM KARDASHIAN!

Do you love Buzzfeed as much as I do? Or do you have a best friend like this?


  1. Buzzfeed is my jam! I love to take all the quizzes, the more random the better. I also love to see all the hidden moments and facts from my fave shows.

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  3. Whoeva doesn't love Buzzfeed is Lyin'! I love all the quizzes!

  4. I LOVE Buzzfeed!! I love the quizzes and funny articles. I've literally wasted hours on it before :P


  5. Buzzfeed is my favorite! I love pretty much everything about it.


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