30 December 2014

2015: Predicting The New Year

It's ALMOST 2015 and I can't believe I'm just typing this because back in 2003, all I imagined 2015 to be was that there'd be spaceship cars flying around and we'd be living in robotic suites but that didn't happen (And a part of me is SO glad that it didn't) As 2015 is near and I haven't come up with new years resolutions (that I casually NEVER follow) I needed something better to do with this whole new year thing and Juliette was creative enough to come up with this 2015 prediction link up idea. So here I am predicting the coming new year.

This year won't be shitty as 2013-14. This JUST WILL NOT BE.

I am going to be famous, duh. DUH.

I will pass the first year of college alive.

Troye Sivan will release another album that I'll have on repeat.

I will have some real REAL LIFE friends.

I will read 50 *gulp* books *gulp*

Teen Wold season five will be DA BOMB and they'll show some good side of Peter (I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW HE HAS SOME GOOD SIDE)

And I will write more Teen Wolf Fanfiction. BETTER FANFICTION.

I will have colored hair, red preferably, Or teal would work.

Us Potterheads will get a new Harry Potter book/story.

I will be meeting some bloggers in real life.

I will write a novel. AN ACTUAL NOVEL. Mystery novel to be exact.

I will get a better nickname than Aree or Ree (I think Ree is cool but I want the COOLEST)

Some more Youtubers will come out of the closet.

My cooking skills will be magical, I mean, I'll be an official cooking member of kitchen of my house.

Digital Daggers will decide to make some official music videos of Aquarius and The Devil Within.

Ian Bohen will reply to my hopelessly-tweeting-you-for-no-real-reason tweets.

Though almost nobody uses GFC, I'll still reach 1000 followers (Magically)

Justin and Selena will stop playing and break up finally.

I will write a better About Me page.

Things that would NOT happen in 2015:

I won't loose any weight.

Peter Hale won't die (again) in Teen Wolf (Because if they kill him, I'm going to kill whole show cast and there'd be no more Teen Wolf anymore)

I won't stop downloading cheap songs into my mp3. Hey they're noisy and perfect for travelling in a public bus.

I won't not drink tea. No nah nope.

That's it. I'm done here. Now wait and watch as my predictions come true.

You should go and see the link up! Trust me, it'd be FUN.

What would YOU predict for 2015? Any breaking-news-kinda prediction I need to hear?

28 December 2014

Spam emails VS my thoughts

Whenever I check my spam emails folder, the emails give me slightly panic attacks in my head. I don't get the brilliant idea of spam emails that are about inheritance of million of dollars as if we're going to believe the shit inside the email saying you won 1,000,00$, dude we live in 2014. But the spammers have a fun life that they can waste on Internet. I was going through my spam folder and the next second I was writing a blog post about it. So here I am,

1-I have won a lottery of 1,000,000$. 

Yay, it was supposed to be funny?

2-I have some untitled hidden billionaire family members that I never knew about existed.


3-A stranger told me about those untitled hidden billionaire family members of mine.

Thank you stranger for providing me with glorious information.

4-That stranger is very honest.

Thanks again (With teary eyes)

5-Wallmart has offered me a job while they have 0 branches in my country.

They're so humble that I want to cry.

6-An Australian modeling agency wants me to work with them. 

Yep, you've never seen my attempts toward fashion blogging.

7-There are many awfully rich Arab men trying to get me in their business partnership. 

Request rejected.

8-A dying lady trust me SO MUCH that she's inheriting me EVERYTHING she ever owned in her life.

I wish I cared.

9--A rich man from Bank OF Africa wants to transfer me some billion dollars because he trusts me.

YES YES TRUST ME PLEASE! I feel more rich than I should.

10-Somebody wants to buy my land.

That I don't even own, wow.

11-I can make 250$ per hour by I don't know how on Earth because the email looks more of a screwed html code.

The money would be made of toilet paper.

12-I have a package waiting for me on Rome's port. The postal guys are so honest that they shot me an email.

Oh I am panicked.

13-There's a button manufacturing company in China who wants to sell me their products. 

Well I am not interested in buttons right at the moment.

14-My Paypal account has been limited until I submit my log in my details to a website like this paypal2238.com.

And yeah sure let you hack my account this beautiful way.

15-Then there's an URGENT EMAIL asking for my VERY QUICK RESPONSE IMMEDIATELY about a few more billion dollars that some random and generous stranger wants to send me.

I feel rich again.

So, what are YOUR thoughts on spam emails?


25 December 2014

Winter Shenanigans

Before I start this post, I'd like to say that this post is about my winter and I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfies and sunshine but mostly I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfies. 

I went out to see the world because I was out of city (and sad part: Out of Internet) so going out was the last option. But mind me, it's not like I don't like going out but when I didn't have wifi so going out and have "fun" was the last option. But one good thing happened that I got all these sunshine-y pictures to put on blog. 
This is a flower I threw gently in water so that we can have a classy shot. And by the way it turned out pretty good.

And here's a I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfie that I told you about. The sun was so shiny that it was hurting my eyes. Winter mornings (Err we can call 11 am morning) are cool and warm and everything complicated. The sun was shining like mad but it was only shining, there were no warm rays so my jacket was a good option. 

Again an I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfie, I wonder why I can't take all those glossy and glamorous selfies that break records on Instagram or go viral or the one people leave this kinda "<3 <3" hearts. But I try my best. Sometimes I blog about this selfie business. But I usually end up with I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfies. This post sounds really sad right here.

 And there's this nail colour I LOVE/LUV/LUVVV! This is basically my I-don't-feel-good-so-I-applied-this kinda colour. I once said a great thing "When nothing goes right, apply nail polish"  so this colour fits my emotions when I feel totally sucky.

Believe me this colour is too mainstream. Apply red nailpolish when you need to feel chic. Or you need to feel like "You can call me Queen Bee"

And this was really pretty sight. Looked like they were dancing slowly on We Own The Night.

So I tried to take a selfie and it turned out I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfie like the rest of them. I hope you feel my pain and be proud of me for at least trying. I love you all.

And looks like the whole world is celebrating Christmas (No, I don't) So Happy Christmas to everyone celebrating and eat a lot guys, festive food is the best kind of food. And don't forget to enter my Holidays Giveaway! And my New Year Link Up! Again, I LOVE YOU ALL. And this time I said this in all caps.

How is your winter so far?

21 December 2014

A new member of my gadgets-family // And an announcement

I remember the time when I was a kid and music pods were big-kids-luxury while I'd just sit there with my nitendo gameboy and stare at my screen and play Mario. But that was then and this is now. I'm a big kid with a tablet but I can't move around with a tablet just for songs so I NEEDED a music pod or mp3. And a few days ago, Tmart guys emailed me to collaborate and when I searched their website, I knew what I exactly wanted, A MP3!

This little fella comes with a mp3 + headphones + cable usb. But the bummer is that you don't get an adapter to charge it, you have to attach it to your laptop which is my least favorite part. It wasn't charging properly at first but its working fine now. The approx time for battery is 3 hours.

The best thing about this little thing is that its sound is DA BOMB! Small size and big loud sound. If you take public transport and you're annoyed by the noise and weird strangers, trust me this little fella is for you. And plus points, IT HAS A TINY CAMERA! As I'm good at leaving my camera/tablet behind and go to see wonderful places, this little mp3 would help me taking few shots, though its camera isn't great (640 x 480 pixles) but still works well.

Say hello to my creative bed corner.

Call me silly but I've given this a name, a pet name, Teetotum because giving your gadgets a name is cute and they deserve a little love. So Teetotum is a new member of my gadgets-family. HOLA MATE!
My current playlist includes:

Bad Blood - Taylor Swift (MUST LISTEN)
The Devil Within - Digital Daggers
Gasoline - Troye Sivan
Aquarius - Digital Daggers (MUST LISTEN)
Still Here - Digital Daggers
Red - Taylor Swift
Arms - Christina Perri 
Steal my girl - One Direction
Somebody to you - The Vamps

So much Digital Daggers, right? I am in LUVV with this band and their songs give me goosebumps. For real. Yes the feels. And Troye Sivan, this boy is magical. And Tay-Tay is everywhere with her new album and Bad Blood is my new favorite.

The main review:
It works well when it comes to sound but you have to press buttons twice or more than twice to make them work. And sometimes screen rotate and change your song (I HATE THAT) It comes with 4gb memory which is a win-win. It's really light and easy to carry which is another win-win. It costs 13$ which is a little expensive. Else, everything is fine and it would make a cute holidays present.

I'd give it:
3 out of 5

Do you have a music pod/mp3? And what's on your playlist?

Disclaimer: I was provided with product to review but all opinions are my own.

New year is around the corner (hurray hurray huzzah!) and we all bloggers must write something regarding new year that's 2015. Right?
Me and Noor from Noor's Place blog have planned a link up "Holla! New year" It's going to happen on 1st January. It can be anything.
 Like new year resolutions, bucket list, a post about NY eve or...well now it's you who must get creative. So join us on 1st January for this link up, with other fabulous bloggers.

Holla! new year (a link up)

19 December 2014

My holidays plans //Plus, a Giveaway

Finally the winter break is HERE! Can you believe it? It was just summer vacations a while ago and then things suddenly changed and leaves turned orange and college started and I started hoping for winter break to come soon so that I can be a polar bear for 10 days and sleep like a bear because college makes me tired and hungry and more hungry especially during early classes. And now if you're already on winter break, HIGH FIVE! And if you're not, be jealous! Because I'm going to have so much fun with my blanket and pillow and food. Oh and with my blog. 

It's 2015 near so it's time to make some new year's resolution that I'm NOT going to follow as usual but as it's a trend, I'll think of some and come up with some convenient ones and blog about it. But right now all I am thinking is about holidays. And I have some plans that sound perfect to me. They might include sleeping, sleeping even more, Instagramming some new stuff and trying to cook, maybe, just a maybe-kinda-thought.

My first SUPER PLAN!

This might be a lousy pose for sleeping but hey! I have my eyes closed and a "sleep" tag on it so it makes it legal for this spot. I'm going to sleep HOURS! No more 6 am routines, no more incomplete sleeps. Me and my dreams are going to fall in love again and I'll keep sleeping. You have no idea how long I have waited for holidays to come so that I can like sleep like dead, or bear or a baby.

I have gotten a complete pack of Secret Seven. Their story resemble to my old favorite cartoon Code Name Kids Next Door, in a way, so I'm completing the whole series. This may say it's suitable for 15 years old and it makes me feel old but I'll read it anyway, it's really interesting. 

 I'm on season 3 of Pretty Little Liars and A has totally screwed my kind and I can't stop watching. I want to find out who the bitch A is, and what the efffff does she/he/or-whatever wants. I'm totally hooked up. Though I lost interest in season 2 but I'm back again.

Bear with me while I keep complaining how late season 5 of Teen Wolf will be this year. It'll be back in June, are you kidding MTV guys? It's SO LONG! So I'll be re-watching my favorite episodes and watch crack videos + fanfiction + anything that includes it. This is the 367th level of fangirling and i'm totally fine with it.
Yup you heard it right, I'm taking my chances with kitchen on official level and this holiday I might cook or bake or do anything that includes preparing food. Maybe I would be able to post some recipes that ACTUALLY work for me or you'll just miss my cooking adventures because sometimes they're too embarrassing to be shared. Uhf.

And now,
Everyone, meet Ari from Happy cactus Shop. She's on my sidebar this month and she's a super creative soul!

About Ari:
I'm a graphic designer and amatuer photographer living in the Deep South with my husband and two dogs. I have a slight obsession with handlebar mustaches, the color green, German Shepherd dogs, and 1970s home decor. When I'm not sewing, I can most likely be found lounging in my backyard with a book in hand and trying desperately to find a red wine I enjoy.
About The Shop: The Happy Cactus Shop was born about 6 years ago when I was searching for my flash drive in the depths of my purse. After what seemed to be 30 minutes of frustrated digging (in reality it was only 3 minutes) and pulling everything out of my bag, I decided that mere pockets were not enough to organize my purse. I created The Perfect Pouch to store all my small necessary items in and would never have to dig again!

In the years since my shop was started, I have focused on created bags, purses, and accessories that are not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. I use my background in graphic design to make every item something that you would want to display.My inventory is constantly growing with new and different items showcasing both fabrics and my own designs.
The name "Happy Cactus" comes from the fact that, try as I might, my house is where plants go to die. Only the cacti are "happy" with my version of gardening. I am currently the proud caregiver to 9 different cacti (and they are all happy).

Twitter - @HappyCactusShop // Facebook - The Happy Cactus // Instagram - @ari_pepper
Etsy - the Happy Cactus Shop // Pinterest - Ari • The Happy Cactus //  Website - theHappyCactus

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Lipgloss Keychain
 Ari is giving 10$ to her shop.

I'm giving this bundle of rings.

Noor is giving this chic necklace.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
It's open for everyone, internationally.

Happy holidays and good luck!

What are your holidays plans? 

17 December 2014

Why BuzzFeed is my bestfriend

I'm obsessed with Internet, you can guess that. My online best friends include Tumblr (Duh, I mean Tumblr is my second life) and Buzzfeed. It's a beautiful place to waste your time on articles that usually make no sense in real life but oh sometimes they really make sense and help you in someway. This post is dedicated to my online best friend who really makes my shitty moments of life good and I can stare at my tablet's screen for long,

The GIFs
When you have so many emotions, trying to come out but you can't explain them in words, GIFs jump to help. The besuty of buzzfeed is that there are SO SO SO many gifs there. Like a planet of gifs, their articles use gif-language (This word makes sense to me) and I feel like YEAH THAT'S WHAT I WANNA SAY! And, YES THIS IS TOTALLY ME IN THIS GIF!

Me when I tweet something wrong. NO PLEASE DON'T SEND THAT TWITTER!

My emotions when my favorite character is paired with the character I HATE! 

I get the news
I'm glad it's a not-so-boring way of getting news from all over the world. Thanks to buzzfeed for keeping me reported when Ryan Gosling disappeared from the holy world of internet. Plus point to this website, they love Ryan Gosling as much as I do so we're soul mates here.

Oh the quiz
The quizzes make my life better. Like the moment when I took this, which hot guy you deserve for holidays
Michael Fassbender was born on this desolate planet on April 2, 1977, 
making him a supporting Aries to your ruling Leo. 
You’ll both have your really high ups and your mellow lows,
 making it one dynamic pairing. ;)

I got Michael Fassbender but I'd have preferred Ryan Gosling or Tyler Hoechlin. I'm thankful anyway. 

And this Teen Wolf ones,
I was Lydia Martin. Huh, I always felt I'm a banshee!

Viral Stuff
Viral stuff is always the juciest. When Alex From Target happened, it was my best friend Buzzfeed who let me know what was up. And all the viral vines and everything!

It satisfies my lust of fandom
I mean the gifs, the captions, the similar taste in fictional characters make me feel better there. There's no discrimination, you can find every kind of fandom. Like when I needed this Teen Wolf article because it won't be on air until 2015 and I needed support to be alive.

The community
This wonderful community who posts stuff there except of Buzzfeed staff, They talk my language and make me feel like home. And I love them even more when they post articles like thisss

My current favorite gems from Buzzfeed this week:
55 greatest celebrity tbt photos of 2014 // My favorite: KIM KARDASHIAN!

Do you love Buzzfeed as much as I do? Or do you have a best friend like this?