9 December 2014

I fell in love with my dreams

That's a VERY old picture, duh.
Sleep looks the most wonderful thing when my alarm rings on 6 am and I have no way to escape except to wake up, check my emails and find my way to bathroom. It's everyday that I fall in love with my dreams so I want to sleep EVEN more, I'm just a tired college student what do you expect?

I wasn't going to blog about sleep because I've blogged about it enough in past year when I was a sleepy high school student who loved to post rants but now I've grown up a bit and I use public transport and I sleep in my bus. Yes I have to travel an hour to reach the college and it's always like 6:45 am, what am I supposed to do? I'd just sit on a seat, put my bag on my lap and it'd be my pillow and sleep like I own this moving wheels. And miracle I'd wake up before my stop comes. That's our daily routine. Me and my sleep are bestie fo lyfeee.  But that's okay, nobody knows me in this big wide bus and I will never see these strangers again who knows I looked this ugly once. Believe me sleep wins over beauty. You know, sweet dreams rhyme better than you look pretty. Oh well.

It's always funny to see others sleeping on their seats. And I feel like IS THIS HOW I LOOK WHEN I AM ASLEEP? MY EYES HALF OPEN? Look at someone who's struggling for sleep in a bus, their head dangling here and there, mouth half open and they have know idea how do they look. This is called true love and passion, for their sleep. Because they're not giving up on their dreams, so they keep sleeping. Okay this is lame but I thought it was something that gives me feels (useless feelings) because I laugh inside when someone is sleeping with their mouth open and I'd just think, "Do others laugh at me too when I look the perfect example of ugly while sleeping?" If yes, I should be proud of spreading free smiles and laughs. Hint: I'm being lame again.

It's not really like I always fall asleep, I keep my books with me and I read them sometimes during the travel but some authors are SO good at making their readers sleepy, oh I should use the term boring here. So sometimes it's author's fault that I feel sleepy. 

It's 9 pm and I feel like I should be in my bed already, WHAT AM I DOING WITH MYSELF? I have a lot of homework to do, a poem and a whole friggin fanfiction to complete. Life is hard doe. Life is hard. 

Please tell me you love sleeping and we can be best friends!!


  1. I love sleeping :) We're best friends now!! You said it!

  2. Oh my Ree, so you are a sleepy bird that too in a public bus. Then I hold the right to laugh at you cause I do laugh at the people who sleep in messy, noisy and awkward place. Often I think how came they can even close their eyes in that environment? And see you're one of them. :D

  3. OMG like, sometimes when it's like a minute away from my stop, I would suddenly wake up.


  4. Right? hahaha, this is how I feel on trains all the time. Whenever I go to Paris, it's a 2 hour train ride from Caen, and I'm always afraid I look so silly but I know I need to sleep!

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

  5. Haha...who doesn't love sleep?! I could probably sleep standing up if I had to! Don't tempt me!

  6. haha! Oh the student days. I used to sleep on long drives too. Thankfully my school isn't that far

  7. Can't wait to hit the bed and die for the night now! Whenever I end up with something cringe-y in public I think the same that they are all strangers and who's going to even see them again! :P Though I can't sleep while travelling! Went to Okara by Daewoo in 2012/2013 winters and just couldn't sleep in that 18+ hour long journey! The struggle was real! >.< I pity myself now and feel your pain too! xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  8. I travel by bus too because my college is like an hour and a half away from where I stay but I cannot sleep at all in a bus. Mostly it's because I always get scared where I'll miss my stop and head somewhere else :P

    -Kathie K


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