23 June 2014

Nobody will rishta you

Since I'm almost 17, there are some common things I have to hear. They're as like:
Leave internet, focus on college plans.
What are you going to choose as a career?
Look at yourself, you're a grown up now!
Do you have a boyfriend? NO? Don't lie.
Do you know how to cook?
Make gol rotis or nobody will rishta you!

Thermomix Roti
Rotis are Pakistani flat breads. They're round shaped. It's one of the most important part of a Pakistani's food life. And rishta is a word used for marriage proposal in Urdu/Hindi language. So the thing is, if a Pakistani girl can't make perfect round rotis, nobody will send his rishta to her. Well, this is a national joke. 
My great granny got married at 17, my granny at 17, my mum at 17, my aunt at 25 and she's the tradition breaker so I'll be. I'm near 17 and I can't make any kinda roti. Not round, not oval, not even burnt roti. Not my fault, it's the fault in my cooking star! 

Make good tea or nobody will rishta you!
Well this is serious. I told you that we Pakistanis take food so seriously! And tea is a special case. I don't drink tea (Such a non-Pakistani fact in me) but I wonder if my family has tea in their veins instead of blood. So if you can't make good tea, nobody will marry you. Poor you!

Be a doctor 
If you're a doctor here in Pakistan, you're so popular in rishta purpose. Be a doctor and people will rishta you. Take arts and nobody will rishta you. Such sad fact, I think I'll take art. Wow, nobody will rishta me. Poor Areeba.

Get higher marks
All these facts above are for us girls. But don't worry, guys aren't much in profit. If guys don't get good marks, parents here are like, "If you can't get good marks, you won't get a good job. No girl will marry you, nobody will rishta you."

Yes, all these things said above are real. The creepy old aunts will keep reminding you how to get rishta or how you won't get rishta. This is fun, to be honest. I'm almost 17, can't make perfect round rotis and will be an Arts student. Watch me getting married!


  1. I love the design of your blog! Wow 17! I feel so old when I got married now ha!

  2. Haha this was a great post! I loved that you shared a part of Pakistani culture. I love learning about other peoples' backgrounds! Filipinos are the same way with loving food and getting a good career in the medical field!

  3. I love reading post where people share their background and lives and all with others and I enjoy learning about others cultures. What's rishta? And this would actually piss me off b/c if I had to have my parents or anyone set me up for an arranged marriage I'd be mad. Isn't that what you have to do? What if you're not ready at age 17 to be marriage? What if you don't want to get married just yet? What if you dont want to be a doctor? It's your life isn't it?


  4. Hey Areeba, I am a regular reader and I just ♥ your blog and Noor's too.:)
    It's a nice post and in India also things are just the same;) But they just don't stop at - Round Rotis and Perfect cup of Tea - they just flatly tell you to *Cook* nicely or No One will Merry You.:) No doubt Food is The Most Important part of Our lives.:)

  5. Love this! I faced the same questions growing up! What sucks is that they never go away as you get older...I'm now married and have a seven month old and the constant question I get is, "when are you having the next one?!!!" HAHA. Never ends!

  6. This is great! I have the same issues - sometimes my roti has ears! Ahaha great post,

  7. Love your style of writing the reality. It make me almost about to laugh but truth to be told I just dont want to laugh that badly in front of colleagues. Great Post! :)

  8. Hahaha you're so hilarious girl. Pakistanis are way too interfering. I don't even plan to get married- BOMB DROPS.
    Your blog always makes me happy ^^

  9. Hahaha you're so hilarious! This is why I missed you. That food/tea looks great too.


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