11 July 2014

If you're a duck, I'm still not a duck.

You don't need to thank me for ruining Notebook's famous dialog this way but I'm seriously pissed at reading the news of Ryan-so-damn-charming-Gosling about to be a dad. A DAD. I mean, seriously? Let's get sad together because it's Eva Mendes who got lucky and the rest is getting sadder with us. Actually this title wasn't supposed to get sad on Ryan Gosling's future baby's news, it was actually written for two twin sisters who were having an argument. Claps, you got it right. It's me and Noor.

Today we were sitting on our bed (Parents got us a double bed instead of two singles, that make me hate Noor more. If I was the only kid, I could have gotten a single bed like kids do on Tumblr, embellished with fairy lights *heart broken) and Noori told me her problems. I wish we talked like normal sisters but it's her who always start with her never-going-to-be-a-banker life without her dream retard-guy Dev Patel. When she was completed with her sad life stories, in the end, her words were like, "I wish I was a duck"
Wait, what? Please? Eh? Duck? WHATAREYOUTALKINGBOUT? 
And I found this perfect gif #tbm (Thanks, Helene)

Me: But ducks are unbearable.
Noor: I still wish I was a duck.
Me: You don't know how to swim.
Noor: Ducks know how to swim.
Me: Imagine my nieces and nephews coming out of eggs. 
Noor: Ree, I'm a duck.
Me: I disown you.
Noor: I'm a duck.
Me: If you're a duck, I'm still not a duck.
Noor: Bye.

Look, imagine your sister talking about stuff like this and you're still living with her in a room on a shared bed and you still love her. That's crazy, stupid (Wait, am I again giving a Ryan Gosling reference?) yet magical. Sisters are sisters. Weird, annoying, terrible, horrible and still your best friend. Look at me, I've been living with a girl for my whole life who looks totally like me, have a voice like me, wears my cloths and I can do nothing about it. But it's fun, blessing whatever you name it.
For girls who have sisters, listen, we may have fight (war, to be exact) and arguments all the time, we may not talk for days, we may have different ages, we may have other best friends but in the end, we're sisters. SISTERS. We can cry in front of them, we can share the oh-so-dirty-secrets because  it's safe. It's always. I'm getting emotional and I need to stop. 

 This wasn't supposed to be a tribute to Noor but I really ended up writing this. And I can't believe I'm going to post it. But don't tell her I wrote it here because I don't like when she knows. Psst, sisters stuff! 

While you're staying, listen to all my favorite songs this week. I can't get enough of Troy Sivan's voice, isn't he a magical creature? Or I'm just being a typical teenager fangirling over a cute Youtuber? Judge me.
The Fault in Our Stars by Troye Sivan on Grooveshark

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  1. Aww , sisters will always be sisters. There's nothing we can't figure out , still we fight and argue over stuff. Thank you for this post Areeba.
    PS: I STILL want to be a duck.

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  3. LOL. Noor wants to be a duck, so Areeba must grants it bwahaha
    Sister is a just sister. Nomatter she or he is lol
    I can't imagine how if Noor is a duck lol :D

    Labina | Dear Labina Design.

  4. well dang Noor wishes she was a duck LOL

  5. I personally think Dev Patel is really cute hehe :) For the longest time I wished I was an eagle, so I could just fly. I don't know why; it's just that I've always had dreams about flying, like literally flapping my wings and flying. Oh wells..

  6. aww this is sweet! And I agree Ryan should be with Rachel :(

  7. How Sweet! but I didn't expect this from noor. I called her beauty already. Hey noor, I think you have to move on, grow up, leave this duck behind otherwise your selfie game gonna influence with it. ;)

    1. Oh don't worry Sadaf , I won't be a duck , haha! I promise I won't even make duckface in selfies,

  8. Im just wondering why a duck? There are so many better birds out there lol

  9. You are just as hilarious as ever, I have missed you. I wish I had a sister siblings are great xxx


  10. That picture of you guys is SO cute!!
    Natalie | allthingsnataliechrista.blogspot.com

  11. I have a twin sister to and I know exactly how you feel, but at the end of the day you can't help loving them still. Dang it….

  12. Awww how cute! I definitely agree that we always have our siblings' backs! Also, you should link your playlist up with Monday Melodies tomorrow!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  13. Awww.. you lil' sap. I love this. Sisters are so forever.. and no matter what happens in a fight or argument it's easy to wash it away moments later. My sister and I are 5 and a half years apart. She lives ACROSS CANADA now.. sniff sniff. But, we're still just as close as we were the last moment we saw one another.
    You two are so cute.. sharing the same bed still. I mean, you've been sharing space since forever. My aunt is a twin and her sister and their husbands always lived next door to each other. They took their fences down and had a huge backyard. Talk about ideal.

  14. This is so so sweet, dear. I love siblings :]


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