17 July 2014

Let's talk favorites

Last night, I've had a sucky Internet time. The Internet connection guys had told us that they're giving us the best connection of town & of course without any doubt THEY LIED! While cursing them, I played FreeCell till 2 am to celebrate no Internet connection. Remember Freecell? That old school card playing game from 90's by Microsoft. I used to fight with other just to let me play those card games on computer years ago. Gosh, I feel old. I'm pretty motivated to post because Internet is running with a beautiful speed now. And Helene is having a link up. And I have taken good photographs to show. And and and and it goes on.

Psst, we're talking favorites here.

Favorite mom-purchases-for-Areeba-ever:
Let's get honest here, my amma (mom) and I have different choices. I don't like much what she buys me as "surprise and unexpected" item and she does the same for my purchases (hmm I rarely buy her anything, oh well!) so it's pretty equal. Last month I was randomly painting some papers and she suddenly appeared into room along my aunt, they both wanted me to close my eyes like people do when they want to show something special. So Areeba The Excited Girl closed her eyes and there was a DREAMCATCHER! FYI dreamcatchers aren't usual in Pakistan and I was desperate to have one for month, still too broke to buy online. I was jumping with my amma and aunt because they were equally happy to find it, buy it and watching me happy like a 5 years old. Here's the beauty, my very own lovely dream catcher!

Favorite Selfie of the month:
After ranting pretty much about how I cannot take good selfies, this selfie came out. I'm proud to say that I TOOK THIS I TOOK THIS! So this is me, looking like an old black and white tv character, probably thinking something very sad in her mind. Can you believe this come out when I was trying to capture a perfect duck face? Believe on accidental creations.

Favorite photograph of the collection:
Because selfies and photographs are different items, or not? Please. Anyways, here comes a photograph I found while cleaning my laptop's gallery. I took this back in December 2013 with my 3 years old (who's fabulous 4 now) in a random wedding. Look at the henna and little ring and bangles and cuteness of photograph. I LOVE THIS!

Favorite song by favorite boy:
Aha! Let's talk like a crazy fangirl who likes a Youtuber. And we can go like favorite song by favorite crush with favorite eyes: Troy Sivan & his TFIOS song. Things depend. His song for The Fault In Our Stars is on my playlist and I've put it on repeat. I even remember all the lyrics. Whenever I listen to it, I can imagine Augustus carrying Hazel, running. And I pant. Woah, feelings! So this is the most favorite song at the moment.

Favorite page from Art journal:
Look at the creativity by this chic. This page is basically a story of a girl. This story depends on the person who's looking this page. What comes into your mind first when you look at this and wonder about her. It could be anything. Anyway, it's my favorite piece so that's why it's here!
Err, that's all from my favorite list. What's your favorite mum-purchses-you-ever, selfie, photograph, song, moment, food and whatever you have as favorite this month? 

Helene in Between


  1. My mom and I also have trouble finding gifts for each other, because we like such different things! But sometimes she hits a home run - one was this giant, fuzzy blanket with fake leopard fur. My boyfriend hates it and thinks it's gaudy, but it is super soft, and warm, and has the magical power to put you to sleep no matter where you are. The naps I've had in that blanket!

  2. I've been loving all the posts with this link up! Loved your favorites :-D

  3. My mum always believes we have a similar taste so whenever she goes on vacation, she'll get me clothes "that suits" me but ends up making me look like a 20 years old wearing a 40 years old woman's clothes.

  4. Dudee.. That is a freaking amazing selfie. I can so see something similar being part of some photoshoot, if you edited it a little. Damn girl! The dream catcher is so cute :)

  5. You are so pretty and creative hun, and I love dreamcatchers they are my fav xxx

  6. I love the selfie and the favourite photo! Great list!


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