14 October 2014

Areeba and the wolves

I once read that fandoms are treat yourself and I've been following this treatment religiously. Well yes this works. You have something to daydream about. A person who has no idea about your existence or a story that is totally fictional and according to your parents, totally opposite to real life or a character that changed your life. Deep, isn't it? Well I have a sad news but it makes me happy that I am SO OBSESSED WITH TEEN WOLF THAT IT HURTS NOW. I spent 2 night without sleep to complete season 2 and I am on season 3 now and it's ruining my life. Only a few episodes and I can feel my breath has already stopped more than a few times in a row. This era is called: Areeba And The Wolves. When the internet doesn't work and my episode is in middle, I can go out of my mind. This is dedication. Before the college starts (which is just about to start, like REALLY NEAR) and I totally give up having a moment for myself to sit down and breather properly and try not to complain about how worse life is as student, I want to complete this season 3. Because there's season 4 ahead and then NO TEEN WOLF TILL 2015. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO MY LIFE?
So far, I 've realized that I really don't like the Scott Mccall, who's in the lead role. Sorry not sorry. I LOVE his best friend's role more.

My favorite characters deserve a shout out. First comes the Stiles, the boy who's made of sarcasm.
Stiles is basically the best friend of Scott, the hero of the series. He's the son of the sheriff and a professional plan maker and eventually his sucky ideas work. Pretty much. He's not a werewolf but he's not afraid of werewolves or alphas. Nope not even a bit. But sometimes, he's exhausted after all the hard work he does for his friends.

Meanwhile, talking to Stiles.
Derek Hale. OH HALE YESS!!
He belongs to a werewolves family. I have NO idea why always this man gets all the wounds, pain, fights, sadness, harm and bad luck or you name it. Since the season 1, I'm waiting for his happy time. He gets a girl in season 3 and eventually she turns out to be the serial killer of the town. I mean, I feel so sorry for him. This poor soul needs a good time, pliss. I cried A LOT when they opened about Derek's story in season 3, his life has always been so tragic. He likes to punch/hit/threaten Stiles like his duty. He's the grumpy cat of the show but oh he's not a bad person at all.

THE BEST PERSON IN SCHOOL! I really want a coach like him. Never fails to give an answer that cracks me up and this man is brutally straightforward. He's that kind of teacher our schools need to have.

The girl whom I should be hating because she's mean of a kind but I still don't. The smart girl, she screams really good and people can consider this as her quality along with that she's a psychic medium and helped in finding all the dead bodies and in short she's my favorite.

Derek's uncle. He's the basic reason why Teen Wolf's story was started. Okay, he bit our series hero Scott and made him a werewolf. He's the person I SHOULD BE HATING but again no. He's the meanie guy, he loves himself and when I say love, I MEAN HE LOVES HIMSELF. According to him, he's so good looking,. He's commonly known as "the psycho" and even they burned him down n season 1, he comes back through Lydia. Gosh, I was happy to see him back. After all, he's one of my favorites. But he's that kind of uncle you'd never want to have. He can kill you. Meanie uncle.

Good thing is that I DO NOT like the main heroes Scott and Allison. I don''t know, I just don't. No even a bit. But it doesn't matter much. I love the story and I have no idea what I am going to do after season 4 is done. Seriously, it's terrifying. Wish me luck for completing this season peacefully and finish the 4th one even more peacefully.

And while watching this show, I wrote a poem. It's not based on the tv series but it's inspired by all the wolves thing. Let me know how's it? :)

So anyone else shares my obsession with this show? Or do you have a favorite tv series? 


  1. Ree oh ree! stop being so mad for this vampire thingy. Hoping to see you normal again. ;)
    P.S. this poem is a love. <3

  2. Love the poem and I totally know what you mean about shows ruining lives...please just free me from your spell! I've spent way too many nights not sleeping just for the sake of a show haha.

  3. I haven't sat down and watched one single episode of this show. I hear it's really good. If you like this (isn't it sort of spooky?) Try watching The Strain. Oh yes..... talk about spooooooooooooooky!

  4. WE ALL LOVE STILES! I don't know why you don't like Scott, he's great!

    The season four is amazing! We have the same thought of each character, but I love Lydia, I love her, I simply love her!

    I'm glad you see this show, it's incredible. But right now I'm with "Awkward", it is pretty hilarious, in case you're looking for another show ;) haha

    Sorry about my english, only spanish here. P.S. Your poem is life!

  5. Oh my god!! Teen Wolf!! I love this show, and i'm like mentaly crying while reading your post right now!
    I Completely understand your excitemen :)
    My favorite of them all is obviously Stiles, it's like if there's no Mr. Stilinski there's no Teen Wolf!! (I have to calm down)
    I didn't finish season 4, but I have to tell ya, it's the Bomb!

    Bye ;)

    ps: the poem was awesome.

  6. Don't kill for never seeing it...ok you can kill me ;) I am guessing I need to start watching! xx

  7. I get unhealthily obsessed with shows. Right now, I'm obsessed with Supernatural, Grimm, Scandal, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and so many others. I don't watch Teen Wolf, but the guy who plays Stiles was in The Maze Runner, and that movie was awesome!

  8. I've never heard of this show before but it looks epic!! Also that last quote is beautiful!! Being separated because he is the wolf and she is the moon - love it... wow <3

    I have to see it!!

    I just finished Walking Dead which was AMAZING and also The Hart OF Dixie which was a gorgeous little show starring Rachel Bilson xx


  9. I am on season 2 only and ask me HOW HARD is to hold back.

  10. See here's the thing. I have a love-hate relationship with Scott. I mean yeah yeah, he's cute. But he gets on my nerves at times. I LOVE STILES. I don't know what Teen Wolf would be without him. And I love Derek. Even if he's the bad guy of the series. :D


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