1 May 2014

Teal Feel

It's the first day of no-waking-up-alarm-days and I honestly have junk in my mind. My mum told me that I'm not little anymore because school is over and suddenly I'm a big kid. So instead of thinking about future like a big kid, I'd rather planning my life like a 5 years old. As told, we'll be shifting soon and I have so many ideas for the new times coming. And one mission-life is called Teal. 

Truth is, I'm obsessed with this colour. This all started with my crush, secret crush in real life person to be exact. I gave him a name of Teal and my crush has died. I killed him. In my mind, 5 times. But the colour obsession is still here. I called that crush era Teal Feel. Sorry my Paypal account, I bought a Teal bubble necklace for almost no reason. Aar okay, the little useless reason was that it was on Black Friday sale and it was in light teal/turquoise colour so I couldn't resist. I'm that kind of girl who'd rarely spend money to get beautified.
Here's that little darling.
The life plan mission teal contains a pet. The real reason behind writing this post is I don't want to pet-less anymore. I am sure I can take care of them and won't end up killing it like I did years ago and accidentally poisoned my aunt's fishes, I'm still guilty for that. I want a rabbit.
Actually, two rabbits. Their names would be Teal & Confetti. And I ain't even kidding. Last week, my friend was trying to make me do some stupid shit stuff and I was like, "NO." Then she tried to emotionally black mail me. I said that I swear on Teal, I wouldn't do this. 

She: Teal? Are you in your mind? Who/what is it?
Me: It's my future pet's name. If I break this swear, my future rabbit is gonna die. 
And I don't want this to happen. So, party is over.

My biggest wish right now is a house with big patio where I can keep my Teal & Confetti. You're allowed to think that these names are a little bit ... weird. But I'm trying to be a party superstar in coming life and confetti is a good sign. Sorry party poopers, I'm out. That's in total how obsessed I'm with this colour. My current school bag is Teal, I'm gonna buy a Teal case for my tablet and Teal shoes. Save me!

Until next time.


  1. I would love TWO freaking bunnies. Cuteness overload.

  2. I really want to get a cat and name it Sneaker, so I'm all for the cute names :)
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    1. A cat named Sneaker. Now thats cute!

  3. Teal is really pretty and I have always loved that necklace. I've noticed in a couple of pictures you've posted in the past. Every time I see a wild bunny bouncing in someone's front yard or on the street I squeal; BUuuuuuuuUUUuunnnyyyyy!!" I can't help it, they're just so damn cute. I am sadly extremely allergic to bunnies, so that idea of owning one is most definitely OUT!

  4. Gorgeous jewelry, love that color!!


  5. I would love pet bunnies as well! Or let's just start with one maybe, haha. Mine would be called..... Lou? Maybe I'll get back on that one once I actually get one. We'll be that kind of adults thought, won't we? xx

  6. My bag I carry for work?! Yep teal! My personal journal notebook? Also teal! And finally...my car! Yes you heard correctly! My car is black on the inside & teal everywhere else! I do not want to be saved by this color! Lol...I love teal!


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