20 June 2014

Reasons why you should be friend with me!

While using one the most (and the most deadly, in a way) website named Ask.fm, I received a question that what are the perks of being my friend? This gave me a thought: Really? Why you should be my friend? Like seriously why? If Miley Cyrus had asked this question from herself, her answers would be pretty much better than me. She's famous super famous, she can twerk sing and that tongue. But what about Areeba the Siddique? I'm on my must-find-out mode and I thought to share this on a blog that I own to let people know what's inside my head. Perks of blogging!

I can draw ugly cartoons of people you hate
Back in high school, I drew each and everyone Noori hated. I wish I could find those notebooks where my masterpieces are hidden. Be my friend and we can imagine how ugly your haters can get! High five!

I don't take texting seriously
Good things is that you'll never receive that 3am-overly-attached-bestfriend text. And I always expect people to text me first. High hops, huh. And I'm heartless while texting to a really attached betch friend, knowing my don't worries wouldn't work. A few hours ago, my bestfriend Fay texted me that he's in a trouble. A really huge trouble. I wish I had good texting-back qualities.

He: *Telling me that he's in a huge trouble*

Me: I wonder how you're still alive? How come your sister didn't kill you? 

He: .. Well, I'm still waiting for his text to come and I'm not that mad to publish what his message says. He would've disgraced Ree the Siddique, I know him well.

I'd never open your secrets
Because I have a terrible memory. Or I can say that I'm loyal type. The past achievement is that I once forgot my friend's crush name. Well, that's just past. But I always keep a reminder of my friend's birthday on my tablet that means I'm not going to forgot the big day you're going to blow your candles. But your secrets are safe here, inside.

My mum cooks well
Really well that you'll want to eat more. This "Eat More" option is only for friends. This makes my mum's cooking a blessing to me.  I can bribe people with it to be my friends. And we Pakistanis are big food lovers so it really works for me!

I can take ugly pictures with you
I'm never bothered by my looks in pictures. Noori takes 500 pictures a day while I'm 1 selfie per month. So being my friend makes you free to take ugly/weird/awkward/horrible (I swear this is an option) pictures with me. And you're even allowed to post them on Instagram, I don't mind losing one follower or two just . because . of . you.

I have a blog
You can be published on my blog! We can bitch about people you don't like. Bloggers are awesome, I'm telling you! You'd be lucky to have a blogger freind. Right, fellows?

Basically, this might help me to gain a friend or few in college. People will know these perks. And in the end, I feel awesome offering this much. Tee-Hee!

PS: There's a Blogger Snail Mail program coming soon! Stay attentive and cheers!


  1. All good reasons! Esp drawing ugly pics!!! I need people that that in my life!!

  2. Hahaha, I love this! Hurray for finding someone else that enjoys drawing ugly pictures!

  3. Haha definitely all good reasons to befriend you! I've got a few people you could draw pictures of ;) jk! But I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want to be your friend! Especially after reading this!

  4. We can just be best friends! haha! We can take ugly selfies together and draw ugly drawings. LOL.

  5. Im good in drawing ugly pictures too! Hahaha. Lets take ugly pictures together! :)

  6. YO for ugly selfies. I guess we're at the highest point of it.

  7. Haha love the ugly drawings! I think we could get along pretty well! :)

  8. UGLY PICTURES. Yes this is the exact quality I need in a friend, I LOVE taking hideous ugly pictures haha.


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