25 July 2014

Heart breaking moments for Bloggers

I've been thinking of writing this post for a while because every Blogger has a her/his own heart breaking moment and it HURTS inside, somewhere in the middle of heart where the blogging part is alive. And when I say it hurts, it actually does.

No good emails found
My morning rituals include checking emails before going to brush. And in that case, if I'm unable to find a good email, MY DAY IS RUINED. I keep telling myself that I am a bad blogger and nobody likes to email me. Nobody loves me. Nobody. NO EFFING BUDDY! Good emails are a must. If they're not in your email box, you feel bad. You really do. Good emails are like a letter from another blogger, a blogger notification, a new ad, a new opportunity, a secret admirer of your blog & maybe a reply from your favorite blogger. If they're not in our email boxes, I swear we feel bad!

There are 0 Twitter notification
"Well, this hurts the most. Zero notification? Like seriously? I tweeted the most awesome tweet 2 minutes ago and nobody favorited it. Are you guys serious? I'm don with you all."
But obviously you're not.
When I tweet something good, I keep an eye on my tablet to catch a new notification from Twitter. You never know how happy a blogger can be when there are 20+ notification at once. C'mon, it's time to celebrate!

Blog design is screwed up
NO JUST NO. Let's not think about the Blogger's nightmares. I mean, a messed up blog design is simply a nightmare and the only difference is that your HTML is really screwed up! This literally gives me shivers when I think about old times where I accidentally ruined my whole new design and it took me 5 hours to remade it. You can imagine the terror. Oh terror.

A long written comment is VANISHED
I'm a good commenter sometimes, I don't spam people with nice post comments or follow for follow because it's against the laws of Blogland. But it breaks my heart when I write a really long comment and it suddenly it goes away. Blogger, why you do this to us? Then I usually give up and leave. Sighs.

A bad comment
Nice post comments, asking for follow comments, asking to check a blog comments, "Nice outfit " comments on a painting post comments, random-companies-spamming-you comments, your-class-fellows-spamming-your-blog-with-anonymous-profile comments, a rude person leaving hate you in comments.

Or no comment at all
This hurts the most and breaks my heart into million pieces. When a zero-comments-moment show up, I'm like: "It was my fault. I didn't write it as good as I use to write. It's all my fault. I suck! Now my readers hate me!" And this s the reality.

Somebody unfollowed
The headline goes like: NO WHY WHAT PLEASE I LOVED YOU! Last week, I lost 5 followers on twitter. 5 FOLLOWERS LOST. You can imagine that was a really heart breaking moment. When someone follows, it feels like I am doing a good job. But when someone unfollows, I know what to do. Complain this to everyone you meet in next few hours and be sad for a while. Easy peazy!

Somebody steals your content
This is horrible. There are a few copy cats that are rude enough to use your photographs without your permission and put their OWN watermarks on them. This is the worst thing that can happen to a Blogger. For me, blogging is about being original and have your unique voice and stuff. When I read that someone stole something from my favorite blogger, I feel so bad. Because this is simply wrong.

Nobody reads my blog
Low pageviews & low analytics. This is my BIGGEST HEART BREAKING MOMENT. Let's stop this talk here because I literally cannot even.
I can't even.
I am unable to even..
I have lost my ability to even.
I am so unable to even.

What are your heart breaking moments when it comes to blogging? Share them here and we might get a book published!

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  1. My blog design had a major meltdown last week and I just about lost it! That would definitely be at the top of my heartbreaking list :(

  2. OMG I couldn't agree with these more! It's so true! I was just about to write a post about mean spirited commenters, and content stealers

  3. HAHA oh hun I completely agree- I get some people who read my posts and it's like 'nice shirt' or something it's like I AM WEARING A FRIKIN DRESS AND THIS POST IS ABOUT SHOES. Or the hey check out my comp or hey I'm following you but I am not really.follow me back people. I only had problems with HTML when I had Tumblr but everytime it messed up I just sat and cried hahaha. I LOVE YOU xx

  4. This is hilarious! Points are all spot on!

  5. Lo behold. I can relate to all of it. Low page views and zero comments. Man.

  6. Yes. I can't even when I get unfollowed, low/no comments or no good emails. It totally demotivates me.

  7. Yes yes and yes! I can totally relate!:) to all of this! Excellent post! Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way!

  8. OMG! Did you read my mind? totally relate.

  9. Love this and it's very true. I recently and for a while have felt this way. So I totally see where you're coming from. Don't let it get you down or quit blogging.

  10. hahah this is so funny. I agree about long comments vanishing though. Thats the worst and then I get paranoid that Ill re-write it and the original and the re-written version will show up. Yup I think too much!

  11. Oh wow, I can relate to a few of these. The Twitter one, yeah I hate it when no one notices my writing awesomeness confined to 150 characters. Blog layouts, man I HATE that. I am horrible with HTML too. I currently have a square advert thing that isn't centred and pops up annoyingly after each post, breaking the overall flow. I have no idea how to fix it since it doesn't show up in blogger and well HTML I have no idea how to find it so I left it there :o(


  12. Hahahaha! 100% true! But but but you're an awesome blogger!

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