13 November 2014

Blogging is wonderful // And a giveaway

Blogging is one of my greatest and most favorite adventures. When I started this blog, I had no idea people from different parts of the world would read me and I'll end up calling some of them my friends. And falling in love with blogging was never my plan but I did ;) Me and this blog had ups and downs but we survived, made it to 2 years and still growing. Isn't it wonderful?
Meeting new people and reading how they live their lives is amazing. I've found so many bloggers and writers that inspire me to blog and being in touch with them through emails and sometimes handwritten letters is my MOST favorite part. And through this blog, I was able to know how socializing and talking with new people works. It's always a pleasure to know more about another blogger. So today I'm introducing two lovely bloggers who sponsored my blog this month. And ta-da! There's a cute group giveaway too, a treat for you guys from our little team! 

Hey there! My name is Kirstie and I blog on over at The Semler Life. I am a mamma to a 1 1/2 year old ,who is a total daddy's girl. I am a full time student aspiring to be an author and a primary school teacher, All while trying to figure out the ropes of being a military wife. My husband is currently on Deployment with the U.S. Navy. which has caused these last 3 years of marriage to be a whirlwind. Each year holding a new adventure. We currently don't have a permanent address, but our temporary one is residing in Sunny California while my hubby is gone. While I was raised on the West Coast the East coast holds my heart! I am a country, southern drawl, DIY, Baker, writer and family loving gal. I'd love for you to follow along on our journey!

I'm a graphic designer and amatuer photographer living in the Deep South with my husband and two dogs. I have a slight obsession with handlebar mustaches, the color green, German Shepherd dogs, and 1970s home decor. When I'm not sewing, I can most likely be found lounging in my backyard with a book in hand and trying desperately to find a red wine I enjoy.
The Happy Cactus Shop was born about 6 years ago when I was searching for my flash drive in the depths of my purse. After what seemed to be 30 minutes of frustrated digging (in reality it was only 3 minutes) and pulling everything out of my bag, I decided that mere pockets were not enough to organize my purse. I created The Perfect Pouch to store all my small necessary items in and would never have to dig again!

In the years since my shop was started, I have focused on created bags, purses, and accessories that are not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. I use my background in graphic design to make every item something that you would want to display.My inventory is constantly growing with new and different items showcasing both fabrics and my own designs.
The name "Happy Cactus" comes from the fact that, try as I might, my house is where plants go to die. Only the cacti are "happy" with my version of gardening. I am currently the proud caregiver to 9 different cacti (and they are all happy).

Twitter - @HappyCactusShop // Facebook - The Happy Cactus // Instagram - @ari_pepper
Etsy - the Happy Cactus Shop // Pinterest - Ari • The Happy Cactus //  Website - theHappyCactus

Ari is giving away 10$ to her shop.

I'm giving away these cute mid rings.
Note: This item will be directly ship to the winner through a third-party website.

Kirstie is giving away 25$ iTunes giftcard.
Note: This item will be directly ship to the winner through a third-party website.

Noor is giving away this lovely bracelet.
Note: This item will be directly ship to the winner through a third-party website.

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  1. Oh isn't that so lovely, thanks hun- am I allowed to enter as I am UK? xxx


  2. Those mid rings doe! So cute!
    Hoping this is an international giveaway. If not.. awks.

    I love your blog. I've actually been following for a while now, about time I awkward turtle'd my way into commenting.

    Much love. xx

  3. the blogvin link is dead :http://www.bloglovin.com//blog/6852983


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