25 July 2014

Heart breaking moments for Bloggers

I've been thinking of writing this post for a while because every Blogger has a her/his own heart breaking moment and it HURTS inside, somewhere in the middle of heart where the blogging part is alive. And when I say it hurts, it actually does.

No good emails found
My morning rituals include checking emails before going to brush. And in that case, if I'm unable to find a good email, MY DAY IS RUINED. I keep telling myself that I am a bad blogger and nobody likes to email me. Nobody loves me. Nobody. NO EFFING BUDDY! Good emails are a must. If they're not in your email box, you feel bad. You really do. Good emails are like a letter from another blogger, a blogger notification, a new ad, a new opportunity, a secret admirer of your blog & maybe a reply from your favorite blogger. If they're not in our email boxes, I swear we feel bad!

There are 0 Twitter notification
"Well, this hurts the most. Zero notification? Like seriously? I tweeted the most awesome tweet 2 minutes ago and nobody favorited it. Are you guys serious? I'm don with you all."
But obviously you're not.
When I tweet something good, I keep an eye on my tablet to catch a new notification from Twitter. You never know how happy a blogger can be when there are 20+ notification at once. C'mon, it's time to celebrate!

Blog design is screwed up
NO JUST NO. Let's not think about the Blogger's nightmares. I mean, a messed up blog design is simply a nightmare and the only difference is that your HTML is really screwed up! This literally gives me shivers when I think about old times where I accidentally ruined my whole new design and it took me 5 hours to remade it. You can imagine the terror. Oh terror.

A long written comment is VANISHED
I'm a good commenter sometimes, I don't spam people with nice post comments or follow for follow because it's against the laws of Blogland. But it breaks my heart when I write a really long comment and it suddenly it goes away. Blogger, why you do this to us? Then I usually give up and leave. Sighs.

A bad comment
Nice post comments, asking for follow comments, asking to check a blog comments, "Nice outfit " comments on a painting post comments, random-companies-spamming-you comments, your-class-fellows-spamming-your-blog-with-anonymous-profile comments, a rude person leaving hate you in comments.

Or no comment at all
This hurts the most and breaks my heart into million pieces. When a zero-comments-moment show up, I'm like: "It was my fault. I didn't write it as good as I use to write. It's all my fault. I suck! Now my readers hate me!" And this s the reality.

Somebody unfollowed
The headline goes like: NO WHY WHAT PLEASE I LOVED YOU! Last week, I lost 5 followers on twitter. 5 FOLLOWERS LOST. You can imagine that was a really heart breaking moment. When someone follows, it feels like I am doing a good job. But when someone unfollows, I know what to do. Complain this to everyone you meet in next few hours and be sad for a while. Easy peazy!

Somebody steals your content
This is horrible. There are a few copy cats that are rude enough to use your photographs without your permission and put their OWN watermarks on them. This is the worst thing that can happen to a Blogger. For me, blogging is about being original and have your unique voice and stuff. When I read that someone stole something from my favorite blogger, I feel so bad. Because this is simply wrong.

Nobody reads my blog
Low pageviews & low analytics. This is my BIGGEST HEART BREAKING MOMENT. Let's stop this talk here because I literally cannot even.
I can't even.
I am unable to even..
I have lost my ability to even.
I am so unable to even.

What are your heart breaking moments when it comes to blogging? Share them here and we might get a book published!

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22 July 2014

What to do on a rainy day

Mr. Bad weather is cheating on me. It's been three days that we're having pleasant windy days with dark clouds and still no drop of rain. Isn't it rude, mother nature? If you don't know, I'm a big fan of rainy seasons. I've been making so many plans in my mind for rainy season, maybe one day I'll wake up and rain would be out there to surprise me! I mean, a girl can dream.

Go OUT to enjoy the rain
Yes, please. And smile or laugh loudly. Go out and feel the rain. Maybe that's the best thing you and I can do on the rainy day. Since when I was a kid, my funny wish was to stand under the rain with an open umbrella. Just to do how stuff works in tv commercials, old days stuff. My granny's house is 50 seconds away from ours, so when it'll rain, we'll go to her house and reach the rooftop because it's an ideal place for rain suckers like us.

A playlist
Some people have workout playlist, sad-day list, let's make a rainy day playlist because you can never ignore the music. Play a song you love or a song with memories. Play a new song to fall in love with. She will be loved by Maroon 5 is a MUST for my rainy day's playlist. I've already made my playlist for upcoming rainy season (that doesn't seem to appear yet) but keep the hopes high.

Read a book
Or a magazine. Or re read the book you love most. Mine are The House By The Shore & Looking For Alaska (another John Green treat) Isn't rain the perfect occasion for book readers? Feel and absorb the words and fall in love with writer. Have fun reading.

Pick a good drink
Brew coffee and take sips in your favorite mug. Or make some tea. Or squeeze some lemons to make lemonade. My drinking priorities have lemonade on top. Oh and I think hot chocolate isn't a bad idea too.

Take shots
Because I'm a blogger and I like to capture things.
 This one is my favorite but it's completely blurry. Still, a beautiful view.

I love when rain drops hit the ground and make this view. Isn't it simply beautiful?

Day dream
We all have that time in a day where all we want to do is to throw a pillow on our faces and day dream. So rain is a perfect time for that kinda day dreaming. Throw your favorite pillow on your face and have a time for yourself. Psst, I have this pillow on my bed and I'm seriously in love with this little cute piece.

Paint or create
When it rains, I feel so calm. Maybe others feel the same too. It's the best time to paint something or create a thing or color a page or write a thought. Burst out your creativity.

That's all what's inside my mind atm. I can't wait for monsoon to come and meet and greet with me. Because I effing love rain. What are your ideas for a rainy day? Hot chocolate or lemonade?

17 July 2014

Let's talk favorites

Last night, I've had a sucky Internet time. The Internet connection guys had told us that they're giving us the best connection of town & of course without any doubt THEY LIED! While cursing them, I played FreeCell till 2 am to celebrate no Internet connection. Remember Freecell? That old school card playing game from 90's by Microsoft. I used to fight with other just to let me play those card games on computer years ago. Gosh, I feel old. I'm pretty motivated to post because Internet is running with a beautiful speed now. And Helene is having a link up. And I have taken good photographs to show. And and and and it goes on.

Psst, we're talking favorites here.

Favorite mom-purchases-for-Areeba-ever:
Let's get honest here, my amma (mom) and I have different choices. I don't like much what she buys me as "surprise and unexpected" item and she does the same for my purchases (hmm I rarely buy her anything, oh well!) so it's pretty equal. Last month I was randomly painting some papers and she suddenly appeared into room along my aunt, they both wanted me to close my eyes like people do when they want to show something special. So Areeba The Excited Girl closed her eyes and there was a DREAMCATCHER! FYI dreamcatchers aren't usual in Pakistan and I was desperate to have one for month, still too broke to buy online. I was jumping with my amma and aunt because they were equally happy to find it, buy it and watching me happy like a 5 years old. Here's the beauty, my very own lovely dream catcher!

Favorite Selfie of the month:
After ranting pretty much about how I cannot take good selfies, this selfie came out. I'm proud to say that I TOOK THIS I TOOK THIS! So this is me, looking like an old black and white tv character, probably thinking something very sad in her mind. Can you believe this come out when I was trying to capture a perfect duck face? Believe on accidental creations.

Favorite photograph of the collection:
Because selfies and photographs are different items, or not? Please. Anyways, here comes a photograph I found while cleaning my laptop's gallery. I took this back in December 2013 with my 3 years old (who's fabulous 4 now) in a random wedding. Look at the henna and little ring and bangles and cuteness of photograph. I LOVE THIS!

Favorite song by favorite boy:
Aha! Let's talk like a crazy fangirl who likes a Youtuber. And we can go like favorite song by favorite crush with favorite eyes: Troy Sivan & his TFIOS song. Things depend. His song for The Fault In Our Stars is on my playlist and I've put it on repeat. I even remember all the lyrics. Whenever I listen to it, I can imagine Augustus carrying Hazel, running. And I pant. Woah, feelings! So this is the most favorite song at the moment.

Favorite page from Art journal:
Look at the creativity by this chic. This page is basically a story of a girl. This story depends on the person who's looking this page. What comes into your mind first when you look at this and wonder about her. It could be anything. Anyway, it's my favorite piece so that's why it's here!
Err, that's all from my favorite list. What's your favorite mum-purchses-you-ever, selfie, photograph, song, moment, food and whatever you have as favorite this month? 

Helene in Between

13 July 2014

A Pakistani Outfit

I have received so many emails about blogging more about Pakistani culture because of all the colours, and tasty food and decoration and all the bling-bling. I'm proudly presenting an outfit post which I'm sure you're gonna enjoy. All I had was a few pieces to show off (Eid is near, I will get to buy loads of new shizzz) So drums roll, tan tannnn tanna!

Shirt (Call it Kurta, err): Gul Ahmed
Shoes: Sputnik
Accessories: Collected from random people at home

All of these pieces are my favorites. Or I should say it's my favorite-pieces-in-closet-outfit. Let's read, the thing that might have catched your eyes first is this red stole. It's called Chunri (Chun-reeeee) It's one of my favorite clothing item from Pakistani dressing. LOOK AT THOSE BRIGHT COLORS! I never mind wearing it while going fancy. It's just something I really love. Then the shirt, it's basically a Kurta. A long loose shirt that is really comfortable. If you live in Pakistan, Gul Ahmed Fashion is a must. It's one of my MOST favorite clothing brand. Get ready for more Gul Ahmed outfit posts in future (But Areeba, firstly complete this one, oops)  

The necklace was taken/stolen/ from my Amma Jaan's (mom) jewellery box because sharing is caring and I like how much I look good wearing this. Tell me it's true. Anyway, I thought it pretty matched my outfit so I wore it. It's a random piece from a random shop bought years ago when I was a kid and always wanted to wear it. 

And these sandals, bought from Sputnik. If you're in Karachi, you should go and see the store. they've pretty good collection. 

Did you just say, "Wait a minute, but Areeba doesn't do fashion blogging!" Okay yes, it's been ages that I did any ootd post but hey, isn't it fun? Getting ready, bribing your sibling to take your photographs, pose as you can be the Top model and blog about it. I feel like I am good at it. Pretty much. 

EEK! Did you like it? :)

11 July 2014

If you're a duck, I'm still not a duck.

You don't need to thank me for ruining Notebook's famous dialog this way but I'm seriously pissed at reading the news of Ryan-so-damn-charming-Gosling about to be a dad. A DAD. I mean, seriously? Let's get sad together because it's Eva Mendes who got lucky and the rest is getting sadder with us. Actually this title wasn't supposed to get sad on Ryan Gosling's future baby's news, it was actually written for two twin sisters who were having an argument. Claps, you got it right. It's me and Noor.

Today we were sitting on our bed (Parents got us a double bed instead of two singles, that make me hate Noor more. If I was the only kid, I could have gotten a single bed like kids do on Tumblr, embellished with fairy lights *heart broken) and Noori told me her problems. I wish we talked like normal sisters but it's her who always start with her never-going-to-be-a-banker life without her dream retard-guy Dev Patel. When she was completed with her sad life stories, in the end, her words were like, "I wish I was a duck"
Wait, what? Please? Eh? Duck? WHATAREYOUTALKINGBOUT? 
And I found this perfect gif #tbm (Thanks, Helene)

Me: But ducks are unbearable.
Noor: I still wish I was a duck.
Me: You don't know how to swim.
Noor: Ducks know how to swim.
Me: Imagine my nieces and nephews coming out of eggs. 
Noor: Ree, I'm a duck.
Me: I disown you.
Noor: I'm a duck.
Me: If you're a duck, I'm still not a duck.
Noor: Bye.

Look, imagine your sister talking about stuff like this and you're still living with her in a room on a shared bed and you still love her. That's crazy, stupid (Wait, am I again giving a Ryan Gosling reference?) yet magical. Sisters are sisters. Weird, annoying, terrible, horrible and still your best friend. Look at me, I've been living with a girl for my whole life who looks totally like me, have a voice like me, wears my cloths and I can do nothing about it. But it's fun, blessing whatever you name it.
For girls who have sisters, listen, we may have fight (war, to be exact) and arguments all the time, we may not talk for days, we may have different ages, we may have other best friends but in the end, we're sisters. SISTERS. We can cry in front of them, we can share the oh-so-dirty-secrets because  it's safe. It's always. I'm getting emotional and I need to stop. 

 This wasn't supposed to be a tribute to Noor but I really ended up writing this. And I can't believe I'm going to post it. But don't tell her I wrote it here because I don't like when she knows. Psst, sisters stuff! 

While you're staying, listen to all my favorite songs this week. I can't get enough of Troy Sivan's voice, isn't he a magical creature? Or I'm just being a typical teenager fangirling over a cute Youtuber? Judge me.
The Fault in Our Stars by Troye Sivan on Grooveshark

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4 July 2014

I'm lost & found

March 2014, I completed my high school. It was our last day when I was thinking that today will be heavily clouded, raining with storm because that's how some of high schools and colleges end in tv and the class fellows and friends say bye in rain. How dramatic but this doesn't happen in real life. I guess it was pretty sunny day on our last day when girls of our class had planned a party. The truth about us, we girls were never united, teachers didn't like us much because we thought we were too awesome to listen to them and behave exactly like they wanted. Even on last day, there were only two teachers who came just to warn us for NOT making the silly noises that were our speciality. Girls were having an argument over food. Menu actually. But food finally came and we ate, sitting separately in our special categorized groups. When I sipped my Pepsi, it wasn't cold. It was YUKH WARM! It made Pepsi looking ugly to me. When food was done, we took out camera and took selfies. That kind of selfies that we knew aren't worth uploading on any social media. And started throwing powder paints (they were a kinda masterpiece in my paints collection) everywhere. The end of last day. Everybody was saying good-bye (s) while telling her plans for college life, majors & subjects & aims & plans. I was sitting in middle of them without ANY plan. No ideas, no thoughts about my upcoming THE GREAT UNKNOWN self (Thanks Rookie for the word) I came back. Last day meant LAST DAY, no-more-school, soon-to-be-a-big-kid-in-the-city.

Noor is going for accounting, she thinks she'll be a great banker of our times (yeah if only she can put up with Maths beast) That random girl from our class is going to take medical as major in college, I believe her biology skills. That another random girl from my class has aimed to be some kinda army officer, she's a brave brat! And I am not here, on this list of "girls making the plans." Where am I? Katie Herzig's song Lost & Found is my favorite. I kept listening to it, lost and found. I felt lost.

I was planning to take engineering as major in college. Fine, right? Actually not that fine. I'm not into engineering, it's out of my business. I thought of going there because kids who are good at studies, always take higher marks go there. Then people like them, be proud of them. But I reminded myself I don't like reading about machines. I like Arts, paints, colors, creativity, using my brain to make things pretty and people happy. But a thing alarmed, a logic, "Dumb people take Arts. Think Areeba, you're too smart to take Arts." That's what my cousin said to me, "Aren't you so smart?" pointing towards Arts as majors. I felt lost again. 

A few days ago, I was completely sure that I'm going for engineering, even that I don't like machines. I knew that my notes will get doodled. My artwork place will still be MY PLACE. My blog will lose attention. But hey, people will like me for my degrees and marks in subjects I DON'T LIKE. It went fine. 
But Noor, oh Noor said that Ree please don't. And a new friend (who has a really pretty blog) named Maham and I talked, about the things we LOVE passionately. She doesn't know how our few emails changed something inside me. And I think that's what my aunt Mesh told me so, Areeba don't towards the machines that you don't like. Go for Arts. And on the 1st June, I talked to my parents "the final talk" on what I EXACTLY want. I'm their kid, they know me well about my should-have (s) & shouldn't-have (s). And it worked. IT WORKED GUYS! I'm going to take Arts as major in college, I finally have an aim, an aim of studying Communication design in an Arts school. I'll be doing what I LOVE! I'm finally at the point where I can relax and make plans like other girls do, while listening to Katie Herzig & The Fault in Our Stars song by Troy Sivan. Because I'm finally found by my passion.

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