7 May 2014

Do what matters

Since mornings are extra sunny, I prefer not to go out for a walk and stay in bed for long until it's near illegal according to my mum aka Amma. So I'd say, life is pretty fine. Every evening, dad would bring something yummy for his little girls (Yes, count me in the little girls) and I have planned to live a royal life for 4 months because then I'll be a fugly fugly college student and maybe not a jobless. So I'm enjoying while I can.

Things aren't always same. I learned this in a bunch of odd days. Nothing lasts forever, which is a both good and bad. Some days are unbearable. But at some point, things become better. Everything is really fine. Maybe you learn what matters and what doesn't. Have you ever seen life stopping for someone? No, it's a bullshit and it keeps going on. You just become stronger. Last summer and this summer has nothing same. What I had been doing was worrying, swearing and planning the things that never were supposed to come true. And this summer 2014, things are pretty good. Somebody told me to do what matters, really matters. So here I'm painting, painting painting! Because it's the only thing that matters right now. Next week, my high school farewell will be all that would matter and I'm going to enjoy each and every minute of it because last year.
So, I'm in living-life mode and I advice everybody to do the same. Believe me, it's awesome!


  1. I'm trying to get myself into the "living-life" mode, especially since I've had a crappy last 6 months and the weather is getting nicer. Tough, but I'm hoping to make this summer a great one! Great advice!

  2. Nice new blog design! I haven't read blogs for a long time. I miss reading your posts! Anyway, I love painting as well but I'm not so good at it. haha


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  4. College is the best so enjoy it - you'll really be able to take control over your learning and education and that's something that's lacking more in high school and such. Enjoy your last summer, there won't be anything like it! Have a great one Areeba! Coming at you from your twin's site :) -Iva

  5. I loved college. It was the best experience of my life. I loved it so much I ended but being a 7th year senior but, only because I was sick!

    xxx, Danielle Faith from DanielleFaith.me

  6. I can't wait for college, but at the same time once I graduate I'm sure it'll feel as if the years flew by!

  7. I want to paint too and yours look lovely. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Great post Areeba! :) Have a nice day sweetie, and keep painting! :)

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