22 August 2014

My top photo fails from wedding week

Finally, the wedding week is over. All wedding stuff is over. I'm too tired. My mehndi (aka henna) has started to fade. I was thinking of doing a typical traditional post where I'd talk about the random stuff again and again and tell you guys what I did and what I wore. Same boring stuff, phew, right? But I have something speical for you guys. I'm not going to post what random crap I did, the stuff that I usually do at every wedding. As it was last wedding from my maternal family, and my uncle got married on Pakistan's independence day and my aunt on my birthday, here's a special post of how my photos went wrong at the moment. Basically, me and Noor were the host after a few family members. We had to ask, check & greet guests and didn't have much tie to stand still and pose. So the photo results were pretty terrible.

The grand entrance of my uncle Harzi on mehndi:

THOSE EFFING ARMPITS! Applauds to my attempts to censor them. Nobody told me about this ugliness.

The grand entrance of my aunt hibo.

Here comes a picture with aunt Hibo. I wish I knew how terrible my hair were looking or the smile was way TOO bright.

An attempt to selfie of the year
I mean, there could be all of us, smiling at my camera and we could make it to the best selfie of the year if only we tried hard. But in the reality, it was me, taking a selfie with flash on.

Another selfie attempt
It's only me who can bear flashlight for a selfie but not everyone. Like this man I call my uncle, can't bear flashlights and end up looking like this:

An attempt to enter a group photo:

Making a cousiny-love group photo
It's a sure thing we (these two and I) don't much appreciate each other's company because a 14 years older cousin is usually a not-so-good friend.
Her expressions.
I better cut off myself.

Somebody caught my real-time expessions
Specially when there was a kid cousin behind my back trying to photobomb us.

I wore Pakistan's flag badge and nobody appreciated it.
That's a sad one, right. And now I drew a weird looking arrow so I can get attention.

An attempt to a classy pose
I forgot my mag tikka is a wanderer.

I can be a famous meme

Behind-the-scene last moments selfie
Because the photographers had come inside the bride room and we were notified to GET OUTTA THERE.

My birthday gift: A ghost picture with my bestie
*That's her hair, trying to be funny.

Kicked out again
The professional photographers with expensive cameras told me to get out of the group photo (this happened again) So I posed this after I was kicked out. Stay happy no matter what! #nohate

An attempt to look good with same hair
Noor got an appointment with the beautician while I was at home, brushing my hair. That's the result. Everybody kept asking me if I forgot my hairband at home and needed to braid them. Sigh, cruel world.

The only picture with the bride
The last day of wedding week, I only got 58 seconds with my aunt who's officially a mrs now. That's what came out. A SELFIE! And look at my hair, I look good in tied hair and a tight hair bun.

Instead of all these photos, there were a few that I LOVE. They're not a fail. They're my favorite.

Baaaye (In Troye Sivan's voice)


  1. your last pic is really very good... u r looking so cute in it.

  2. wow!! your pics are amazing! and that looks you had fun <333


  3. Do you know how much you make my week? Seriously I love your blog, you just make me laugh sooooo much, I wish i could meet you sometime xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

  4. What a great collection of terrible photos Miss Areeba :'D

  5. I LOVE THIS PICTURES. The funny ones (sorry Areeba) made me laugh like a maniac and the good ones are really good, you girls had so much fun, I haven't had a wedding in our family in like five years :(. LOl

  6. I so love your gold dress!! Very pretty!!

  7. swooning over all your outfits, stunning!!

  8. You sure know how to party it up !! One week for one wedding!!

  9. OhMyGod. This is so good. No offense but the troll face was really close haha. I think you make a cute troll face. And your cousins are soo adorable. Aww. :)

  10. The colors and clothes are GORGEOUS!! And the jewelry! Also I literally loled at the you being a meme hahahhaa.


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