10 May 2014

Some people should get VIP pass to hell

While I'm having crap relations with Real Estate stuff and my shifting is still in bad-bad process, I'm reminding every crap thing happened in my life. VIOLA! There's so much crap. And some peeps are really crap. So as the title is presenting, have a chuckle on my experiences with humans.

The "What? What! What." kind 
Last week, my mum asked me to go out to look for a house and check granny. Even though I knew we had to travel for exactly like 2 hours but I agreed because she bribed with the most famous bakery's pizza and even a donut. Imagine a free pizza slice and a donut. I got in the bakery, picked my stuff and when I went to check out, the salesman asked me: "Ma'am, do you have money?" And I was like, What? What! What. I mean, what was he asking? I wasn't going to pay him with rice or leaves or pay him with a .. slap?

The "Don't  be happy, don't let them be happy" kind
The worst kind I've seen in my life. When you're a family person, you care about everyone in the family. So do I. But I know some peeps who'd never be happy no matter what I, or somebody else would do. They'd pick the flaws and would cry over it. This makes everyone else sad. I call them Dementors, yup call me a  Potterhead. But seriously, I hate when people will stay in sucky mood and would try to make everybody else feel bad. WHY WHAT'S WRONG?
8. You haven't learnt to handle the truth.

The "Hello, I wanna disturb you" kind
There was a lady that my maternal granny knew, she'd come to my granny's house in EARLY MORNINGS and would talk loud that everyone else sleeping in house would awake. And whenever she'd come i evenings, she'd ask everyone the silly questions. And if we'd accidentally bumped into her outta house, she'd hug & kiss me so tightly that my bones would like protest to me. And when once she starts talking, she really never stops. And I always need a lame excuse to get out.
Else, this kind of people would always annoy you unintentionally. They don't know it but they simply do it.

The "Tell me the secret" kind
Yes yes yes, I just finished my high school and there's always loads of drama. Girls will always be girls. So when a girl (Let's call her aww-aww) became my good friend, we started chatting night long conversations. You can call us overly attached texting buds. Aww-aww is the one who's always seeking the secrets. Not only from me, from everybody she knows. Aww-aww asked me about my boyfriend that never existed. And I was like, No, no no no lalala no.
Aww-aww thinks I have a secret relationship with a secret person. Well, it's seriously awkward.
This kind of people will always ask for hints, little secrets and commonly they behave like BBC news. In short, if you tell the secret stuff, your secrets are ruined.

The "I'll do this & then I'll cry" kind
Again a high school case, the girls (or guys too, just a few) would do the bad things and if they're caught, they'd cry. And teachers seriously support those who cry. I, myself, have evidence this kinda evidence where the real "defaulter" always cry when he/she is caught red handed and the innocent peeps are punished. The high school management needs a whole crime control panel!

Basically, I'm seriously annoyed. You know, somebody should preach the world how to stay good human beings and Don't. Disturb/Annoy. Others. Like, stay in limits and be happy while others live with relief too!

Do you know any annoying kind of human species? 

7 May 2014

Do what matters

Since mornings are extra sunny, I prefer not to go out for a walk and stay in bed for long until it's near illegal according to my mum aka Amma. So I'd say, life is pretty fine. Every evening, dad would bring something yummy for his little girls (Yes, count me in the little girls) and I have planned to live a royal life for 4 months because then I'll be a fugly fugly college student and maybe not a jobless. So I'm enjoying while I can.

Things aren't always same. I learned this in a bunch of odd days. Nothing lasts forever, which is a both good and bad. Some days are unbearable. But at some point, things become better. Everything is really fine. Maybe you learn what matters and what doesn't. Have you ever seen life stopping for someone? No, it's a bullshit and it keeps going on. You just become stronger. Last summer and this summer has nothing same. What I had been doing was worrying, swearing and planning the things that never were supposed to come true. And this summer 2014, things are pretty good. Somebody told me to do what matters, really matters. So here I'm painting, painting painting! Because it's the only thing that matters right now. Next week, my high school farewell will be all that would matter and I'm going to enjoy each and every minute of it because last year.
So, I'm in living-life mode and I advice everybody to do the same. Believe me, it's awesome!

5 May 2014

It's the farewell time of the year! + Win some moolah!

The major life updates are: MY LAPTOP DIED AGAIN. I need to change that old shizzy buddy but I'm way too broke to buy a new one else someone realizes this and help me to get a new one. Second thing, my future bunnies died even before coming into my life because the house we've been thinking to get has no patio. So, no teal and confetti. 

All of my class fellows are now ex-high schoolians, so the farewell is getting near. What I'm really supposed to do for that? Like Noor has been planning to dye her hair because the treasure of hair chalk she ordered has come. But I'm still worried about my dressing. I suck at party preparation. In 2012.

we were invited in our senior's farewell, aar that was an awesome time and feeling to feel like junk at back seats. We were invited by the teachers but if course seniors would have minded about us. Duh, the thug seniors. We've had a stage drama to do and when we were done, nobody paid any attention to us or I think they forgot about us. Yeah, except that part where I left one of my high heels on the stage accidentally and jumped down but believe me it wasn't anything like Cinderella because Disney films never come true in real life. Peeps from class still remember this embarrassing moment. Our cameras were taken and all of us wondering if it's any kinda punishment or something. But it went good in the last moments. Because of the food and free music everywhere! 

And I was talking about my dressing. In that farewell, my hair went wild! I tried to straighten them but it was a failure. So I'm really worried about my condition in this farewell. I am thinking of pairing something with palazzo pants if this would work. I heard these pants are trending, any fashion guru out there? And it's the time of year to dig out all of my jewelery and see what it can do for me. Until that time, keep praying for me to look extremely nice at that farewell party. I'm sure there'll be faces I'll be seeing for last time or will see after years and years and years. But yes, Facebook could help us! And I promise myself to cry a little bit while hugging someone. I think that's how farewell parties should end?

So here's a treat! A 50$ giveaway! GO GO ENTER AND MEET MY LADIES! 

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1 May 2014

Teal Feel

It's the first day of no-waking-up-alarm-days and I honestly have junk in my mind. My mum told me that I'm not little anymore because school is over and suddenly I'm a big kid. So instead of thinking about future like a big kid, I'd rather planning my life like a 5 years old. As told, we'll be shifting soon and I have so many ideas for the new times coming. And one mission-life is called Teal. 

Truth is, I'm obsessed with this colour. This all started with my crush, secret crush in real life person to be exact. I gave him a name of Teal and my crush has died. I killed him. In my mind, 5 times. But the colour obsession is still here. I called that crush era Teal Feel. Sorry my Paypal account, I bought a Teal bubble necklace for almost no reason. Aar okay, the little useless reason was that it was on Black Friday sale and it was in light teal/turquoise colour so I couldn't resist. I'm that kind of girl who'd rarely spend money to get beautified.
Here's that little darling.
The life plan mission teal contains a pet. The real reason behind writing this post is I don't want to pet-less anymore. I am sure I can take care of them and won't end up killing it like I did years ago and accidentally poisoned my aunt's fishes, I'm still guilty for that. I want a rabbit.
Actually, two rabbits. Their names would be Teal & Confetti. And I ain't even kidding. Last week, my friend was trying to make me do some stupid shit stuff and I was like, "NO." Then she tried to emotionally black mail me. I said that I swear on Teal, I wouldn't do this. 

She: Teal? Are you in your mind? Who/what is it?
Me: It's my future pet's name. If I break this swear, my future rabbit is gonna die. 
And I don't want this to happen. So, party is over.

My biggest wish right now is a house with big patio where I can keep my Teal & Confetti. You're allowed to think that these names are a little bit ... weird. But I'm trying to be a party superstar in coming life and confetti is a good sign. Sorry party poopers, I'm out. That's in total how obsessed I'm with this colour. My current school bag is Teal, I'm gonna buy a Teal case for my tablet and Teal shoes. Save me!

Until next time.