12 December 2014

Internet is a weird place

Internet is a weird (See: Wonderful, maybe, uhh) place. And after the Alex From Target happen, I'm sitting here, typing this I believe ANYTHING is possible here. I love to check all the stuff going viral and tell myself WHAT DA HECK HAPPENING HERE? So today I was just scrolling down my Twitter for no reason, I saw this, 

And this,
Then this,
And finally this.

And my final reaction was: Enough Internet for today!!!
Seriously, I am shocked, amused and again still in shock. Though I am an active fangirl myself and I don't mind spending my days writing fanfictions that make 0 sense at all and reblogging random crap about my fandom on Tumblr , I still feel like I am under my control. So you probably have gotten my point that this girl (dk what's her name she's just gone viral with her fancy 1D adventures) is not what normal fangirls are, she's the mega-fangirl-gone-more-than-obsessive.

I don't think she's mad. She's just more than obsessive than she should be. Believe me my mom would have thought she's insane but I'm 17 myself and survived the Biebs-crazy (I hate to accept that) 1D-addiction and worshiping-Miley-the-Hnnah-Montana age. But the only thing that is stuck in my mind: WHY? This doesn't make any sense. Or maybe she lost a dare in her real life. Oh well a possibility.

It's okay and fun to have a fandom to stick with and maybe be a little obsessed with it. Treat yo self, I'd call it.  But when obsession becomes bigger than you can take it, the real world gets ugly for you even if it's really not and things like this happen. I love to have a reason to day dream but it's usually a disaster if the "day dreaming" comes true, I'd prefer the real dreams I normally see in nights.  I don't know what to say anymore, maybe that she dressed her groom aka Harry Styles very badly. She could do better with the sleeves & bow. OKAY DON'T KILL ME! And Liams looks the worst. Gosh. And Niall looks beaten. Stop. Zayn's legs are out of order. Enough observation for now.

Are you a fangirl? *inssert ANY emoji here*


  1. I do a little fangirling sometimes but it's beyond limits....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Noor's Place

  2. I'm a Johnlock fan. I follow fandoms were they are indeed lovers and I love it. I'm also a Potter Head, a Browncoat, and a Vicious Trollop (Gilmore Girls)!

  3. Omg this is just crazy! haha. They have visitors too?

  4. Alex from Target was so adorable, haha! I loved his appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show. I saw this whole 1D marriage a few days ago and cringe... that's too obsessive! I can't even imagine what she'll feel when she outgrows 1D and finds her photos again!

  5. That is not a fangirl... that is just a crazy girl lol!


  6. This is way too crazy, I'm a fan of 1D, but some girls are just "interesting". This is very strange.


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