9 November 2014

Me and the Persian adventure

It's 9 November which means it's Iqbal day here in Pakistan. Allama Mohammad Iqbal aka Poet of the East is our national poet. He wrote poems both in Urdu and Persian. Now I should stop sounding like a teacher and get back to Areeba Da Blogger.
I've been reading him since I was a kid and his work is beyond wonderful. Like seriously, I was thinking how he thought all the concepts and stuff? I write poetry by myself and I keep telling myself that this man had something magical in his mind and soul. When I started college and took Persian as language, I knew I'd be coming across some of his poetry. And got ready for some Persian adventures because isn't it awesome to learn a new language and impress people around you who have no idea about it? #IAmSmart

Persian has been the best class for me. It's pretty much like Urdu but the accent is different. I just understand a few words of it but believe me I'm working on it and trying to improve my Persian accent (which pretty much sucks right now)

My first Persian adventure happened on 30 October when my college decided to celebrate Iqbal day a few days earlier. And I was chosen to read and translate a Persian poem by Iqbal. A Persian poem, on stage, in front of all the teachers and Chief guest and SO MANY STUDENTS! Me and my newly-found friend both were assigned for this little performance. And I was BEYOND EXCITED!

We practiced for like 3 days and my Persian's teacher was kind enough to bear my awful accent and helped me improve it. We did a great job preparing for it and when it was the day of performance, I felt like I was melting inside. All I was thinking was that there are going to be so many people and I actually have to climb a "real stage" and say stuff on a mic and face all those eyes looking at me and it's gonna be illegal to freak out on stage. People might throw eggs on me. Or hoot. Or make fun of me if I skip a line or make it worse. It'd be awful to forget what to say next and cry on stage. But fortunately, I didn't get the stage fright and I DID IT!

This is the front of our grand auditorium. Those curtains and big stage makes it look like a big deal to handle. We had those fairy lights, two dices and a cameraman. A PROFESSIONAL CAMERAMAN. The photos of all of us who performed will be coming out soon and I am gonna frame mine. My first ever official performance infront of real audience. I mean, real people staring at me and clapping for me in the end. Yes they didn't throw eggs.

Hi this is me on left.

Now there's a girl in my class who calls me Persian Girl. This is progress.

My college canteen makes the best french fries. And I had to include this picture because I can. And they look tasty.

So this is my first ever college adventure and I can see there are so many more coming. I am ready to take them all. It's all getting so excited and fun. I am glad my college doesn't suck as much as high school did. Good times.

Have you ever tried to learn a new language?


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  1. I can't express my words how I'm feeling right now seeing you in my college Auditorium. Like Wow! And Hey, I'm so happy you're doing great. :) xx

  2. I wish I were offered Persian as a subject too! Persian poetry is the best and has so much class! I love Rumi and Iqbal! ♥ I know a little bit of Persian and I would love to learn more. We can then converse and impress people! B-)

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  3. These are great photos. What an amazing place.

  4. That is so cool! I love learning about new people ! I would also love to learn a new language! Keep it up girl!

  5. This is so great, congrats. My language is spanish, so I can say I'm learning some english haha.

  6. Congratulations! I took French in high school and got to use it when I spent a week in Paris this spring but I can't say I'm anywhere near fluency...haha but you have inspired me to start studying again!

  7. Ok those fries look amazing I am sorry food overtook me for a moment, but congrats on not getting stage fright and doing it, that's amazing! Kudos for getting a new nickname too ;) xx

  8. Looks like you're getting there :) I'm sure you did a great job!

  9. I am so proud of you. Though persian seems like the hardest thing to me :O

  10. Getting accents right can be so hard! I could never master the french one.

    Those fries look yummy - is this paprika?

    Corinne x

  11. Haha you are amazing! Oh.. learning languages are hard... I'm learning a few now and I get mixed up all the time!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I'm so glad I discovered yours!
    I'm your new follower <3
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  12. Omg that's so cool!! GO YOU! And I'm pretty jealous you're learning Persian hehe.


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