24 April 2014

I was happy but then

It's been a while that I sat down and blogged something like seriously. It would take some time to become a normal addictive blogger again, there's so much going in the real life. We'll be moving into a new house, my aunt would get married on my birthday and I'll finally start a new chapter of life.

Last month, I spent good times with music. But hey, nothing was actually good. I made a random playlist and whenever a sad song would come, I'd start crying. That was pretty unbearable. I removed every Lana Del Rey's song. Honestly, some of her songs make me sad for really no reason. Like, I don't have a life where I'd cut myself or suicide if someone called me ugly (I'd kill that bitch, preferably) or I have a terrible love life. Now I have started to make sure if I'm in such a happy mood, her songs shouldn't show up. So if  you see me in a happy mood during a travel and suddenly my eyes are teary, spot those earphones and playlist carrying her songs. I think sad songs aren't healthy for my good mood!

And yes, the books.
I remember when I first had "The fault in our stars" ebook, I was pretty excited to read. And I remember I was really happy. But then I started reading it. Yes yes I was happy when I started reading but then my feelings were heavy. Crying was obvious, John Green killed Augustus. And I spent all day WHY MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ALWAYS DIE? Remember Sirius Blacks' death in Harry Potter? I'd never forgive J.K Rowling for that! And then my happiness would disappear for the whole day. Look, I'm this easy to feel sad. And there's an Urdu Novel called Amarbail, I read it for like 3 days, it was so long and in the end my favourite character (Who was a handsome angry man) died. And I was like, what? WHAT? NO YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! I mean, my feelings were ruined!

Another example of "I was happy but then" is when I get an unfollow. Wow, that's the worst thing that can happen to a blogger. Why you unfollow? I wanna cry! My real life friends would never understand. And when I'd tell the reason of my sadness, they're like, "It's just one follower you lost and it's just a number." Excuse me, my followers are real people and you, my boy, are a disgrace! 

That's in total what gives me an instant sadness even in the happiest hours of my life. Maybe it's not that unusual and I am not the only one but still people around me (aka Noori) doesn't do it much.

Does anything give you an instant sadness?


  1. omg i love lana del rays upbeat radio edit versions of young and beautiful, and there are two others i cant think of the name but i belt them out all the time when they come on in the car when i have my cd in! oh wait summertime sadness is the one... and the other one is Blue Jeans i think :)

  2. good post +
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    *check them out please*

  3. Relax! :)
    I personally think tragedy gives depth to a character (Jack? Devdas?). I believe it's a way writers make sure the character is imprinted on your brain. We dont feel the worth of things, people until they're gone. I feel you're a sensitive, kind-hearted person which is very sweet! Dont be bothered too much about 'things that make you sad' - its normal. :)

    Btw, I'll chck Amarbail out, I'd love to read an Urdu novel.

    Yar Lana Del Rey's songs are depressing! DELETE! :)

    Stay happy & keep in touch. :)

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  4. Hahah I love Lana Del Ray but I do get you completely, books make me cry so much I will linger over it for ages! xxx

  5. Lmao at "I'd kill that bitch, preferably"! Being sad is a part of life. Depression can be hard, but everyone goes through it at least once in their lives. Lana Del Ray is kind of a mood killer sometimes. Try listening to happier songs, like Disney! Lol. And yeah, unfollows suck majorly but when you think about it, would you rather have that person be fake and continue to follow you? Or would you rather they be genuine. People follow and unfollow me all the time, but I know my blog is not everyone's cup-of-tea so whatever. I'd rather have people who are like me, who have a sense of humor, who write genuine comments on my posts, and cuss like a sailor, than someone who is just following me but not really reading my blog.

    ♥ Duckie.

  6. I know! I had two unfollows in the last two months and I completely NOTICE those.. I wish I could get them back! I have unfollowed only a handful of bloggers and I often wonder if they're sad that I have left. (I'm a commenting blogger so they would have noticed my lack of comments eventually.) If I knew who it was I would make an effort to get them back! Isn't that silly!?

  7. Books can always make me sad. I seem to take on the plight of the characters, so I can be sad or grumpy for days if I'm reading.

    Also, grumpy people can make me grumpy.

    And just to note...I never unfollow, so you are stuck with me!


  8. Glad you liked the book but yes it was pretty sad. Im sure the movie will be really sad since there is visuals to go with it. Nice blog change. It looks great!

  9. This is a fab post, haha. Getting unfollowed is doom, it happens to me all the time on twitter!!!

    Corinne x

  10. Awww. This is a part of life , this or that :")

  11. Instant sadness can happen to some people. I find it crazy weird if it doesn't happen at least once to someone. I've heard a sad song that made me cry before, and the same things that goes for books. Some things are just so sad!

    I saw your sister at a twitter party, and she told me she was back to blogging. Curse the bloglovin feed! Why did it not share with me that you are back with new posts? Back from your bloggy break?
    Now that I know, I'll be stopping by more. =0) So no worries, you will not lose me as a follower!

  12. I totally get what you mean,
    I haven't really been able to get back into the blogging let alone blog designing anymore because of my mood.
    I'll be happy one minute but then something will upset me and BOOM motivation gone, productivity? nah.

    and it usually is caused by songs and stuff, music really does affect your mood!
    I bawled my eyes out when I read the Faul in Our Stars.. How could they?

    Hope you're not so teary anymore :D and will be looking forward to reading your posts again!



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