6 August 2014

If you're upset

There are moments in our lives where we're upset. Like REALLY upset! All you wanna do is to throw a pillow on your face and make scenes in your head that make you upset even more. Or remember the saddest moments of your life. Or listen to the songs that make you sad. And this stuff happens in real life, at least to me. Or I should say I used to do all these things. Everything looks ugly when you're upset. I've had those moments. Look at me, I'm a teenager and at the point when you're almost 17, every problem looks extreme and you think you can't get away from it. But the truth is, you do. Never let your upset side take over your future bright side!

Just 3 weeks ago, my result came out. I was over my grandmothers house for a feast. Everyone was there, my babajaan's (dad) relatives and his cousins. I checked my result online and it was 80%+. That meant it was A+. I was so happy, literally dancing everywhere. Everyone congratulated me. I got hugs, wishes, cheer ups, I was queen of the moment. But I've had an idea that there's something in my mind that's annoying me, I went home and checked my examination card to see if the result is REALLY 80%+. And then it came up that it wasn't my own result. Yeah I didn't get 80%+. I got 75%. I had put the wrong roll no and my result was just 75%. I was stoned. I couldn't go back and face everyone. It was so scary. I told Noor to go back to grandmother's house without me because I am not going to face them, at least right now. I need some space to accept what have I said VS what I really got. I was thinking that my family folks are going to laugh out loud about that. GAAHH! It was upsetting and embarrassing. Maybe not everyone reading this would feel how horrible this was, but it was horrible. All I was thinking that I shouldn't have told everyone about it,  getting more than 80% is a big deal! But Noor told me to GO & FACE! Well this GO & FACE sounds pretty motivating!

So yes, I went back. Met my grandfather downstairs and I told him that what have I done. When he heard my tale, he was laughing. I was thinking that it's not right time to laugh at me, he should be giving advice to me. He said that 75% is still a good grade, I got an A and I should be grateful that I am not failed. *He had the point.

So in short, I went upstairs (I took him with me, you never know when you need your grandparents around) I told everyone what was my actual result. I was expecting everyone to laugh or pity but hey! They didn't say anything like that. All of them cheered me up that getting an A is a great thing. My aunt told me that she got 62% and still didn't care about that. This taught me a lesson: Getting alone and leaving everything when you're upset in NOT the answer. Thinking bad things and making things worse is NOT the answer.

The answer is: Don't be upset anymore. 

Do the things that you love or the things that make you feel better. I paint and draw when I need to get over somethings. Or eat things you like. After that evening at grandmother's house, I ate a lot and slept on the couch while talking to my folks. Yes on the couch, in the middle of living room, with people around.

I spray my favorite body spray all over when I am upset, it works! Good scents help you feel better about the disasters you make. Or I read a joke, or a good book, or check out my favorite Youtuber or or or STALK YOUR FAVORITE CRUSH PERSON!

I won't say talk to someone. Because that's not my own option. I have a bad habit of stop talking to people when I am upset. I know it's not good.But bad habits are hard to leave. But if you're good at sharing problems, talk to someone too. Or call a funny friend, because funny people best people!

Tell me how you get away from upset situations? Or does pizza and lemonade help you to be less upset?


  1. congrats on your result! and its true, you should be alone when you are upset! when i am sad i call my boyfriend or eat an insane amount of chocolate. thanks for sharing this story

  2. You should be proud of those results still, but it is so hard to have to tell people you didn't do as good on something as you thought. It's like you think you're going to let them down, but you never do.

  3. This post is great, really helped me a lot, lately I tried to get away from the "bad vibe" is very stressful and I'm not like that. Your advice is very useful, thank you for posting.

  4. I so needed this! Super congrads on your score!:) You should be super happy! And, i do the same thing! When im upset, i dont talkk to anybody! Again, bad habbit! But as for me "and my stressful situation," i either blare my favorite tunes on my phone or blog! Because you always cheer me up! Awesome post!

  5. I definitely like to write or paint whenever I'm upset. Also cuddling my dogs. That always helps me feel better. Oh, and going on Netflix binges! I love watching girly movies or getting really into a TV show.

  6. Oh girl I am so sorry your results got mixed up BUT you did amazingly, so much better than I do in exams. I get a lot of depression about things that have happened in my life, but we just gotta get through it, life is too short xxx

  7. Don't be upset, tomorrow is a brand new day!

  8. Aw , I just thought you still had a brilliant result girllll!

  9. I usually listen to music and just jam out. Or I vent on blog or vent to friends who will listen and give positive feed back. Or I pray. Usually one or all of those work.


  10. I love to just sit... and sometimes shop to feel better :)

  11. Aww.. family and friends have a really great way of making things all better. I'm glad you did the right thing and turned to them!

  12. I remember last year when I heared that I hadn't passed my senior year. I thought that I would've been in absolute tears and bawling my eyes out. But instead I quite quickly accepted it and didn't feel bad. My parents helped me through that as well :) so family is always a good place to turn to when you're upset.

    Well done on your results by the way!
    xo xo

  13. So true what you said...it doesn't do anything to sit alone and keep reminding yourself of negative things because you'll only make yourself more and more sad. It's so much better to release that energy into something positive! And anyway your grade wasn't bad so don't worry dear ;]

  14. Your words, I can see some inspiration, motivation and inducement here. :)

  15. Oh no - don't be upset. There is so much to be positive about. I really like your blog and thanks for your really great comment on my blog :) Also I'm going to Pakistan in January I've never been before so I'm really looking forward to it :)


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