30 June 2014

For those who can't take good selfies

I'm one of those people who can't take good selfie. Not even a single one. Whenever I look helplessly at Noor, the girl whom I call the selfie queen of my house, I find no inspiration. The truth is you can't get inspired for selfies.

This selfie type is when we who-can't-take-good-selfie-peeps find no work. Then we strike this smile and OH SNAP! This selfie type is the only reason my tablet's memory keep crashing. I had some friends from 2010 Facebook profile who used to post 10 same type of selfies at a time. Some people are really creep. I used to be one. Shame game!

Somewhere in 2015, duckface will be added in Oxford dictionary as the word of the year. Did I ever tell you that I suck at duckface? Pout? An innocent 12 years old can pout better than me, so bad Areeba so bad! My aunt told me that I'm hopeless duckfaced young girl. I look more funny than cute. Heart breaks, tears shed. Can anyone pass some tips for a better duckface? Pliss?

Loose hair strands, the side face pose, big eyes and black & white filter selfie. One more attempt to take a almost-too-classy selfie. I support black and white selfies, makes me look much better. Or look at your black and white selfies, you'll realize you really looked better. YES WE LOOK BETTER! 

In the end, the reality must be exposed. That's how I actually take selfies. That's why Noor give up on my selfie skills. Whenever I ask for any tip for selfie, she gives me a dirty look and walk away. Walk away from my emotions. You shouldn't check my personal photographs folder, they're filled with my very beautiful selfies. But I like people taking ugly and funny and horrible selfies, makes me comfortable with them. 

This post is the STORY OF MY SELFIE LIFE! Truth be told, I'm happy with my terrible selfie experiences. What's your selfie story?

PS: Sorry, I look horrible.

25 June 2014

We Love Snail Mail

Guys, I had been planning something for my blog. Something that would be fun, that would give me some more new blog friends. Or something that would be creative. I thought of loads of things then our door knocked, Noor got a mail. I got my answer. WE NEED TO SNAIL MAIL! 
Then my mind ended up landing on this program called "We Love Snail Mail" Me and Noor are bringing this for our awesome readers to have a little fun in Bloggyland. There was once a snail mail exchange at Melyssa's blog and I found my blog bestie Natalie from that mail exchange!

We Love Snail Mail

What is We Love Snail Mail?
Its a monthly mail exchange program. Every month, you will be paired with a new partner and exchange mails, hand written letters, emails and become friends in a few weeks. We'll try our best to pair up two different cultured persons so you can make friends from different cultures and countries. Then you'll have to send your partner a small package.

How to do this?
The mail shouldn't be more than 5$-7$. Handmade items and handwritten letters are more than appreciated. It'd be more special if you include something that reflects your country's culture. Once you get your mail, it'd be more fun if you blog about this or Instagram it and link up here. Me & Noor love to receive happy mails and we'd love if you join us too.

When you can sign up?
It's our first time so we're opening the sign ups from 26 June to 5 July. Once started, we'll take sign ups from 1st of the month to 5th of the month. 

How to sign up?

Rules and conditions
  • Every month's snail mail will have a theme. July's theme is Summer. Use your creativity and art skills to make a lovely creative package for your partner.
  • Follow Noor's Place and I Have A Messy Bun Blog via Bloglovin' or anything else you'd prefer :)
  • You'll be paired with a new partner every month. We want you to make new friends from all around the world with different cultures. 
  • Each month, sign ups will taken from 1st of the month to the 5th of the month. But as it's our first time, sign ups are opened for a bit long. From 26 June to 5th July. 
  • When we're done with the pairings, the pairings will be emailed to you on 7th or 8th of the month.
  • Once you get a partner, you need to contact your partner within 48 hours. If your partner doesn't contact you back in 48 hours, let us (Areeba or Noor) know.
  • Keep in touch with your partner through email or text, you'll have plenty of days to know each other. You have to send your snail mail package before the 20th of the month.
  • When you get the mail, make sure to blog about it or Instagram it and let the world know. If you'd like, use this hashtag #Welovesnailmail
  • On every month's 1st, we (Areeba Noor) will post a link up on our blogs so you can share your snail mail experience. You can read others experience about the snail mail exchange and meeting new people from different corners of the world.
  • Sharing is caring. Let your friends know about this program so they can take part too! Let's make some new friends and get some happy happy mail :)


Finally, are you going to join us?
I have an idea that it's going to be a lot of fun! Who doesn't like snail mail? I'm so excited! I can't wait to see who's gonna join! Hand written notes, handmade stuff, postcards, creativity. There's many things to talk about. Let's see how does it turn out! If you spread the world, it'd be more awesome! More people will join us and we'll have more fun!

Linking up with Nicole & The grits blog!

24 June 2014

DIY | Dreams Jar

Since having a dreams jar where people of random ages keep their dreams is too mainstream, I thought I should have one too! I'll fill it with my dreams and bury it somewhere and dig it out when I'm 90. To let my grand kids know how teens used to dream back in 2014, I bet they'd think that 2014 was a boring year. 
As I promised myself that there'd be DIYs back in my life, even my new year resolution said this. Look, I'm completing one of my new year's resolution. Look New year resolution police, I'm not a criminal anymore! This dreams jar was a 2 minutes DIY. Let's take a look:

What do we need?
A jar, of couse
Marker or pencil
And some motivation

Thanks to my aunt for letting me have her mayonnaise jar. Wash it and clean it.

Paste the dream chit on the jar. Let people know what's inside. Keep the lingo clean. Pliss.

There's no purpose of putting this picture in this post. But I posted because i can. Or because I wanted to let you know I still have stationery. GOSH I NEED TO BUY MORE STATIONERY!

An unicorn pliss, a girl can dream. Right? Left?
I want to travel. It's one of my biggest dreams. I'll start with Pakistan. Then Turkey. Then Japan. Then USA. Then Canada. I have a long list and that's what I call real dream. Buy me some tickets and let me wanderlust.

Dang! Your dream jar is ready to rock. Listen, take its stylish pictures to let people know what you created. Mom would be proud. I'd like my dad to read my dreams because his sponsorship towards my noble dreams would be amazing. Like a DSLR and all Pakistan tour. 
Well, I should have named it jar of broke girl's dreams, shouldn't I? 

Let me know if you're going to make this, I'll feel good that I convinced people to move and not spend their summer lying down, making plans in her/his (if any) head.

Have a happy day!

23 June 2014

Nobody will rishta you

Since I'm almost 17, there are some common things I have to hear. They're as like:
Leave internet, focus on college plans.
What are you going to choose as a career?
Look at yourself, you're a grown up now!
Do you have a boyfriend? NO? Don't lie.
Do you know how to cook?
Make gol rotis or nobody will rishta you!

Thermomix Roti
Rotis are Pakistani flat breads. They're round shaped. It's one of the most important part of a Pakistani's food life. And rishta is a word used for marriage proposal in Urdu/Hindi language. So the thing is, if a Pakistani girl can't make perfect round rotis, nobody will send his rishta to her. Well, this is a national joke. 
My great granny got married at 17, my granny at 17, my mum at 17, my aunt at 25 and she's the tradition breaker so I'll be. I'm near 17 and I can't make any kinda roti. Not round, not oval, not even burnt roti. Not my fault, it's the fault in my cooking star! 

Make good tea or nobody will rishta you!
Well this is serious. I told you that we Pakistanis take food so seriously! And tea is a special case. I don't drink tea (Such a non-Pakistani fact in me) but I wonder if my family has tea in their veins instead of blood. So if you can't make good tea, nobody will marry you. Poor you!

Be a doctor 
If you're a doctor here in Pakistan, you're so popular in rishta purpose. Be a doctor and people will rishta you. Take arts and nobody will rishta you. Such sad fact, I think I'll take art. Wow, nobody will rishta me. Poor Areeba.

Get higher marks
All these facts above are for us girls. But don't worry, guys aren't much in profit. If guys don't get good marks, parents here are like, "If you can't get good marks, you won't get a good job. No girl will marry you, nobody will rishta you."

Yes, all these things said above are real. The creepy old aunts will keep reminding you how to get rishta or how you won't get rishta. This is fun, to be honest. I'm almost 17, can't make perfect round rotis and will be an Arts student. Watch me getting married!

20 June 2014

Reasons why you should be friend with me!

While using one the most (and the most deadly, in a way) website named Ask.fm, I received a question that what are the perks of being my friend? This gave me a thought: Really? Why you should be my friend? Like seriously why? If Miley Cyrus had asked this question from herself, her answers would be pretty much better than me. She's famous super famous, she can twerk sing and that tongue. But what about Areeba the Siddique? I'm on my must-find-out mode and I thought to share this on a blog that I own to let people know what's inside my head. Perks of blogging!

I can draw ugly cartoons of people you hate
Back in high school, I drew each and everyone Noori hated. I wish I could find those notebooks where my masterpieces are hidden. Be my friend and we can imagine how ugly your haters can get! High five!

I don't take texting seriously
Good things is that you'll never receive that 3am-overly-attached-bestfriend text. And I always expect people to text me first. High hops, huh. And I'm heartless while texting to a really attached betch friend, knowing my don't worries wouldn't work. A few hours ago, my bestfriend Fay texted me that he's in a trouble. A really huge trouble. I wish I had good texting-back qualities.

He: *Telling me that he's in a huge trouble*

Me: I wonder how you're still alive? How come your sister didn't kill you? 

He: .. Well, I'm still waiting for his text to come and I'm not that mad to publish what his message says. He would've disgraced Ree the Siddique, I know him well.

I'd never open your secrets
Because I have a terrible memory. Or I can say that I'm loyal type. The past achievement is that I once forgot my friend's crush name. Well, that's just past. But I always keep a reminder of my friend's birthday on my tablet that means I'm not going to forgot the big day you're going to blow your candles. But your secrets are safe here, inside.

My mum cooks well
Really well that you'll want to eat more. This "Eat More" option is only for friends. This makes my mum's cooking a blessing to me.  I can bribe people with it to be my friends. And we Pakistanis are big food lovers so it really works for me!

I can take ugly pictures with you
I'm never bothered by my looks in pictures. Noori takes 500 pictures a day while I'm 1 selfie per month. So being my friend makes you free to take ugly/weird/awkward/horrible (I swear this is an option) pictures with me. And you're even allowed to post them on Instagram, I don't mind losing one follower or two just . because . of . you.

I have a blog
You can be published on my blog! We can bitch about people you don't like. Bloggers are awesome, I'm telling you! You'd be lucky to have a blogger freind. Right, fellows?

Basically, this might help me to gain a friend or few in college. People will know these perks. And in the end, I feel awesome offering this much. Tee-Hee!

PS: There's a Blogger Snail Mail program coming soon! Stay attentive and cheers!

17 June 2014

25 hours a day!

Ta-da! Good news is that I'm not kidnapped, killed or thrown away, I've just moved into a new house (Don't make me feel guilty by asking for photographs, I haven't taken any), my new room and buy myself some bathroom luxury items and as I tried to enjoy some summer-time & summer's answer is NO. A big big NO. It's too damn hot outside, inside, everywhere. But the good news goes on, I have a proper internet connection. Did you hear that Miss Areeba, you can blog anytime you want! My mom aka Amma Jaan told me that we're having a good internet connection today and you can go on blogging 25 hours a day.

Me: But but but... we have 24 hours a day.

Amma Jaan: You think about blogging way too much, +1 hour for your craziness.

Me: Thanks, I took it as a compliment.

I'm sorry to myself, to people who check my blog everyday even they have an idea that this girl is a baaad chic who doesn't update her blog and hats off to those who read my old posts, commented them and appreciated. You guys are so sweet! And thanks to HerCampus for not kicking me outta their Network while I was away. You know what, this all means a lot!
This doesn't end here, I opened my email box where 1987 emails were ready to attack me. But when I checked Natalie's email, she asked if I was alright and stuff, I think I cried. Don't tell her, I really cried. She's one of those girls I can can call friends that I made through blogging. Isn't it weird how we meet different and totally stranger people over internet and become friends like we've been living together for years. This is the best part of blogging and hey I ain't even kidding! You should believe me when I say that I have a bloggy cousin named Hima.Oh I love these girls so much!
So all I wanted to say, I'M BACK! I passed storms and floods and earth quacks (and count all natural disasters in) I'm finally in my new house, with a computer and a good internet connection which complete my happy life for now. Don't make me remember that I have to grow up on 16 August (Duh, my birthday) and then there's a thing called college. I hope you all are happy and healthy!