23 April 2014

I tried to celebrate Earth Day

22 was supposed to be Earth Day's celebration at the school and we were invited. I didn't know that we were going out of internet for all day long and the day could get really worse so I woke up to celebrate Mother Earth's special day. I was late and almost missed the bus but oh well. getting late is my old habit.

This all started with a parade. All kids were supposed to shout about Earth Day but some of them were shouting the country's political parties tag lines and I was like .. whaaaa? But anyway, the parade went fun. At least the part where we walked through the street and strangers waved at us was really fun. And I took selfies in the middle of 100 kids. Like, what a cool kid I am.


 These pretty faces! Noor and me.

 The real story starts now. Junior high kids started the program, wow. The speeches were.. wow. I was betrayed by my friends so I wanted to kill myself when the program started for real. The thing was that all of our friends group decided to come but NOBODY SHOWED UP except of a bunch of my class fellows. Well, if you've had this kinda lame friends in high school, you can totally understand what I'd feel. To be honest, the whole program was so damn boring. I knew it could be so boring but you can always have fun even in a graveyard if you have friends around but ah. 

Believe me, this shitty image quality is Noor's tablet's fault. My camera died.

The speeches were about Earth, triple Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) Finally I got this triple R theory. And suddenly there were craft projects talk everywhere that how to recycle and make things. I could feel Martha Stewart. And then, I fell asleep. The best thing happened to me. Again in the middle of 100 kids, I behaved like a cool kid. Actually, nobody noticed much except of Noori. And my disappointed level increased when there was no free food or wifi. 

The lesson of this story is never believe anyone, not even friends, if you're going to this kinda boring event. You could die of boredom because boredom is not healthy. And Earth day doesn't mean you're going to get free food, just some free banners and badges. Kay? And nobody can be so cool like me to sleep in the middle of so many people. So beware! And I'm not going to celebrate Earth Day's celebration again. Not even if I'm invited in my future kids' Earth day celebration. 

Did you celebrate Earth Day? Or ever been to this kinda sucky event?


  1. You so funny!
    Well earth day in Canada tends to mean people go an hour without light to show something or another so it isn't as boring but I can understand how bored you might have been.
    You looked like you had fun even though the event was boring!

  2. Hahaha no free food definitely spoils any event. You are both so pretty :] I'm sorry your friends bailed on you...people suck sometimes.

  3. I like your writing style. Nice pics!

  4. That one picture of just you is so cool. Everyone in the background is kind of blurry.. but you are clear as day! Ahh, well at least you were out and about on a nice looking day.

  5. I died of yawning but mainly, I died of walking in rally . In the end, I actually died. I died.
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  6. Ohh man, I hated signing up for crap in school and having friends bail or forget to sign up.
    Earth day is usually the day to state the obvious, we're killing the planet.
    It's like the one day out of the year we actually do something about it, haha.



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