1 October 2014

Emojis are life saver

Karachi's weather is so good that I can't believe. Actually the weather of my life is doing good that's why things look better than fine to me. It's fall, I wrote so many good poems, I planed my coming life, I got 3 new followers on Instagram, we bought a cow for Eid and I'm a college student now. I GOT ADMISSION IN MY DREAM'S COLLEGE. Let me introduce the BAMM college for women, the best women college of Karachi and I'm happy as ANYTHING YOU NAME.
Today's blog post is supposed to be about my favorite thing, emojis. Those little emojis saved my life x1000 times in my previous life. I guess most of us relate to the situation where we're typing something really rude, feels guilty, adds an emoji and feels okay with it. So this is totally me, I don't want to insult you, I'll add an emoji. I don't want to sound rude, I'll add an emoji. It's sad how android DOES'NT have loads of emojis as IOS does. This word IOS reminds me how bad Apple is doing with their business. Who got an iPhone 6? Bending news is terrible. I am NOT seeing myself getting it because I'll happily spend my money on getting an iPhone 5s or wait for iPhone 7 to come out with a hope that it's nothing like iphone 6.

Back to the emojis, it started when Noor showed off her emoji keyboard to me beacuse all I have is an old Samsung galaxy and she has an ipod touch 5. I was SO jealous. It's not easy to live with Apple user when you're Team Samsung, life's hard. Anyway, Team Samsung is so cool too.

Two days earlier, I was talking to my friend on Facebook. Thanks Facebook for the shitty messenger to give me a reason to hate you more. We were talking, kept talking, it got a bit tense. Currently in Pakistan, all of us are arguing about politics. Whether to keep our current prime minister or it's time to get a new PM, aka we want Mr. Imran Khan to take. She and I were debating on this, this much hot topic and our opinions collided. I swear I didn't want to be rude. I messaged her something that could have been offending so I added a little "lol :P", ceasefire. Look, I used an emoji with a lol so this shows I'm not even mad at her. She can stay calm. This is supposed to be a funny/witty/friendly message and she shouldn't worry. We're not fighting. In the end, emoji saved a life. My life. I didn't lose a friend. Thanks internet. We don't have emojis in real life to make discussions easier.

Have emojis EVER saved you from losing a friend? I hope so.
BAAAYEEE (In Troye Sivan's voice)


  1. I think we don't have emojis in real life, but we do have our facial expression! And that is why I think emojis are important in texts, because if you take a "No." and add a smiley face, then all of the sudden it becomes polite instead of hateful!

  2. emojis are awesome. sometimes can't say what emojis can say.
    congrats on your admission to college! that's great news. i've been kinda mia in blogopshere, and i've missed coming to visit you here!

  3. I love emojis! My current fave are two pink hearts and a monkey covering his eyes! haha


  4. Haha I love you I do!! And it's so true emojis are the best- especially if you're in an argument just send one- all is well ;) xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

  5. Congrats on your admission to your dream school! I can't wait to read about your college adventures!
    Since switching to the Android, I MISS the Emojis! I downloaded Swift keyboard and their custom designer of the emojis are ugly and even more confusing, haha. I was super stoked to hear about the additional emojis until I ended up switching to the S4.

  6. I love emojis. It's a great way to gauge someone's emotions via text.

  7. HAHAHAH so true!!! Emojis truly are lifesavers. Also congrats on getting into your dream school! That's really exciting :]

  8. Haha this is awesome! Emojis are just about the only way to communicate what you are trying to say more effectively :)


  9. Emojis are definitely the best lol :)

  10. I feel you. I'm a Galaxy user myself and it sucks that we don't have those super cute pre-installed emojis. I downloaded this Emoji Keyboard from Google Apps. It works but only in Facebook comments. Not anywhere else. *sigh* I need an iPhone but I'm too broke. As far as emojis are concerned, oh they are lifesavers. Really. They've saved me from being eaten up alive so many times haha!

  11. haha, it's true I do wish my Samsung had more emojis - but Iman has a S4 and it has all of the emojis!!

  12. That's true! Without emojis, how would you distinguish if a person is angry, or sad, etc.! And congratulations for getting in to your dream school! Wow! :)

    Style Reader


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