28 April 2014


These girlies are blurred especially so you can focus on me more than anyone else (burst out laughing)
Hey .. anyone? I love thinking that there are people who still read my blog. I've been on a war. Yes a war with my best friend. My best friend's name is procrastination. All I want to do is nothing, heck it's common problem. But here comes a new post, a proof that I can win a war.

I have so many feelings. Some of them even can't come out (Duh, procrastinate) Oh. So. Feels. First feeling, I can feel I have changed in past few months, 2 months to be exact. Maybe some of you guys can feel. Or you will soon. Let's get back to the point. I can feel I'm jealous from random things. Oh wow, maybe this is how grown up feels like. Like I said before, there's no way I'm gonna care about shiz going around me but there are always THIS MUCH care in my heart for the peeps I love. So, the trouble is I can feel that wicked jealousy. Any other 17 (s) out there? Since the morning to pee teeth brush and breakfast, I think about "a random shit" which is making me jealous. Well, this got serious. I wanna type like a sturdy 12 tonight. Let this thing be out. Ladies, tell me this is so common. 
The good thing is that, there are ways to get outta this situation. But the bad thing is my best friend pro-craaaahss-teeenation! Still, I can win the war. Come over the jelly thing. You have to be shoo-shoo-shoo away!
Firstly, let's not think about the thing which is making me jealous. Well, that's pretty impossible or truly the best hard thing ever. Secondly, just think about how good/awesome/fabulous you are because loving yourself is always the better option. Third thing, DO SOMETHING CREATIVE! Or wreck a journal. An idle mind is the devil's dancing bar. And I ain't even sorry to screw up that good-guy quote. Fourth, is there any food available? Pizza? 
And I don't want to go to sleep. Sleeping gives more thoughts on the things I really wanna (insert a bad word here) forget. This post is made 1000% for troubled peeps because world, I can feel ya!


  1. I want to buy a "Wreck This Journal" and do a series about it!

    1. That would super fun to read! Grav3yardgirl does one called "WRECK IT WEDNESDAY"

  2. blogging normally helps me but lately i blog and feel like i could blog for days. i always have crap in my head.

    http://nightowlventing02.blogspot.com/ following you. would love for you to come check me out

  3. But Procrastination is my best friend!!! Also Love "Wreck This Journal"! I didn't blog about it, but just had fun scribbling and cutting and spitting and stomping.

  4. I'm still reading.. My older sister and brother both procrastinate so much. It is a real evil because procrastination can really hold you back in life. What is this 'wreck this journal' you speak of!? Is it a real thing or am I too old to be on top of trends?

  5. Is it wrong that I find your post a little hilarious?
    All I want to do is nothing too, but unlike you, I hardly know the word procastination... I'm quite a workaholic |: I always want to do more and more and more, its exausting! and when I finally get some time to myself, I lay in bed and think.. "OH, I SHOULD BE USING THIS TIME ON THIS OR THAT!" so I'm always a tired, and, that lovely feeling when you're done with something? well, I hardly know it =.=

    Troubled aree, I can feel ya (...I wonder if my comment was way too long)



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