19 November 2014

The rise of the fangirl

I'm that kind of person who takes fictional characters way too seriously. No matter if it's Snape from Harry Potter or Umar Jahangir from Amarbail, they're real for me and I'll be talking about them like I've known them for long or as they're some kinda family friends. That's who I am. So I made a new friend in college who's just like me (See:Bookworm and a writer) and we go on talking about our favorite books and characters. I've learned this great lesson in my life that if there's someone who can listen about your favorite books and your favorite characters without trying to shut you up, he/she is a keeper. Being a fangirl isn't an easy task, oh well.

There's one man in Harry Potter I HATED till the last part of the movie and then I fell in love with the character of Snape. It was the biggest shock that I EVER GOT from a character. Like he was shown all evil, the wicked man who killed lovely old man professor Dumbledore, the person who hated Harry Potter suddenly turned out to be the best man of the book! Snape won the game, in the end. If I watch that last part where Snape is dying 100x times, I'm going to cry 100x times.

Then there's Umar Jahangir, my MOST favorite character from my MOST favorite writer Umera Ahmed from her book Amarbail. In the start of the book, Umera Ahmed warned me that there are so characters in the book whom you would want to hate but you would not be able to do that. You'll eventually fall in love and maybe you'll regret that. I can't believe she was SO right about her words. Umar Jahangir is a bad bad bad person, he does all bad bad bad things but he's a good good good person too and a  little little little part of his heart is not dark. And that's why I love love love the way his character is. And when he dies in the last page of the book, I was like WHY YOU DID THAT TO ME MISS UMERA AHMED? 

And then comes another character by Umera Ahmed, Salar Sikander. Again, this character is bad. Or should I say psychotic in a wonderful way. He tries to kill himself many times just to experiment. Because his IQ level is 150 and he's curious about death and pain way too much. In short he's a bad person turns out to be a good person and I love this part. Umera Ahmed knows how to play with her readers emotions or sometimes screw them up.

Then comes Derek Hale from Teen Wolf. To be honest, it's not Tyler Hoechlin (the man who played Derek's character) whom is my favorite, it's the character Derek Hale. He's every villain's favorite in the show when it comes to beating, biting (because he's a werewolf, oh) and hitting or planning his murder. Every frigging villain likes to plan his murder. He's the most kind person yet with a hard mask of angry man on his face. Anyway, he kept me motivated to watch some of those boring episodes. The season 5 of Teen Wolf is due in 2015. HOW AM I GOING TO WAIT TILL 2015? 

And this sums up my whole fangirl-ness.

Who's your favorite fictional character. And why?


  1. I used to be obsessed with Harry Potter characters (who wasn't?!) but after binge watching The Flash and Vampire Dairies, I'm stuck between Berry and Damon... why can't guys act like that in real life?!

  2. I enjoy TV but I don't tend to get attached to the characters. I enjoy a show and it really disappoints me when it finally ends especially when the ending is just plain rubbish, Dexter and How I Met Your Mother. That's about as invested as I get.

    ~ K

  3. Hahah I totally agree I get SO attached, I got more attached to sirius black I cry everytime and same happens with lord of the rings xx

  4. Believe me, I love Salar character from the very start of the book, Peer-e-Kamil is Lahvve (in Noor's accent) Now I so so so wanna read Amarbail.
    P.S. I do still miss Salar sometime. FanGirl problems you know.. :(

  5. Snape was such a well developed character. Truly amazing writing & thought went into him...& everything. :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  6. 1894575738469376% agree with you about Snape omg.

  7. It's now safe to say that fictional characters obsession for me has faded away in past years but STILL, I won't mind marrying Derek Hale or or..umm or Tyler Hoechlin. Make him rishta me plis *rolling eyes*

  8. Oh snape! He was secretly always one of my favorite characters and now I have proof to why! haha. .


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