28 April 2014


These girlies are blurred especially so you can focus on me more than anyone else (burst out laughing)
Hey .. anyone? I love thinking that there are people who still read my blog. I've been on a war. Yes a war with my best friend. My best friend's name is procrastination. All I want to do is nothing, heck it's common problem. But here comes a new post, a proof that I can win a war.

I have so many feelings. Some of them even can't come out (Duh, procrastinate) Oh. So. Feels. First feeling, I can feel I have changed in past few months, 2 months to be exact. Maybe some of you guys can feel. Or you will soon. Let's get back to the point. I can feel I'm jealous from random things. Oh wow, maybe this is how grown up feels like. Like I said before, there's no way I'm gonna care about shiz going around me but there are always THIS MUCH care in my heart for the peeps I love. So, the trouble is I can feel that wicked jealousy. Any other 17 (s) out there? Since the morning to pee teeth brush and breakfast, I think about "a random shit" which is making me jealous. Well, this got serious. I wanna type like a sturdy 12 tonight. Let this thing be out. Ladies, tell me this is so common. 
The good thing is that, there are ways to get outta this situation. But the bad thing is my best friend pro-craaaahss-teeenation! Still, I can win the war. Come over the jelly thing. You have to be shoo-shoo-shoo away!
Firstly, let's not think about the thing which is making me jealous. Well, that's pretty impossible or truly the best hard thing ever. Secondly, just think about how good/awesome/fabulous you are because loving yourself is always the better option. Third thing, DO SOMETHING CREATIVE! Or wreck a journal. An idle mind is the devil's dancing bar. And I ain't even sorry to screw up that good-guy quote. Fourth, is there any food available? Pizza? 
And I don't want to go to sleep. Sleeping gives more thoughts on the things I really wanna (insert a bad word here) forget. This post is made 1000% for troubled peeps because world, I can feel ya!

24 April 2014

I was happy but then

It's been a while that I sat down and blogged something like seriously. It would take some time to become a normal addictive blogger again, there's so much going in the real life. We'll be moving into a new house, my aunt would get married on my birthday and I'll finally start a new chapter of life.

Last month, I spent good times with music. But hey, nothing was actually good. I made a random playlist and whenever a sad song would come, I'd start crying. That was pretty unbearable. I removed every Lana Del Rey's song. Honestly, some of her songs make me sad for really no reason. Like, I don't have a life where I'd cut myself or suicide if someone called me ugly (I'd kill that bitch, preferably) or I have a terrible love life. Now I have started to make sure if I'm in such a happy mood, her songs shouldn't show up. So if  you see me in a happy mood during a travel and suddenly my eyes are teary, spot those earphones and playlist carrying her songs. I think sad songs aren't healthy for my good mood!

And yes, the books.
I remember when I first had "The fault in our stars" ebook, I was pretty excited to read. And I remember I was really happy. But then I started reading it. Yes yes I was happy when I started reading but then my feelings were heavy. Crying was obvious, John Green killed Augustus. And I spent all day WHY MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS ALWAYS DIE? Remember Sirius Blacks' death in Harry Potter? I'd never forgive J.K Rowling for that! And then my happiness would disappear for the whole day. Look, I'm this easy to feel sad. And there's an Urdu Novel called Amarbail, I read it for like 3 days, it was so long and in the end my favourite character (Who was a handsome angry man) died. And I was like, what? WHAT? NO YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! I mean, my feelings were ruined!

Another example of "I was happy but then" is when I get an unfollow. Wow, that's the worst thing that can happen to a blogger. Why you unfollow? I wanna cry! My real life friends would never understand. And when I'd tell the reason of my sadness, they're like, "It's just one follower you lost and it's just a number." Excuse me, my followers are real people and you, my boy, are a disgrace! 

That's in total what gives me an instant sadness even in the happiest hours of my life. Maybe it's not that unusual and I am not the only one but still people around me (aka Noori) doesn't do it much.

Does anything give you an instant sadness?

23 April 2014

I tried to celebrate Earth Day

22 was supposed to be Earth Day's celebration at the school and we were invited. I didn't know that we were going out of internet for all day long and the day could get really worse so I woke up to celebrate Mother Earth's special day. I was late and almost missed the bus but oh well. getting late is my old habit.

This all started with a parade. All kids were supposed to shout about Earth Day but some of them were shouting the country's political parties tag lines and I was like .. whaaaa? But anyway, the parade went fun. At least the part where we walked through the street and strangers waved at us was really fun. And I took selfies in the middle of 100 kids. Like, what a cool kid I am.


 These pretty faces! Noor and me.

 The real story starts now. Junior high kids started the program, wow. The speeches were.. wow. I was betrayed by my friends so I wanted to kill myself when the program started for real. The thing was that all of our friends group decided to come but NOBODY SHOWED UP except of a bunch of my class fellows. Well, if you've had this kinda lame friends in high school, you can totally understand what I'd feel. To be honest, the whole program was so damn boring. I knew it could be so boring but you can always have fun even in a graveyard if you have friends around but ah. 

Believe me, this shitty image quality is Noor's tablet's fault. My camera died.

The speeches were about Earth, triple Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) Finally I got this triple R theory. And suddenly there were craft projects talk everywhere that how to recycle and make things. I could feel Martha Stewart. And then, I fell asleep. The best thing happened to me. Again in the middle of 100 kids, I behaved like a cool kid. Actually, nobody noticed much except of Noori. And my disappointed level increased when there was no free food or wifi. 

The lesson of this story is never believe anyone, not even friends, if you're going to this kinda boring event. You could die of boredom because boredom is not healthy. And Earth day doesn't mean you're going to get free food, just some free banners and badges. Kay? And nobody can be so cool like me to sleep in the middle of so many people. So beware! And I'm not going to celebrate Earth Day's celebration again. Not even if I'm invited in my future kids' Earth day celebration. 

Did you celebrate Earth Day? Or ever been to this kinda sucky event?

21 April 2014

Ummm hi?

And I'm finally walking in! Hi or hello? It's been a month that I typed a post or did something for my blog. I just completed my high school {Enter cheers here} and finally free from school-girl status. Exams went awesome but those days weren't easy, like Physics and Maths can never be my friends! So soon, you'll be hearing about my college adventures but there's still time. I have a 4 months vacation time. You know,  this ex-high school kiddo deserves this long break.. to sleep like a bear and behave like a good blogger!

I was away for one month but it seems so long now. Seriously, I have many stories to tell. So many good things to come. Look around, there's a new face of my blog. My design studio looks much better now. 

And guys you gotta bear with me in future posts because I'm gonna post THIS TON stuff of The Fault In Our Stars Movie. If you haven't read this book or watched the trailer, I'm going to disown you. But aar, let's be friends and you can watch the trailer. Okay? Okay. 

One of the best thing that happened to me was that I've learnt how not to care.
 To be honest, it's really easy to type that I DON'T CARE but in real life, it's hard as hell. Once learnt, you're free, hippie and happy. Sometimes, you shouldn't care. Write it down, oh these wise words. That's what the past month taught me, I'm glad. Yes, I don't care. And there are some messages in my inbox related to my blog, telling me what should I post on my blog and what I shouldn't. Sorry, I hate this kinda suggestions when it comes to my baby blog. 

 Peeps around me can get creepy CREEPY. I'll post what I want, it's my blog. Maybe you should bribe me with moolah so I can think (JK)

Wait, I know it's not enough. I wanna type type type until it's illegal to put this much words in one post. But I'll post everyday to cover each and everything I have in my mind. I had no idea what I'm going to post as my coming back post. I read the comments on last post I published in March, I was near tears or maybe a little tear fell off. Thanks guys for reading me in my past. For appreciating each and every little thing I did in bloggyland. Thanks a lot. I wanna get emotional here. BIG HUGS!