30 June 2014

For those who can't take good selfies

I'm one of those people who can't take good selfie. Not even a single one. Whenever I look helplessly at Noor, the girl whom I call the selfie queen of my house, I find no inspiration. The truth is you can't get inspired for selfies.

This selfie type is when we who-can't-take-good-selfie-peeps find no work. Then we strike this smile and OH SNAP! This selfie type is the only reason my tablet's memory keep crashing. I had some friends from 2010 Facebook profile who used to post 10 same type of selfies at a time. Some people are really creep. I used to be one. Shame game!

Somewhere in 2015, duckface will be added in Oxford dictionary as the word of the year. Did I ever tell you that I suck at duckface? Pout? An innocent 12 years old can pout better than me, so bad Areeba so bad! My aunt told me that I'm hopeless duckfaced young girl. I look more funny than cute. Heart breaks, tears shed. Can anyone pass some tips for a better duckface? Pliss?

Loose hair strands, the side face pose, big eyes and black & white filter selfie. One more attempt to take a almost-too-classy selfie. I support black and white selfies, makes me look much better. Or look at your black and white selfies, you'll realize you really looked better. YES WE LOOK BETTER! 

In the end, the reality must be exposed. That's how I actually take selfies. That's why Noor give up on my selfie skills. Whenever I ask for any tip for selfie, she gives me a dirty look and walk away. Walk away from my emotions. You shouldn't check my personal photographs folder, they're filled with my very beautiful selfies. But I like people taking ugly and funny and horrible selfies, makes me comfortable with them. 

This post is the STORY OF MY SELFIE LIFE! Truth be told, I'm happy with my terrible selfie experiences. What's your selfie story?

PS: Sorry, I look horrible.


  1. This gave me a chuckle! Your adorable <3

  2. I can't either but that's the fun and glory in it.


  3. Bahaha I just giggled out loud. You are too stinkin' adorable! I suck at selfies too - it takes me about 100+ shots to get the right one!

  4. These are lovely!!
    I suck at selfies!

  5. I think you take GREAT selfies chica!

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    xx Nika

    Nika's Beauty Land

  7. Hahha, you're adorable! I take multiple selfies before I instagram the best looking one. I need to work on my selfie game.

  8. So finally you just awarded me as a queen of selfies? yay! but still , you need selfie training from me.

  9. Hi Areeba,
    Such a cute post, I like all of them! And just for the record, you don't look "horrible" in any of the pics! I hope you're having a great summer...stop by sometime and say hi!

    A Place for Pictures and Memories

  10. Haha- your 'real face' is my favourite. You look kinda crazy, but definitely cute!

  11. I'm just learning how to take selfies!! Having an I-Phone helps since at least I can see what I'm doing. Keep trying and maybe one day you'll get a good one. :)

  12. These are so cute!!!!!!! Your "real face" is the best one!

  13. Haha this is so funny! Actually, you look great in selfies! :) But I know what you mean...I definitely look better in black and white (when I was younger, I thought that the years before the 80's were actually in black in white...I once asked my mom, "When you were little, were you in black and white?" haha, what a weird child I was).

    I don't take selfies often and find it weird how often some people take them- I'm also a bit envious of the fact that they seem to be comfortable with the way their face looks...


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