5 May 2014

It's the farewell time of the year! + Win some moolah!

The major life updates are: MY LAPTOP DIED AGAIN. I need to change that old shizzy buddy but I'm way too broke to buy a new one else someone realizes this and help me to get a new one. Second thing, my future bunnies died even before coming into my life because the house we've been thinking to get has no patio. So, no teal and confetti. 

All of my class fellows are now ex-high schoolians, so the farewell is getting near. What I'm really supposed to do for that? Like Noor has been planning to dye her hair because the treasure of hair chalk she ordered has come. But I'm still worried about my dressing. I suck at party preparation. In 2012.

we were invited in our senior's farewell, aar that was an awesome time and feeling to feel like junk at back seats. We were invited by the teachers but if course seniors would have minded about us. Duh, the thug seniors. We've had a stage drama to do and when we were done, nobody paid any attention to us or I think they forgot about us. Yeah, except that part where I left one of my high heels on the stage accidentally and jumped down but believe me it wasn't anything like Cinderella because Disney films never come true in real life. Peeps from class still remember this embarrassing moment. Our cameras were taken and all of us wondering if it's any kinda punishment or something. But it went good in the last moments. Because of the food and free music everywhere! 

And I was talking about my dressing. In that farewell, my hair went wild! I tried to straighten them but it was a failure. So I'm really worried about my condition in this farewell. I am thinking of pairing something with palazzo pants if this would work. I heard these pants are trending, any fashion guru out there? And it's the time of year to dig out all of my jewelery and see what it can do for me. Until that time, keep praying for me to look extremely nice at that farewell party. I'm sure there'll be faces I'll be seeing for last time or will see after years and years and years. But yes, Facebook could help us! And I promise myself to cry a little bit while hugging someone. I think that's how farewell parties should end?

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