30 December 2014

2015: Predicting The New Year

It's ALMOST 2015 and I can't believe I'm just typing this because back in 2003, all I imagined 2015 to be was that there'd be spaceship cars flying around and we'd be living in robotic suites but that didn't happen (And a part of me is SO glad that it didn't) As 2015 is near and I haven't come up with new years resolutions (that I casually NEVER follow) I needed something better to do with this whole new year thing and Juliette was creative enough to come up with this 2015 prediction link up idea. So here I am predicting the coming new year.

This year won't be shitty as 2013-14. This JUST WILL NOT BE.

I am going to be famous, duh. DUH.

I will pass the first year of college alive.

Troye Sivan will release another album that I'll have on repeat.

I will have some real REAL LIFE friends.

I will read 50 *gulp* books *gulp*

Teen Wold season five will be DA BOMB and they'll show some good side of Peter (I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW HE HAS SOME GOOD SIDE)

And I will write more Teen Wolf Fanfiction. BETTER FANFICTION.

I will have colored hair, red preferably, Or teal would work.

Us Potterheads will get a new Harry Potter book/story.

I will be meeting some bloggers in real life.

I will write a novel. AN ACTUAL NOVEL. Mystery novel to be exact.

I will get a better nickname than Aree or Ree (I think Ree is cool but I want the COOLEST)

Some more Youtubers will come out of the closet.

My cooking skills will be magical, I mean, I'll be an official cooking member of kitchen of my house.

Digital Daggers will decide to make some official music videos of Aquarius and The Devil Within.

Ian Bohen will reply to my hopelessly-tweeting-you-for-no-real-reason tweets.

Though almost nobody uses GFC, I'll still reach 1000 followers (Magically)

Justin and Selena will stop playing and break up finally.

I will write a better About Me page.

Things that would NOT happen in 2015:

I won't loose any weight.

Peter Hale won't die (again) in Teen Wolf (Because if they kill him, I'm going to kill whole show cast and there'd be no more Teen Wolf anymore)

I won't stop downloading cheap songs into my mp3. Hey they're noisy and perfect for travelling in a public bus.

I won't not drink tea. No nah nope.

That's it. I'm done here. Now wait and watch as my predictions come true.

You should go and see the link up! Trust me, it'd be FUN.

What would YOU predict for 2015? Any breaking-news-kinda prediction I need to hear?


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  2. I love that you linked up, Areeba!!! I think reading 50 books is an AWESOME goal!!! I think I'll try that too... but I'm not confident enough to say that it will ACTUALLY happen!!! What kind of tea is your favorite??

  3. I love all of these! (Found you through the blog hop.) I love that you write Fanfiction and love Harry Potter and want to read more and ALL OF THE THINGS!

  4. i just followed you on GFC. You can tick that resolution off already.

    I hope you have a brilliant new year:)

  5. About Me pages are SO DIFFICULT. i always try and redo mine and then feel SO INCREDIBLY awkward. I've realized adding your personality to it is SO IMPORTANT and can make a world of difference from awkwardness to awesomeness.

    50 books. ME TOO! Let's hold each other accountable through it?!?!

  6. Haha! This is great! I love it. I like your nicknames! They're different and cute.

  7. And I predict that the chances of your all these prediction coming true is 80%. Enjoy babe! ;)

  8. I haven't watched teen wolf at all... on a scale of 1 to 10 how good is it and should i watch it??? LOL also hahah selena and justin thing made me laugh. I used to know when they were on or off but I can't keep track anymore. :P


  9. I love how you said this year will not be as shitty as 2015!!! I proclaim that too girl!

  10. YES at that first one. 2014 was horrid haha. I'm excited for your novel ;]

  11. Justin and Selena drama is so mainstream RN


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