23 October 2014

Good girl gone collegiate

It's finally started. I'm a collegiate and now I feel why people write all the articles that I found on web about "How to survive your first day of college" or "What do you need to know about college life", I think I should had paid a little much attention to them. Gaaaaaaah.

When I first entered my Psychology class and it started, I knew I was in my new favorite place. Me and Psychology are officially good friends even though I still don't get pretty much about it but good friendship requires time and space, right?
During the lecture, my teacher told us how Psychology works, methods and benefits. I told her that Psychology is a form of self-defense too. 

She: How can you say that?
Me: It can save you from psychopaths.
She: Have you ever met a psychopath in your life?
Me: Yeah, I'm surrounded by some.
She: Who they are?
Me: People from my relatives.
She: Relatives aren't psychopaths. A real psychopath doesn't have feelings, they can kill people without even realizing what exactly killing someone is.
Me: My relatives don't have feelings too. They can kill my good day.
*I am glad she didn't throw me out of window of canceled me from her class or throw me in another department. She's nice, I like her.

And I almost broke my nose today in basketball court. And oh almost broke my knee yesterday in the same basketball court. This is progress. FACT: Playing basketball HURTS A LOT

So my other progress includes making 2 friends. One of them was so nice to like my Facebook page and invited all of her Facebook friends to like my page: OH I LOVE HER A LOT FOR THAT. Look, this is how friends do, this is making me emotional, oh.

Another thing, I wrote this poem a while ago but I think it pretty much sums up my newly started college life. It's called "That's okay"

I always felt like I was a leaf,
That has fallen down a tree, 
A leaf that has no belongings, 
To any tree or root, it's just free,
From all the relations and feelings, 
Just a wanderer in the wind so wild, 
I'll go where the wind takes me,
I have no soul, I'm just a rind, 
But one day I saw that,
There are so many other leaves like me,
Wandering here and there for a home,
To belong somewhere, to live in glee, 
So I started to understand that,
We all are a little wee lost,
We all find our own way to survive, 
And live in a world we build on our own cost, 
We all are what we do,
And learn to be better and be a little cray,
It's true that we all are a little broken, 
But oh my love, that's okay. 
*For those who are having trouble loading the image

Do you remember your first day of college? Or are you a college student?


  1. Congratulations on surviving your first day! My first day of college consisted on talking to the people I just met next to me and buying expensive books from the bookstore that the profs requested. Not quite as interesting as people imagine.

  2. I can't believe I'm in Second Year already. It seems like just yesterday I joined college. My first day was rather uneventful. Nah scratch that actually. I skipped the first 3 days of college because... I don't remember quite what. Ah well. I remember when I was a part of our school's basketball team. Man, I had some rough first days. I always either have wounded knees/elbows or bloodied nose. And, our coach was a Hitler. Phew!
    Are you studying Psychology? More importantly, are you and Noor in the same college? :)

  3. YAY, Areeba!!! You are going to have such an awesome time!

  4. I love your poem you are so talented and glad you are enjoying college, psychology is great! xx


  5. Love your poem! I make poems too but I don't post it in my blog. haha..maybe I should. I love psychology as well. I find it so interesting. My fave subject when I was in college, but the teacher ruined that for me. -_-


  6. Congratulations we're in college now and world hasn't stopped yet right?

  7. Ahhhh...congrads girl! Im sure your teachers are gonna have fun with you😉

  8. Ahaha! I love your witty reply about your relatives! Good luck in school. My only advice is not to get the procrastination bug. Get what you can get done early so you can have more de-stress time ;)
    - Kelly Ann

  9. I had my first day of college 11 years ago (I'm ancient!!). I was (and still am) a school-lovin', book-reading, super nerd, so I was SO excited to get to my classes. I even figured out the quickest way to get to my classes the day before I had to attend them! The first day of college was also really awesome for another reason: I met my husband (though we didn't get married for another 6 years!)!

  10. College! It's so exciting... :) But it goes so fast. I'm already halfway done with college, and I can't believe it (and I am not a fan). Enjoy it!

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

  11. Congratulations on your first day! Aside from a few almost-injuries, it sounds like you had a great time!

  12. I love your sense of humor girl! :D All the best for the days ahead! ^_^ xx

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  13. College Life is a whole different life in itself. A time for crazy fun and finding yourself. I love your poems (I've been keeping up with you via Instagram too). Keep writing. And congrats on making it through your first day!

  14. Wooo! First day! Don't kill yourself on the basketball court, haha. And I love your poem! My favorite line has to be "there are so many other leaves like me" because it's so true! We often think that we're alone, but there have been so many people who have gone before us and experienced the same things that we are.


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