28 November 2014

Is it cold or whaaaaaa?

The weather is confusing, cold, hot-in-the-day, dry, cheery-in-evening & my favorite or maybe not so favorite. Told ya it's confusing. Really confusing, I wake up wanting to wear a jacket with a cap and warm socks with hello kitty on them but the afternoon are so hot that I'd rather eat a whole bowl of ice cream and wear flip flops to pretend it's June. And evenings are as normal as there's no November almost December going on. And nights are again the I'm-the-coolest-kid. So basically, it's screwing my own emotions. Can't we please have a proper cold season? Like the perfect sweater season where I'm allowed to buy some new sweaters and beanies. I want to wear a sweater to college, come back home to snuggle into my blanket and enjoy being cold. Oh I need to mention that it's ALWAYS summer in Karachi. Maybe I'm saying too much but we only have November to January to have the perfect winter time. It never snows here so I never saw snowfall in real life and never built a snowman. Pity on me please.
I was ordering a beanie from eBay yesterday and people were like it's hot here why are you even buying this. As if the shop was delivering it in 3 hours, it's gonna take a whole wicked month to reach my doorstep. Because I'll never pay to upgrade my shipping service, free shipping is the best thing and your parcel is going to reach you anyway, just a little bit patience is required. No matter what anyone says, I've already ordered that beanie and an oversized sweater because it's December near (almost here, winner) and I love this month. No it's not my birthday in December, I'm an August kid, I just love this month for unknown reasons that I haven't figured out myself yet. Maybe the cold and the winds that make me feel like I'm a character of a novel or because it's the end of a glorious year that gave me a lot to remember or maybe nothing stated right here is true, I just love it anyway. Boo ya!
So if you're having a good cold time, I'm jealous. And if you have snowfall in your area, I'm mega jealous. But let's enjoy this weather and wonder where did this year go, I'm that terrible person who haven't got used to write 2014 in date section, usually ends up writing 2013. Maybe there'll be a quick progress in 2015.
What's your favorite season? Anyone winter lover?


  1. Haha, the photo is so cute! :D I personally do feel annoyed by the hot and cold too but I still love Karachi's weather! <3 Hate dry flaky skin but can't wait to wear my hoodies already!! :D Enjoying slumber in quilt though! :P xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. It's cold here too! Snowing and my feet are frigid.

  3. I think we should switch positions as I can't stand the cold lately haha, I can't wear all the pretty clothes ;) xxx


  4. I wouldn't consider living in Florida "winterized!" Although when we lived in Missouri for 3 years, it was there I saw my first snowfall. And as beautiful as it was, I love me some Florida weather!

  5. It's kind of cold here but not too cold either. I wish it was colder so i can wear sweaters a lot. I love winter fashion. I find it funny cos the malls here sells winter clothes but we don'tactually have winter. haha.

  6. The best things about winter are just lying in bed wearing warm and fluffy socks and sweaters!

    -Kathie K

  7. True that I miss Hyd a lot in these so-called winter months. Hopefully Dec would come with few blink of real winter and my newly bought Jacket would come in handy! Just keep your hope up! :) xoxo


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