4 November 2014

Book Review: Beastly

I was away from doing my favorite thing, I mean reading books. Not those terrible ones that I've been reading and searching on in college everyday but those lovely books from my favorite writers. Because: 
(1 - I have college.
(2 - My reading list was done.

So I searched for some more reads to make my life as a reader better. So I came up with this book Beastly by Alex Flinn. I saw it a while ago when it was turned into a movie, I never saw that one. So I gave it a try and here I am doing an actual book review. 

Firstly, the book's name and the rose indicates it's related to Beauty And The Beast, yes that classical one. When you read it first, it tells that Alex researched on many versions of Beauty And The Beast to write this book. It's the modern world version of Beauty And The Beast. I was so excited to read this because Beauty And The Beast is one of my MOST favorite books and movies. I am a Disney kid at heart so this looked like a great choice.

The story is about a girl Linda aka Lindy who lives in New York city. Basically, the story is from her diary's pages that she wrote. She has a drug addicted father, no mother, sisters who live away and a terrible life. She studies at an expensive school on scholarship because her father used to teach here before he was an addict. She has no friends at all and she has the BIGGEST crush on the most handsome and rich boy of school, Kyle Kingsbury who's a very rich, popular, and a kind of a jerk who thinks he has it all.  She once saved him from his clingy fan-girls but they never spoke again until one night from school dance, Kyle gave her a rose because Kyle's girlfriend didn't want it. So Linda kept it. And he disappears after that dance night, nobody knows where he has gone. But the "Beast" is Kyle Kingsbury himself. When an ugly girl Kendra from his school shows up, Kyle asks her to the upcoming school dance with him just as a joke with the intention of shunning her in the end.  Little does Kyle know that Kendra is secretly a witch. So she curses him to live as the beast. But she gives him a magical mirror so he can see what is going on in the world outside because he can't go outside as a beast and continues to live like a normal person with everyone. Kyle's father is the first to know this and he thinks it's very odd and he pushes away his own son from him , set up an apartment for his son with a housekeeper named Magda, and a blind tutor named Will.  The only condition of breaking the curse is that Kyle needs to find a girl who loves him for the person he truly is and his beastly looks wouldn't matter to her and she needs to kiss him within two years, then he will be free and will be returned to normal.  Kendra only agrees to add two years in condition because at the dance Kyle did an unselfish act of giving a rose to the ticket taker, Lindy.  Lindy turns out to be the same Lindy that used to have a crush on him and she'll be our Belle from Beauty And The Beast. Kyle changes his name to Adrian because Kyle means "Handsome" and Adrian means "Dark."
The story basically starts when one day Lindy's father (who's a drug addict) tries to break into Adrian's house but Adrian catches him and threaten him to drop him into jail. So Lindy's father offers to have his daughter be a prisoner in his house instead of dropping him into jailand that's how Lindy comes to live with Adrian.  Lindy is so afraid and sad at first but slowly she begins to see Adrian's real self and ignores his beastly looks and they start falling in love.  But one day before telling him that she loves him, the magic mirror shows that Lindy's father is very sick. Lindy asks Adrian to let her go to see her father and he sacrifices of letting her go to her father. But she doesn't come back for some reasons and after a short while, he ends up rescuing her from a rapist (with the help of magic mirror).  But Adrian is injured and then Lindy confesses her love and kisses Adrian and he returns to his real handsome self again. And they live happily ever after.

My Thoughts
I like this book. But it's not what I was expecting. The starting was good, the middle was really good but the end was too fairytale-ish. And I was expecting something new than the real version of  Beauty And The Beast. But it's exactly the same story happening in New York. I was expecting some new twists or something new but it wasn't there. The basics, the same spell and nothing new so this disappointed me a lot. It breaks my heart when I expect something from a book but it turns out nothing special #JustBookWormsThings
But still it was a good light read, imagining this is how new-world's Belle would behave. So,

I'd rate it 3/5.

PS: I need to find some more books to read, need suggestions, help me out.

Have you read this book? Or what's your favorite book and why?


  1. Saw the movie. It was good. I loved the movie.

  2. I haven't watched the film but after the review I think it sounds best left that way especially if they isn't too many fresh ideas :) Hope you are better today xx


  3. I remember that the plot seemed dry to me, too. I liked your review and the plot summary. It was really accurate :)

    -Riley XO

  4. I watched the film first (Alex Pettyfer..... aww *drools* ) then read the book. I think the plot was okay-ish. I was expecting something big to happen in the end (both the book + film). But ah well. However, I kinda liked Kendra's character. And ofcourse, Kyle. *grins*

  5. I saw that book on your tablet and I couldn't believe you're into modern tales. I liked this one though

  6. Sounds like a pretty decent read. Might have to look into it. Great post!

  7. I've watched that movie but I did not know that there is a book out there as well :) great post ! <3


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