21 September 2014

Things anti-tea people are tired of hearing

Growing up in a family where tea is one of the biggest part of our lives has been a challenge for me. Mannn, I'm an anti-tea person while every other person I live with wants tea after every 3 hours. To be honest, 85% of Pakistan's population is tea-holic. Morning with tea, evening with tea, night with tea, life with tea LIFE WITH TEA. And the most cruel thing, MY FOLKS MAKE ME BREW TEA FOR THEM. Teen rights, where can I seek for help? JK.

It's a bit embarrassing when I visit my relatives and they're like WHAT YOUR DAUGHTER DOESN'T DRINK TEA? to my amma. Some of them are kind enough to bring a soft drink for me. I like them. 

So I've been collecting their words to publish. 

Why don't you like tea?
I don't know how to answer this because I'd never ask someone why you don't like to drink something. 

How do you survive?
I survive because oxygen is free to inhale.

You'll never know how wonderful this tastes. 

You must go through a lot of depression.
NO! I'm fine. I'd like to drink some lemonade when I'm pissed. 

So, do you like coffee?
NO NO NO! If I don't like tea doesn't make me a coffee-holic.

Are you worried about your skin color?
It's a myth. People it's just a myth. Drinking  tea doesn't make anyone any darker and I'm happy with my skin color. I just don't like tea and it's that simple.

You should start drinking tea.

And I pretended that I'm BuzzFeed today. So, are you a tea-holic or someone like me?

BAYEEEE (In Troye Sivan's voice)


  1. Sarcasm! Let me Just ask another question, What you found bad in tea? It's such a mind refreshing thing.

    1. That's like asking someone why they don't like seafood. -.-

    2. Exactly! The right question is always like "Why do you like tea?"

    3. PS: Tbh I just don't like tea. I guess that gif says it all!

  2. So glad I found someone else that doesn't like tea! It just doesn't taste good to me at all!

  3. I guess I am 1/2 anti-tea. I only like green tea... I seriously think tea is overrated though.

    cathy / helllo, cathy

  4. I don't like hot tea but do love cold tea and some people just cannot handle that fact.

  5. There's only two teas I like: Green tea and Japanese Green Tea (they make it different and it taste sooooo good). Aside from sushi, I'd drink tea every once in a blue moon. My family loves drinking tea and always comments on how "I don't know how to drink tea"... like, lady, all you do is put the tea bag or leaves and pour into a cup, LOL.

  6. HAHA you are frickin hilarious but I am spookily drinking herbal tea right now, my partner actually hates any hot drinks at all! do you like hot chocolate? ;) xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  7. My sister and mother are trying to throw me a tea party themed bridal shower. I despise tea. I'm not sure why they don't understand that!

  8. Oh gosh if I had known tea makes you darker then I would have started drinking tea long ago! Maybe that's how my boyfriend stays so black. I actually didn't even like hot tea very much until my freshman year of college when my director had tea for us every night because our rehearsals were so late. And aside from that, I didn't drink it much again until this summer when I would visit my boyfriend and his family and we would drink tea in the evenings as well. they would get caffeinated dark African tea, and I would request decaf so I wouldn't stay up all night. They also were surprised that I didn't put any sugar in my tea. I myself prefer coffee, and that will be my go-to. But in the evening, I will drink decaf coffee or some hot green tea because I feel like it's lighter on my stomach. I understand you for not liking tea, though. It's not for everyone! And no one should judge you for that.

  9. Hahaha I'm addicted to tea and do this to my roommate all the time!

  10. Thank.You!!! I do not like tea. Hot tea, sweet tea, unsweet tea, nighttime tea, no no no! I get the strangest looks when someone offers me tea and I say no thanks, I don't like tea. Usually a "WHAAAAAAAAAAATT" comes out of someone's mouth!

  11. I don't really get why we're all judgmental about this kind of thing. I really enjoy sweet tea and that's it. I don't like hot tea. I don't drink coffee either. I think we need to just accept everyone's differences.

  12. haha! Those gifs are funny! I'm not a tea person too maybe because I only tasted green tea and it's bitter? I prefer coffee.

  13. Tea isn't really big here. Coffee is. I never used to drink coffee but now I have started.. I don't NEED a cup of coffee like most people do in a day, but I'll have one.

  14. I think it's because you just got used to it. It's like the way my mom hates eating shrimp and fish because she grow up eating these two. And now, she doesn't like them anymore which is weird for me because I love shrimps. Shrimp is expensive in our local place and every time we have them, it feels like a feast for me but not for my mom.

    I actually prefer tea than coffee. I hoard flavors and drink them at least twice a day.

  15. Soo, do you like tea? Haha I don't like tea either. It just taste so bad.

  16. bahahah, I love this because Noor is OBSESSED WITH TEA. #teadrinkersunite. Also, I miss you two

  17. Ahahaahha! I know how this feels, only I drink tea in the mornings but very rarely at any other time in the day. In my house, 'do you want tea?' Is code for 'make me tea!'
    F x

  18. Loool awwww you have one of the cutest blogs out there!

  19. I LOVE TEA OKAYY and you should too

  20. I'm sorry but I don't like tea. I love iced teas (not water, teabag, and ice), some milk teas, teacups and teapots but not teas. Thank you very much! Haha! :)

    Style Reader

  21. I can totally relate with this! I don't like tea as well! Ugh. Haha


  22. I'm sort of super-tea. I can safely say I've said most of those to people in my life at some point.



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