19 December 2014

My holidays plans //Plus, a Giveaway

Finally the winter break is HERE! Can you believe it? It was just summer vacations a while ago and then things suddenly changed and leaves turned orange and college started and I started hoping for winter break to come soon so that I can be a polar bear for 10 days and sleep like a bear because college makes me tired and hungry and more hungry especially during early classes. And now if you're already on winter break, HIGH FIVE! And if you're not, be jealous! Because I'm going to have so much fun with my blanket and pillow and food. Oh and with my blog. 

It's 2015 near so it's time to make some new year's resolution that I'm NOT going to follow as usual but as it's a trend, I'll think of some and come up with some convenient ones and blog about it. But right now all I am thinking is about holidays. And I have some plans that sound perfect to me. They might include sleeping, sleeping even more, Instagramming some new stuff and trying to cook, maybe, just a maybe-kinda-thought.

My first SUPER PLAN!

This might be a lousy pose for sleeping but hey! I have my eyes closed and a "sleep" tag on it so it makes it legal for this spot. I'm going to sleep HOURS! No more 6 am routines, no more incomplete sleeps. Me and my dreams are going to fall in love again and I'll keep sleeping. You have no idea how long I have waited for holidays to come so that I can like sleep like dead, or bear or a baby.

I have gotten a complete pack of Secret Seven. Their story resemble to my old favorite cartoon Code Name Kids Next Door, in a way, so I'm completing the whole series. This may say it's suitable for 15 years old and it makes me feel old but I'll read it anyway, it's really interesting. 

 I'm on season 3 of Pretty Little Liars and A has totally screwed my kind and I can't stop watching. I want to find out who the bitch A is, and what the efffff does she/he/or-whatever wants. I'm totally hooked up. Though I lost interest in season 2 but I'm back again.

Bear with me while I keep complaining how late season 5 of Teen Wolf will be this year. It'll be back in June, are you kidding MTV guys? It's SO LONG! So I'll be re-watching my favorite episodes and watch crack videos + fanfiction + anything that includes it. This is the 367th level of fangirling and i'm totally fine with it.
Yup you heard it right, I'm taking my chances with kitchen on official level and this holiday I might cook or bake or do anything that includes preparing food. Maybe I would be able to post some recipes that ACTUALLY work for me or you'll just miss my cooking adventures because sometimes they're too embarrassing to be shared. Uhf.

And now,
Everyone, meet Ari from Happy cactus Shop. She's on my sidebar this month and she's a super creative soul!

About Ari:
I'm a graphic designer and amatuer photographer living in the Deep South with my husband and two dogs. I have a slight obsession with handlebar mustaches, the color green, German Shepherd dogs, and 1970s home decor. When I'm not sewing, I can most likely be found lounging in my backyard with a book in hand and trying desperately to find a red wine I enjoy.
About The Shop: The Happy Cactus Shop was born about 6 years ago when I was searching for my flash drive in the depths of my purse. After what seemed to be 30 minutes of frustrated digging (in reality it was only 3 minutes) and pulling everything out of my bag, I decided that mere pockets were not enough to organize my purse. I created The Perfect Pouch to store all my small necessary items in and would never have to dig again!

In the years since my shop was started, I have focused on created bags, purses, and accessories that are not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. I use my background in graphic design to make every item something that you would want to display.My inventory is constantly growing with new and different items showcasing both fabrics and my own designs.
The name "Happy Cactus" comes from the fact that, try as I might, my house is where plants go to die. Only the cacti are "happy" with my version of gardening. I am currently the proud caregiver to 9 different cacti (and they are all happy).

Twitter - @HappyCactusShop // Facebook - The Happy Cactus // Instagram - @ari_pepper
Etsy - the Happy Cactus Shop // Pinterest - Ari • The Happy Cactus //  Website - theHappyCactus

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Lipgloss Keychain
 Ari is giving 10$ to her shop.

I'm giving this bundle of rings.

Noor is giving this chic necklace.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
It's open for everyone, internationally.

Happy holidays and good luck!

What are your holidays plans? 


  1. My plans are to spend special time with all my family

  2. I'm travelling to England to visit family for Christmas!!!

  3. I never got into PLL, I think I watched one episode but it freaked me out lol! My plans are to spend time with my family :)


  4. PLL will surely blow your mind! :) I'm on season 4

  5. Love your plans!! Sleep is high on my priority list!

  6. I don't really have much plans for Christmas. Okay, no wait I do. I'll be spending time with my parents as usual. Maybe we'll go out and have a Christmas-y dinner. That's all. But my grandfather is really sick and we just had to admit him in the hospital last night. So we are kind of down. Christmas probably won't be in full swing this year. But 'tis alright. :)

  7. Your plans looks so cool girl,thumbs up:-)

  8. I like the idea of sleeping. Very very much.

  9. You are so cute, I'm spending with fam and friends

  10. Great post! Really enjoyed reading.

    Juliana Grace | www.julianagraceblogspace.blogspot.com

  11. What a great shop and great giveaway!
    My plans for the holidays are to celebrate my daughters' birthdays and Christmas by spending time with family, having great food and yummy desserts. =0)

    1. PS - I love PLL. And now we don't have the channel anymore, so I will have to catch up on Netflix!

  12. We're having a very quiet Christmas this year due to a sickness in the family.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

  13. I'm spending the holidays at home with my family, then I'll be going out of town to visit a friend for New Years Eve!

  14. I'm travelling to Disneyland paris.

  15. Spending time w family!eclairre at ymail dot com

  16. I'm just spending time with family.

  17. I have no plans but to go to my parents house 10min away for the day. I can't tell you how excited I am that I don't have to do anything for a couple of days.

  18. I recently just moved 10 hours from a place where I was born and raised for 25 years. So, my holiday plans were to travel back and spend it with family. A lot of family time, sleeping in, road trip music mixes, and hot cocoa :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  19. My plans are to relax with family!

  20. I love PLL too! My plans are to be lazy and hide inside from the cold and drink lots of tea since I got a ton for Christmas :-)

  21. Just got back from Orlando with the In Laws for Christmas. I am looking forward to a low key New Years with just my husband and daughter at home.

    Samantha (samdaleo)


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