7 December 2014

Cameras are the most beautiful thing

Warning: This post includes beautiful pictures of historical places that aren't even mine but I had to post them and I am going to explain it well.

On a glorious Saturday morning in college (Okay not so glorious because classes on Saturdays aren't really glorious) I was on my duty as Volunteer. If you never follow me on Instagram, you'd have no clue that I've just been recently elected as a Student Council's volunteer and volunteers have duties like we're discipline police and helpers to students. I saw fine arts department leaving for a road trip and they were going to art museums. And I felt like I should be going too but the trouble was I wasn't in Fine Arts department but I (almost) begged my Philosophy's teacher to let me go with them as I had only 2 classes that morning and I was a VOLUNTEER. It's a big word, I'm a respectable student of college and I am a part of Student Council and I should be going to see all the beautiful places else I'd cry. Well they were humble enough to let me go, yay!

We went to see Sadequain Galerie first. It's a wonderful building surrounded by greenery and beautiful flowers. We only got to see the garden outside because the museum was closed. YES THAT FRIGGING MUSEUM WAS CLOSED ON SATURDAY! Our teacher didn't know the museum guys had started to keep the museum close on Saturdays and we had to leave because there are much more exciting things to do then just wandering around a museum's garden with pink bougenvillia.

Everything was fine but the only fact that still makes me cry that I DIDN'T have camera. Not even my tablet or anything. I just explored the city with arts student without any camera and saw all of the golden places without taking any photos. No traces or proves or memories in a digital print that I've been there. Nothing to Instagram (this point really worried me) and nothing to put on my blog (this point worried me even more than it should) and I was just sitting with senior students taking group photos. So I realized one thing that day, CAMERAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ON PLANET! You need them with you, no matter in what shape, a real camera, in a phone or in a tablet, they're beautiful and helpful. We're not allowed to use gadgets in college but I need to buy a mp4 or something with a good camera to carry around in a small pocket of my backpack. 
After Sadequain-the-galerie-we-never-saw-for-real, we went to see a small art gallery which is not an important part and then we finally reached this beauty and I told my life that:
This is Mohatta Palace, a wonderful place and it doesn't look like it's a part of Karachi, the city with modern buildings and totally urban area. This is the beauty! We explored inside the palace with a guide and it was really fun watching all those historical things. I've never thought art and history museums can be fun, they always seemed a place to torture students to me but it was fun exploring the museum as a grown up person and absorb things for real without a camera which is still a part that hurts me inside my heart.

College is fun, I think I'm starting to like it for real. 

That's all for now. Have you ever been to an art museum? And most importantly, have you been there without a ... camera?


  1. Ah, I love this post. I love museums. :) I worked at an art museum in my town this past summer, and it's so amazing! Sometimes it's nice to visit museums without a camera, because then you can just go and enjoy the museum without worrying about the perfect insta (although, whenever I go somewhere, this point worries me too). I'm so glad you are liking college and are having cool experiences!

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

  2. Great pictures! Love your blog design too. :)

  3. I agree cameras are amazing and I'm not sure what how Id cope if i couldn't take photos. Im glad they let you go on the trip :)

  4. same thing happened to me when Sahir came to my college. Cameras ARE the best thing evuuurrr

  5. I've done that plenty of times! I hate not having my camera and I am getting better at it. Thank goodness for the internet for getting the pics you missed eh!?

  6. I only bought a "semi-fancy" cam before my trip to Australia this year. They really are the best things but trust me I use my cam phone a whole lot more haha. Love seeing these images even if you didnt take them :)

  7. Cameras indeed are one of the most amazing things ever. Who knows when and where you want to capture a beautiful moment?! I use my phone most of the times to take pictures but its happened a lot of times before that I didn't have my phone with me and I couldn't take any pictures.

    -Kathie K

  8. Haha, yes. I've been to an art museum and I didn't have my camera, so I had to settle with horrible quality photos enhanced with photo editors. lol. The architecture of those buildings are beautiful!

    - Jannette | MERESSE

  9. I don't know. I find cameras a bit to distracting. Especially when you have people around who'd prefer to see themselves in the pictures afterwards rather than the beauteous surroundings.

  10. This sounds so fun even without a camera. Sometimes it's nice without one so you don't have to worry about taking pictures!


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