23 October 2014

Good girl gone collegiate

It's finally started. I'm a collegiate and now I feel why people write all the articles that I found on web about "How to survive your first day of college" or "What do you need to know about college life", I think I should had paid a little much attention to them. Gaaaaaaah.

When I first entered my Psychology class and it started, I knew I was in my new favorite place. Me and Psychology are officially good friends even though I still don't get pretty much about it but good friendship requires time and space, right?
During the lecture, my teacher told us how Psychology works, methods and benefits. I told her that Psychology is a form of self-defense too. 

She: How can you say that?
Me: It can save you from psychopaths.
She: Have you ever met a psychopath in your life?
Me: Yeah, I'm surrounded by some.
She: Who they are?
Me: People from my relatives.
She: Relatives aren't psychopaths. A real psychopath doesn't have feelings, they can kill people without even realizing what exactly killing someone is.
Me: My relatives don't have feelings too. They can kill my good day.
*I am glad she didn't throw me out of window of canceled me from her class or throw me in another department. She's nice, I like her.

And I almost broke my nose today in basketball court. And oh almost broke my knee yesterday in the same basketball court. This is progress. FACT: Playing basketball HURTS A LOT

So my other progress includes making 2 friends. One of them was so nice to like my Facebook page and invited all of her Facebook friends to like my page: OH I LOVE HER A LOT FOR THAT. Look, this is how friends do, this is making me emotional, oh.

Another thing, I wrote this poem a while ago but I think it pretty much sums up my newly started college life. It's called "That's okay"

I always felt like I was a leaf,
That has fallen down a tree, 
A leaf that has no belongings, 
To any tree or root, it's just free,
From all the relations and feelings, 
Just a wanderer in the wind so wild, 
I'll go where the wind takes me,
I have no soul, I'm just a rind, 
But one day I saw that,
There are so many other leaves like me,
Wandering here and there for a home,
To belong somewhere, to live in glee, 
So I started to understand that,
We all are a little wee lost,
We all find our own way to survive, 
And live in a world we build on our own cost, 
We all are what we do,
And learn to be better and be a little cray,
It's true that we all are a little broken, 
But oh my love, that's okay. 
*For those who are having trouble loading the image

Do you remember your first day of college? Or are you a college student?

19 October 2014

Advice With Areeba: The art of freaking out

Advice With Areeba was born a while ago when I was told that my advices which sound completely not-gonna-work stuff but they eventually end up helping people. SO ta-da! A new series for this little blog of mine. Maybe I could help a few troubled people out there. Let's get started.

Today, let's talk about this word "freaking out", I don't know why but this word scares me a lot because everytime I freak out, something really terrible happens and I end up being in the worst situation ever. This week, I was on a mission to get into college. When I went there, it was the last day of admissions and I was running out of time. A not so great thing is that I had to do everything on MY OWN. FACT: I had never submitted a little form by myself before, my parents did that for me. So I ended up losing weight from a lot of walking, going from office #1 to #2, then to #3 and then back to #1, my feet were getting sore, and I was experiencing the worst possible way of exploring the city. Maybe it wasn't my day or bad luck was winning all the time that I left an important file at home and the senior teachers humiliated me in their pure teachers way but hey that didn't feel really bad because I had heard that sound after about 6 months, it was refreshing. But I was exhausted, being a big girl is a big deal. My amma told me not to freak out, don't let your face tell others if there's something wrong with and some more stuff like that. So when I was out of admin's office, I sat down and took a deep breath. Did that twice. I believed that it's gonna work for me but surprisingly, it didn't. I couldn't believe that trying to relax myself didn't work because that's what all the guides and tips say: TAKE A DEEP BREATH. But no, actually sometimes it doesn't work. So I thought one thing, maybe it's totally fine.

Yes, it's totally fine that you're not always fine. That you look like a moron in front of your future senior college mates, your facial expression tell the horrible story you're going through, something really terrible is happening to you or you have already lost. And it was fine that I was properly freaked out because it's the last date of admission, it's Friday and I'm gonna lose my chance of getting into the college I've always dreamed of. College is about to be closed in 2 hours because it's half day and what have I done? Nothing remarkable, forgot to paste photographs on my form, didn't get the parents sign & forgot my file at home. What I tried all the time is to keep calm but sometimes, YOU JUST CAN'T KEEP CALM! So I freaked out again and ran for my life, went back to home, cried in front of my mother, told her to help me else I was gonna lose my mind, picked the file, went to college again, almost cried again in front of teachers who were helping me in this, submitted the admission form and bought a cold drink from my way back to home. Freaking out isn't that bad, look at me, I eventually made it.

So, tomorrow is Monday and I'm done with everything. Even I pressed my new college uniform yesterday because GOING TO COLLEGE IS AN EXCITING THING! I'll be travelling alone for the first time and seeing and exploring my city Karachi from a new point of view. I think I'm getting lucky. And did I ever tell you people that I can play basketball? Because I'm going to apply for the college team. It's going to be awesome, YAY!
And in celebration of college, my blog ads are 50% OFF FOR A WHOLE WEEK! Use "College2k14" to get a spot!!

What do you think about freaking out? Or any horrible college tale? Or even some tips will be appreciated to survive the college era!

14 October 2014

Areeba and the wolves

I once read that fandoms are treat yourself and I've been following this treatment religiously. Well yes this works. You have something to daydream about. A person who has no idea about your existence or a story that is totally fictional and according to your parents, totally opposite to real life or a character that changed your life. Deep, isn't it? Well I have a sad news but it makes me happy that I am SO OBSESSED WITH TEEN WOLF THAT IT HURTS NOW. I spent 2 night without sleep to complete season 2 and I am on season 3 now and it's ruining my life. Only a few episodes and I can feel my breath has already stopped more than a few times in a row. This era is called: Areeba And The Wolves. When the internet doesn't work and my episode is in middle, I can go out of my mind. This is dedication. Before the college starts (which is just about to start, like REALLY NEAR) and I totally give up having a moment for myself to sit down and breather properly and try not to complain about how worse life is as student, I want to complete this season 3. Because there's season 4 ahead and then NO TEEN WOLF TILL 2015. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO MY LIFE?
So far, I 've realized that I really don't like the Scott Mccall, who's in the lead role. Sorry not sorry. I LOVE his best friend's role more.

My favorite characters deserve a shout out. First comes the Stiles, the boy who's made of sarcasm.
Stiles is basically the best friend of Scott, the hero of the series. He's the son of the sheriff and a professional plan maker and eventually his sucky ideas work. Pretty much. He's not a werewolf but he's not afraid of werewolves or alphas. Nope not even a bit. But sometimes, he's exhausted after all the hard work he does for his friends.

Meanwhile, talking to Stiles.
Derek Hale. OH HALE YESS!!
He belongs to a werewolves family. I have NO idea why always this man gets all the wounds, pain, fights, sadness, harm and bad luck or you name it. Since the season 1, I'm waiting for his happy time. He gets a girl in season 3 and eventually she turns out to be the serial killer of the town. I mean, I feel so sorry for him. This poor soul needs a good time, pliss. I cried A LOT when they opened about Derek's story in season 3, his life has always been so tragic. He likes to punch/hit/threaten Stiles like his duty. He's the grumpy cat of the show but oh he's not a bad person at all.

THE BEST PERSON IN SCHOOL! I really want a coach like him. Never fails to give an answer that cracks me up and this man is brutally straightforward. He's that kind of teacher our schools need to have.

The girl whom I should be hating because she's mean of a kind but I still don't. The smart girl, she screams really good and people can consider this as her quality along with that she's a psychic medium and helped in finding all the dead bodies and in short she's my favorite.

Derek's uncle. He's the basic reason why Teen Wolf's story was started. Okay, he bit our series hero Scott and made him a werewolf. He's the person I SHOULD BE HATING but again no. He's the meanie guy, he loves himself and when I say love, I MEAN HE LOVES HIMSELF. According to him, he's so good looking,. He's commonly known as "the psycho" and even they burned him down n season 1, he comes back through Lydia. Gosh, I was happy to see him back. After all, he's one of my favorites. But he's that kind of uncle you'd never want to have. He can kill you. Meanie uncle.

Good thing is that I DO NOT like the main heroes Scott and Allison. I don''t know, I just don't. No even a bit. But it doesn't matter much. I love the story and I have no idea what I am going to do after season 4 is done. Seriously, it's terrifying. Wish me luck for completing this season peacefully and finish the 4th one even more peacefully.

And while watching this show, I wrote a poem. It's not based on the tv series but it's inspired by all the wolves thing. Let me know how's it? :)

So anyone else shares my obsession with this show? Or do you have a favorite tv series? 

12 October 2014

A happy yummy eid

We're donee with Bakra Eid now. For those who have absolutely no clue what is it, it's the second Eid of the Muslim year. It's basically the festival of sacrifice. We sacrifice a sheep or goat or a cow and share the meat with family, friends, neighbors and the poor. We Muslims feel that they have a duty to ensure that all other Muslims can enjoy a meaty meal during this holiday. Bakra Eid: The cost of scarifise.

It all started with finding a cow for us. There are some Bakra Mandis where people sell their animals for Eid. Bakra means Billy Goat in English. Believe me, instead of food, going there is the most fun part. You go there, you see lots of animals, you touch them and feed them some green leaves, skip the wild and bad tempered ones and come back home with your very own cow or a   bakra (Billy Goat) or cow or lamb. Anything you like.

 And finally, the Eid day. I'm honestly not fond of beef at all but Bakra Eid is an exception. We've had a lot of roast and other meat dishes that tasted SO TASTY. My amma cooks really well.
Thanks Natalie for the earrings and bracelet :D

And I was being appreciated for making the most fabulous faces for photographs all the time. I mean, I am getting bored of making the same smiley faces all the time. I need to photobomb some more people, take some cross-eyed selfies and have a good time while taking group photographs.

And that's how how most of our family group photos usually come out.
It was fun. So fun! The bar-b-q night, all the other food, unlimited access to cold drinks, a good time before college starts. Good news is that we just got an xbox 360 right before Eid and I'm learning everything about how to control the Kinect and not to be a noob at it. Andddddd I have a new obsession now called Teen Wolf. I mean, I can't stop watching it. I've completed 2 seasons in less than 2 weeks and I'm terrified that what's gonna happen to me when I'm done with season 4 because there's no new season till 2015. WHAT WILL I DO WITH MY LIFE. I need a whole post to write all about it, yes I do. 

Did you enjoy your Eid time, if you celebrated? Let me know ;)

1 October 2014

Emojis are life saver

Karachi's weather is so good that I can't believe. Actually the weather of my life is doing good that's why things look better than fine to me. It's fall, I wrote so many good poems, I planed my coming life, I got 3 new followers on Instagram, we bought a cow for Eid and I'm a college student now. I GOT ADMISSION IN MY DREAM'S COLLEGE. Let me introduce the BAMM college for women, the best women college of Karachi and I'm happy as ANYTHING YOU NAME.
Today's blog post is supposed to be about my favorite thing, emojis. Those little emojis saved my life x1000 times in my previous life. I guess most of us relate to the situation where we're typing something really rude, feels guilty, adds an emoji and feels okay with it. So this is totally me, I don't want to insult you, I'll add an emoji. I don't want to sound rude, I'll add an emoji. It's sad how android DOES'NT have loads of emojis as IOS does. This word IOS reminds me how bad Apple is doing with their business. Who got an iPhone 6? Bending news is terrible. I am NOT seeing myself getting it because I'll happily spend my money on getting an iPhone 5s or wait for iPhone 7 to come out with a hope that it's nothing like iphone 6.

Back to the emojis, it started when Noor showed off her emoji keyboard to me beacuse all I have is an old Samsung galaxy and she has an ipod touch 5. I was SO jealous. It's not easy to live with Apple user when you're Team Samsung, life's hard. Anyway, Team Samsung is so cool too.

Two days earlier, I was talking to my friend on Facebook. Thanks Facebook for the shitty messenger to give me a reason to hate you more. We were talking, kept talking, it got a bit tense. Currently in Pakistan, all of us are arguing about politics. Whether to keep our current prime minister or it's time to get a new PM, aka we want Mr. Imran Khan to take. She and I were debating on this, this much hot topic and our opinions collided. I swear I didn't want to be rude. I messaged her something that could have been offending so I added a little "lol :P", ceasefire. Look, I used an emoji with a lol so this shows I'm not even mad at her. She can stay calm. This is supposed to be a funny/witty/friendly message and she shouldn't worry. We're not fighting. In the end, emoji saved a life. My life. I didn't lose a friend. Thanks internet. We don't have emojis in real life to make discussions easier.

Have emojis EVER saved you from losing a friend? I hope so.
BAAAYEEE (In Troye Sivan's voice)