4 March 2014

A fake kind of good bye

Yes. And I hate good byes.
So basically, this is a good bye post. Without going further, let me announce the real thing. I'm taking a break from blogging. If you're wondering, it's my finals are near and this girl needs to study. I wish I could tell you how much I didn't want to write this post. Because I hate good byes. Okay, I ain't crying but I am actually near tears. I'll possibly be back in April. 

The currently story of my life is: 
There are some books, books, more books and more & more books. Because books are good. I need good stuff around me for inspiration. And I am wearing wrinkled clothes. Because I believe in procrastination and this believe is getting stronger & after classes, I have no strength left to iron them. My playlist consists of funny and useless songs, hey they're pretty motivating for a bright study! And a sweet voiced mother. Try studying SO hard and you'll see your mother turning SO GOOD. Mothers never change.

I won't be posting on blog until the 20s of April but a little bit social media (I need to active my Instagram & Twitter) will be good for me. Don't even dare to forget me, it's just about 1 month and it's not a real good bye becaaaaaaaaaaaause I SO DAMN HATE GOOD BYES!! Send me good luck, THIS MUCH GOOD LUCK. The reason is obvious, I suck at Maths.
If the first picture of a doll's hairstyle bothers you, it's Eshaal's doll and her name is Barbie. Girls are typical.