13 July 2014

A Pakistani Outfit

I have received so many emails about blogging more about Pakistani culture because of all the colours, and tasty food and decoration and all the bling-bling. I'm proudly presenting an outfit post which I'm sure you're gonna enjoy. All I had was a few pieces to show off (Eid is near, I will get to buy loads of new shizzz) So drums roll, tan tannnn tanna!

Shirt (Call it Kurta, err): Gul Ahmed
Shoes: Sputnik
Accessories: Collected from random people at home

All of these pieces are my favorites. Or I should say it's my favorite-pieces-in-closet-outfit. Let's read, the thing that might have catched your eyes first is this red stole. It's called Chunri (Chun-reeeee) It's one of my favorite clothing item from Pakistani dressing. LOOK AT THOSE BRIGHT COLORS! I never mind wearing it while going fancy. It's just something I really love. Then the shirt, it's basically a Kurta. A long loose shirt that is really comfortable. If you live in Pakistan, Gul Ahmed Fashion is a must. It's one of my MOST favorite clothing brand. Get ready for more Gul Ahmed outfit posts in future (But Areeba, firstly complete this one, oops)  

The necklace was taken/stolen/ from my Amma Jaan's (mom) jewellery box because sharing is caring and I like how much I look good wearing this. Tell me it's true. Anyway, I thought it pretty matched my outfit so I wore it. It's a random piece from a random shop bought years ago when I was a kid and always wanted to wear it. 

And these sandals, bought from Sputnik. If you're in Karachi, you should go and see the store. they've pretty good collection. 

Did you just say, "Wait a minute, but Areeba doesn't do fashion blogging!" Okay yes, it's been ages that I did any ootd post but hey, isn't it fun? Getting ready, bribing your sibling to take your photographs, pose as you can be the Top model and blog about it. I feel like I am good at it. Pretty much. 

EEK! Did you like it? :)


  1. I love your outfit! Everything from your accessories to the bright colours!! I actually got a sari because my friends knows about how much I love Indian cultures, but sadly enough, I don't get to wear it much :(

  2. I am in love with those sandals! With Noor to take the photos you should definitely continue the OOTD posts

  3. Yas, Areeba work that outfit. P.S. Those sandals are super cute.

  4. Areebaa! Oh my god yes this is perfect! I wish I had someone to take some outfit pictures of mine. My brother is just not willing!

  5. Lovely outfit and pictures!
    You look really great in these traditional clothes!

  6. You look great!! In love with the entire outfit!

  7. I love learning about Pakistani culture. It's so interesting to me because I almost literally know nothing about it. Any little bit of knowledge you've shared with me, I've shared in a conversation because I find it all so interesting. Anyways, I liked this post. The outfit is cute. I'd love for you to dress me up in a Pakastani Outfit. Never worn one, but it would be so fun.

  8. Hi Areeba,
    Yes, I love it. You look beautiful in this outfit...it's gorgeous! I especially love those sandals!

    Your blog friend,
    @ A Place for Pictures and Memories

  9. So cute! Yes, making outfit posts is fun even if it's only once in a blue moon. I do that too.

  10. absolutely love your cute sandals! xx


  11. Ooo Ree! White with Red, its so perfect. I adore Churnee too! You're looking cute in it! :)

  12. Such a lovely outfit! Love the bag! :)

    Fatima :)

  13. I LOVE the colors and the outfit in general. Plus you're totally gorgeous and I am obsessed with your hair.


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