6 February 2014

When a 3rd grader tried to bully me

I'm having those days where you don't want to sleep because there's a load shit to be done. And the messy room afraids you. And the crinkled clothes are on their worse. And your hair wants you to go bald. And you're slowly slowly becoming emotionally available. That's how I'm calculating my time. And I have a tough job to be done, I've got another tablet (means me & Noor doesn't have to share a tablet anymore) and I'm struggling HARD to find a good quote wallpaper for it. Darn, tough job.

Last night I thought what will I do if I'm running out of blogging ideas? What will happen then? What will I do? What will I search on Google? Like, "What to do when you're out of blogging ideas?" NO this sounds typically boring and unmotivating, like a loser. For me at least, I'm not offending anyone. I sat back, thought again. Thought hard. Why I blog? I can answer it, I blog for myself. I blog to share what happened with me because I live a real life. I can write good things. I always have some stories that I can post. Yes I've embarrassing stories sometimes. Like the last Friday. After I got my route coaster around 1pm, sat back on a seat and tried to sleep because I was tired.

SPLASH! There was water all over my face. A third grader was trying to wash his hands from his thermos water and as he was sitting in the very first seat row near the door, air pressure took all of the water and strike to my face through windows because I was sitting right behind his seat and my window was fully opened. 

Yes I was seriously pissed off!
 I shouted "What nonsense! There's water all over my face, don't do it again kid!" And then, I chose silence after this line only. Because hey, he was just a third grader. A kiddo. I laid back.

Then it was his turn.

He started imitating me. "What nonsense, you idiot", "What nonsense (bad word here)" to each and every friend of his. He sang it, he sang it loud!

 He kept saying. To his friends, then everyone in the coaster. I kept calm. Pretending not to listening, I didn't even say a word or responded. He kept saying it for 40 minutes because then I got home. I thought he's finished with his business but when I was stepping out of the coaster, all kids in the coaster started shouting "Nonsense, nonsense" like they're doing a school chorus. That was damn embarrassing but I kept calm carried on.
I didn't expect that 3rd grader to do that. The coaster I use has loads of other school students but none of them ever did that. I was expecting him to sorry me as it was his fault, not mine. But I got this. 

So the moral of the story is,
"If you can't shut the shit, just keep calm & ignore. Ignoring is the key"

He didn't say it again. I saw him today on the same seat. Bye bye kiddo. You wanted me to shout on you or at least cuss you but NO. Maybe my ignoring made him feel weird as he was expecting something else. He surprised me, I surprised him back. Story ended.

And I want to say, I HATE YOU KID!
Now it feels lighter.

Let me know if you've ever met a kid like that. 


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  1. love that indian boots ^^
    happy day

  2. See thats why Im afraid to teach..i probably would have pinched him so hard lol

  3. I meet kids like that every day as a teacher. It's frustrating but I try to remember that they probably have shit going on at home that makes them that way. :(

  4. Oh my goodness! What a brat! My third grade students make me the most mad! The boys are so naughty and try to be mean like that. Ignoring them is key! Except when they all start shouting and I have to teach. Then I make them leave.

  5. Ugh. Kids are the WORST. I love my nieces and nephew but other than that... no... just, no.

  6. Kids are so annoying! This happens to me often, being the eldest of all my cousins, it's bloody rude!!

  7. That kid sounds like a nightmare! I would have wanted to throw something at him, ha.

    Corinne x

  8. Omg that sounds horrible. What a delightful little kid haha. I'm sorry you had to go through that, dear :[ But good for you taking the high road!


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