28 November 2014

Is it cold or whaaaaaa?

The weather is confusing, cold, hot-in-the-day, dry, cheery-in-evening & my favorite or maybe not so favorite. Told ya it's confusing. Really confusing, I wake up wanting to wear a jacket with a cap and warm socks with hello kitty on them but the afternoon are so hot that I'd rather eat a whole bowl of ice cream and wear flip flops to pretend it's June. And evenings are as normal as there's no November almost December going on. And nights are again the I'm-the-coolest-kid. So basically, it's screwing my own emotions. Can't we please have a proper cold season? Like the perfect sweater season where I'm allowed to buy some new sweaters and beanies. I want to wear a sweater to college, come back home to snuggle into my blanket and enjoy being cold. Oh I need to mention that it's ALWAYS summer in Karachi. Maybe I'm saying too much but we only have November to January to have the perfect winter time. It never snows here so I never saw snowfall in real life and never built a snowman. Pity on me please.
I was ordering a beanie from eBay yesterday and people were like it's hot here why are you even buying this. As if the shop was delivering it in 3 hours, it's gonna take a whole wicked month to reach my doorstep. Because I'll never pay to upgrade my shipping service, free shipping is the best thing and your parcel is going to reach you anyway, just a little bit patience is required. No matter what anyone says, I've already ordered that beanie and an oversized sweater because it's December near (almost here, winner) and I love this month. No it's not my birthday in December, I'm an August kid, I just love this month for unknown reasons that I haven't figured out myself yet. Maybe the cold and the winds that make me feel like I'm a character of a novel or because it's the end of a glorious year that gave me a lot to remember or maybe nothing stated right here is true, I just love it anyway. Boo ya!
So if you're having a good cold time, I'm jealous. And if you have snowfall in your area, I'm mega jealous. But let's enjoy this weather and wonder where did this year go, I'm that terrible person who haven't got used to write 2014 in date section, usually ends up writing 2013. Maybe there'll be a quick progress in 2015.
What's your favorite season? Anyone winter lover?

23 November 2014

Someday I will

I will be tweeting stuff that would be meaningful. Because I have terrible tweeting skills.

I will be sitting in a red bus in London, drinking lemonade.

I will be visiting Tumblr website HQ and ask them HOW DO YOU GUYS CONTROL THIS SHIZZ?

I will own a big expensive camera (whose current price scares me to death. $500, excuse me)

I will meet Ian Bohen and let him know that his character in Teen Wolf motivated me to be sassy and more sarcastic.

I will be a bird and poop on people's head for no reason because that's what they do.

I will write a book and it'll be called Her Poetic Escape. I'm a poetess whatcha think.

I will be bicycling on a road with flowers on the front basket of my bicycle because that's what pretty girls do. 

I will be famous and I will wear red lipstick to an award show.

I will be baking a cake on my birthday because I never baked a cake for my birthday.

This is a post for: BloggersGroupHug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. 

What will be on your Someday-list?

19 November 2014

The rise of the fangirl

I'm that kind of person who takes fictional characters way too seriously. No matter if it's Snape from Harry Potter or Umar Jahangir from Amarbail, they're real for me and I'll be talking about them like I've known them for long or as they're some kinda family friends. That's who I am. So I made a new friend in college who's just like me (See:Bookworm and a writer) and we go on talking about our favorite books and characters. I've learned this great lesson in my life that if there's someone who can listen about your favorite books and your favorite characters without trying to shut you up, he/she is a keeper. Being a fangirl isn't an easy task, oh well.

There's one man in Harry Potter I HATED till the last part of the movie and then I fell in love with the character of Snape. It was the biggest shock that I EVER GOT from a character. Like he was shown all evil, the wicked man who killed lovely old man professor Dumbledore, the person who hated Harry Potter suddenly turned out to be the best man of the book! Snape won the game, in the end. If I watch that last part where Snape is dying 100x times, I'm going to cry 100x times.

Then there's Umar Jahangir, my MOST favorite character from my MOST favorite writer Umera Ahmed from her book Amarbail. In the start of the book, Umera Ahmed warned me that there are so characters in the book whom you would want to hate but you would not be able to do that. You'll eventually fall in love and maybe you'll regret that. I can't believe she was SO right about her words. Umar Jahangir is a bad bad bad person, he does all bad bad bad things but he's a good good good person too and a  little little little part of his heart is not dark. And that's why I love love love the way his character is. And when he dies in the last page of the book, I was like WHY YOU DID THAT TO ME MISS UMERA AHMED? 

And then comes another character by Umera Ahmed, Salar Sikander. Again, this character is bad. Or should I say psychotic in a wonderful way. He tries to kill himself many times just to experiment. Because his IQ level is 150 and he's curious about death and pain way too much. In short he's a bad person turns out to be a good person and I love this part. Umera Ahmed knows how to play with her readers emotions or sometimes screw them up.

Then comes Derek Hale from Teen Wolf. To be honest, it's not Tyler Hoechlin (the man who played Derek's character) whom is my favorite, it's the character Derek Hale. He's every villain's favorite in the show when it comes to beating, biting (because he's a werewolf, oh) and hitting or planning his murder. Every frigging villain likes to plan his murder. He's the most kind person yet with a hard mask of angry man on his face. Anyway, he kept me motivated to watch some of those boring episodes. The season 5 of Teen Wolf is due in 2015. HOW AM I GOING TO WAIT TILL 2015? 

And this sums up my whole fangirl-ness.

Who's your favorite fictional character. And why?

16 November 2014

Creating my wonderland

Listening to Katie Herzig's Lost & Found feels magical, so does writing poems and this blog. When I pick up a pen and a paper, things change around me. I have this idea that one day I might be able to write a book and get it published but the only trouble is I have no idea what I am going to put in that book, a few poems maybe or a story that could be so sensitive that you'll cry. Or something like that. I am terrible at life planning or goals or whatever that helps you finding your directions in coming life. I can't do anything about it, I was born this way (Hint: Lame)

These days I am concentrating on poetry, I've found out that I am pretty good at this. Rhyming words and I are becoming friends and I can do A Poem A Day challenge with myself and maybe do a little cheating by skipping a day or two too but gosh I am the judge so it's okay.

I have started a poetry project in college called ProjectHer. The basic idea is to pick up some girls, totally different from each other, find out their choices, life tales, likes/dislike, what they do and what they hate to do and mold it into a poem. A Poem A Girl. College is a big big world and every girl out there has a unique story and totally different life experiences. I thought turning it into a poetry project would be amazing. I have written one poem so far for this project and that's for a friend. Farin and I are good friends and she's actually the first friend that I made there so I started this project with her. She's a singer and her voice is amazing.

I have complete plans to start ProjectHer in blogland too, so watch out and I'd love to hear if you have any words or suggestions about this. That's how we roll in blogland.

Oh and I didn't mean to keep this a secret on blog but I have a Tumblr now, just for my poetry. Because this blog is for ME and my stories (idk but this sounds selfish) and I needed a separate space for my poems. So drums roll and here's it: Her Poetic Escape. The word escape in the last means much to me. It's because when the reality gets shitty, I always love an escape to another world (See: Tumblr) So I decided that escaping into an imaginary world is crazy, I should build my own world. My very OWN WONDERLAND. This is it, my words and poems are my wonderland. Escaping to my own poetic world is the best option sometimes, it's powerful. I have 11 followers so far, it's been 2 weeks only so I can say this is progress!

So, what do you guys think all of this? :)

13 November 2014

Blogging is wonderful // And a giveaway

Blogging is one of my greatest and most favorite adventures. When I started this blog, I had no idea people from different parts of the world would read me and I'll end up calling some of them my friends. And falling in love with blogging was never my plan but I did ;) Me and this blog had ups and downs but we survived, made it to 2 years and still growing. Isn't it wonderful?
Meeting new people and reading how they live their lives is amazing. I've found so many bloggers and writers that inspire me to blog and being in touch with them through emails and sometimes handwritten letters is my MOST favorite part. And through this blog, I was able to know how socializing and talking with new people works. It's always a pleasure to know more about another blogger. So today I'm introducing two lovely bloggers who sponsored my blog this month. And ta-da! There's a cute group giveaway too, a treat for you guys from our little team! 

Hey there! My name is Kirstie and I blog on over at The Semler Life. I am a mamma to a 1 1/2 year old ,who is a total daddy's girl. I am a full time student aspiring to be an author and a primary school teacher, All while trying to figure out the ropes of being a military wife. My husband is currently on Deployment with the U.S. Navy. which has caused these last 3 years of marriage to be a whirlwind. Each year holding a new adventure. We currently don't have a permanent address, but our temporary one is residing in Sunny California while my hubby is gone. While I was raised on the West Coast the East coast holds my heart! I am a country, southern drawl, DIY, Baker, writer and family loving gal. I'd love for you to follow along on our journey!

I'm a graphic designer and amatuer photographer living in the Deep South with my husband and two dogs. I have a slight obsession with handlebar mustaches, the color green, German Shepherd dogs, and 1970s home decor. When I'm not sewing, I can most likely be found lounging in my backyard with a book in hand and trying desperately to find a red wine I enjoy.
The Happy Cactus Shop was born about 6 years ago when I was searching for my flash drive in the depths of my purse. After what seemed to be 30 minutes of frustrated digging (in reality it was only 3 minutes) and pulling everything out of my bag, I decided that mere pockets were not enough to organize my purse. I created The Perfect Pouch to store all my small necessary items in and would never have to dig again!

In the years since my shop was started, I have focused on created bags, purses, and accessories that are not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. I use my background in graphic design to make every item something that you would want to display.My inventory is constantly growing with new and different items showcasing both fabrics and my own designs.
The name "Happy Cactus" comes from the fact that, try as I might, my house is where plants go to die. Only the cacti are "happy" with my version of gardening. I am currently the proud caregiver to 9 different cacti (and they are all happy).

Twitter - @HappyCactusShop // Facebook - The Happy Cactus // Instagram - @ari_pepper
Etsy - the Happy Cactus Shop // Pinterest - Ari • The Happy Cactus //  Website - theHappyCactus

Ari is giving away 10$ to her shop.

I'm giving away these cute mid rings.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

9 November 2014

Me and the Persian adventure

It's 9 November which means it's Iqbal day here in Pakistan. Allama Mohammad Iqbal aka Poet of the East is our national poet. He wrote poems both in Urdu and Persian. Now I should stop sounding like a teacher and get back to Areeba Da Blogger.
I've been reading him since I was a kid and his work is beyond wonderful. Like seriously, I was thinking how he thought all the concepts and stuff? I write poetry by myself and I keep telling myself that this man had something magical in his mind and soul. When I started college and took Persian as language, I knew I'd be coming across some of his poetry. And got ready for some Persian adventures because isn't it awesome to learn a new language and impress people around you who have no idea about it? #IAmSmart

Persian has been the best class for me. It's pretty much like Urdu but the accent is different. I just understand a few words of it but believe me I'm working on it and trying to improve my Persian accent (which pretty much sucks right now)

My first Persian adventure happened on 30 October when my college decided to celebrate Iqbal day a few days earlier. And I was chosen to read and translate a Persian poem by Iqbal. A Persian poem, on stage, in front of all the teachers and Chief guest and SO MANY STUDENTS! Me and my newly-found friend both were assigned for this little performance. And I was BEYOND EXCITED!

We practiced for like 3 days and my Persian's teacher was kind enough to bear my awful accent and helped me improve it. We did a great job preparing for it and when it was the day of performance, I felt like I was melting inside. All I was thinking was that there are going to be so many people and I actually have to climb a "real stage" and say stuff on a mic and face all those eyes looking at me and it's gonna be illegal to freak out on stage. People might throw eggs on me. Or hoot. Or make fun of me if I skip a line or make it worse. It'd be awful to forget what to say next and cry on stage. But fortunately, I didn't get the stage fright and I DID IT!

This is the front of our grand auditorium. Those curtains and big stage makes it look like a big deal to handle. We had those fairy lights, two dices and a cameraman. A PROFESSIONAL CAMERAMAN. The photos of all of us who performed will be coming out soon and I am gonna frame mine. My first ever official performance infront of real audience. I mean, real people staring at me and clapping for me in the end. Yes they didn't throw eggs.

Hi this is me on left.

Now there's a girl in my class who calls me Persian Girl. This is progress.

My college canteen makes the best french fries. And I had to include this picture because I can. And they look tasty.

So this is my first ever college adventure and I can see there are so many more coming. I am ready to take them all. It's all getting so excited and fun. I am glad my college doesn't suck as much as high school did. Good times.

Have you ever tried to learn a new language?


Guys! I am so happy to introduce Dazzled Mag on my blog today. It's a magazine by young girls and shares stuff like feminism, life experiences, books and entertainment. It's so fun reading it because all of the stuff is written by teenage girls and their words and experiences are relatable. You'll soon see a few of my poems and articles there, so why don't you just check it out? 

4 November 2014

Book Review: Beastly

I was away from doing my favorite thing, I mean reading books. Not those terrible ones that I've been reading and searching on in college everyday but those lovely books from my favorite writers. Because: 
(1 - I have college.
(2 - My reading list was done.

So I searched for some more reads to make my life as a reader better. So I came up with this book Beastly by Alex Flinn. I saw it a while ago when it was turned into a movie, I never saw that one. So I gave it a try and here I am doing an actual book review. 

Firstly, the book's name and the rose indicates it's related to Beauty And The Beast, yes that classical one. When you read it first, it tells that Alex researched on many versions of Beauty And The Beast to write this book. It's the modern world version of Beauty And The Beast. I was so excited to read this because Beauty And The Beast is one of my MOST favorite books and movies. I am a Disney kid at heart so this looked like a great choice.

The story is about a girl Linda aka Lindy who lives in New York city. Basically, the story is from her diary's pages that she wrote. She has a drug addicted father, no mother, sisters who live away and a terrible life. She studies at an expensive school on scholarship because her father used to teach here before he was an addict. She has no friends at all and she has the BIGGEST crush on the most handsome and rich boy of school, Kyle Kingsbury who's a very rich, popular, and a kind of a jerk who thinks he has it all.  She once saved him from his clingy fan-girls but they never spoke again until one night from school dance, Kyle gave her a rose because Kyle's girlfriend didn't want it. So Linda kept it. And he disappears after that dance night, nobody knows where he has gone. But the "Beast" is Kyle Kingsbury himself. When an ugly girl Kendra from his school shows up, Kyle asks her to the upcoming school dance with him just as a joke with the intention of shunning her in the end.  Little does Kyle know that Kendra is secretly a witch. So she curses him to live as the beast. But she gives him a magical mirror so he can see what is going on in the world outside because he can't go outside as a beast and continues to live like a normal person with everyone. Kyle's father is the first to know this and he thinks it's very odd and he pushes away his own son from him , set up an apartment for his son with a housekeeper named Magda, and a blind tutor named Will.  The only condition of breaking the curse is that Kyle needs to find a girl who loves him for the person he truly is and his beastly looks wouldn't matter to her and she needs to kiss him within two years, then he will be free and will be returned to normal.  Kendra only agrees to add two years in condition because at the dance Kyle did an unselfish act of giving a rose to the ticket taker, Lindy.  Lindy turns out to be the same Lindy that used to have a crush on him and she'll be our Belle from Beauty And The Beast. Kyle changes his name to Adrian because Kyle means "Handsome" and Adrian means "Dark."
The story basically starts when one day Lindy's father (who's a drug addict) tries to break into Adrian's house but Adrian catches him and threaten him to drop him into jail. So Lindy's father offers to have his daughter be a prisoner in his house instead of dropping him into jailand that's how Lindy comes to live with Adrian.  Lindy is so afraid and sad at first but slowly she begins to see Adrian's real self and ignores his beastly looks and they start falling in love.  But one day before telling him that she loves him, the magic mirror shows that Lindy's father is very sick. Lindy asks Adrian to let her go to see her father and he sacrifices of letting her go to her father. But she doesn't come back for some reasons and after a short while, he ends up rescuing her from a rapist (with the help of magic mirror).  But Adrian is injured and then Lindy confesses her love and kisses Adrian and he returns to his real handsome self again. And they live happily ever after.

My Thoughts
I like this book. But it's not what I was expecting. The starting was good, the middle was really good but the end was too fairytale-ish. And I was expecting something new than the real version of  Beauty And The Beast. But it's exactly the same story happening in New York. I was expecting some new twists or something new but it wasn't there. The basics, the same spell and nothing new so this disappointed me a lot. It breaks my heart when I expect something from a book but it turns out nothing special #JustBookWormsThings
But still it was a good light read, imagining this is how new-world's Belle would behave. So,

I'd rate it 3/5.

PS: I need to find some more books to read, need suggestions, help me out.

Have you read this book? Or what's your favorite book and why?

2 November 2014

I'm having a worse day than you

I am having a 4 days vacation time which I had no idea was coming. So, I am considering this as a nature's gift to me because I needed hours of sleep and extra time with my pillow and book, of course not the text books but other books. 
It's officially been 2 weeks that I started taking public transport for travelling and while the bus service is beyond spectacular (Hint: Sarcasm) I focus on things that are going worse in life and make a proper list in my head. So let's compare how things are happening for real:

My wifi doesn't work, your does
Last 3 days were the worst for me and my wifi's relationship. No matter what, it just didn't work. I called the Internet guys, refreshed it x100 times but no it didn't work. I don't think I need to make any special reference because just imaging your life without wifi connection is horrible itself.

My bus has the worst playlist ever, yours have better
If you're born in Karachi, raised here and know all the basics about this city's public transport service, it's a simple fact that most of the bus drivers have THE YUCKIEST playlist from late 80s or 90s. Though some of them have good & new songs but it's a rare case. So sometimes in a bus, I have to survive a disastrous playlist. And when a bus with good music passes by, I know the passengers there are having better time than me.

I have flu, you don't
ACHUUU! Being the only one person in family who's suffering a flu attack is sad. Nobody feels your pain. And everyone requests not to infect them with flu like I have a plan to do so when they're asleep I'd infect them on purpose. Silly logic, isn't it?

I don't have a good hair style, you do
There are so many fashionistas in college who know how to style their hair every morning and keep them in a pretty much good condition all day long while I am sitting in very class with this same messy bun everyday. But a part of me still believes that I look fabulous. Duh. But then a part of me wants a better hair look. Well, it's complicated.

I have nothing to watch, you're watching your favorite show
TEEN WOLF ENDED AND IT ENDED A PART OF ME! I completed Season 4 and honestly I have no idea what to do next. I've been watching all funny moments and best scenes of TW on Youtube this morning. I need to convince myself that it's time to move on and find a new series. Oh. SUGGEST ME SOMETHING PLISS!

That's all I have to rant about. How your bad day/week looks like? And how's your weekend guys? Also, I'm soon starting a poetry based Tumblr blog so send me THIS MUCH WISHES!!