3 February 2014

Princesses & Pizza

If you've been following me on Instagram, you have guessed that I spent my weekend with my real life princesses. A birthday to remember. The birthday girl was Cinderella and her sister was Belle. Totally Disney related girls, I'm glad my cousins are on right track, the Disney way. I think we're Disney freaks. And we don't seem to be bothered with this fact. Whoop!

Ahh the hair style, all credits go to my beloved aunt who knows how to do princess stuff perfectly!

I grew up listening to Disney fairy/princess tales. Most of them started with "Once Upon A Time" and ended with "Happily ever after", that's why I never took stress of life on serious notes. I believe if you don't get a happy ending, it's not the end. It's just something else. 

This little lady knows how to give a puuuurfect shot. She knows the beauty girly stuff and she sounds like a pro when it comes to preaching about it. 

We know we're the prettiest, this might bug my mum and aunt. They're sick of our narcissism. Hey! The mirror tells us that we're damn pretty! Not our fault.

My favourite girl turned 4. With a perfect bun on her head. I'm proud my little bunny.
And here comes the Belle, the big sister!
The only shot before we ended up attacking this awesome yummoz stuff!

And keep up with my style, I managed to give this awkward shot. Somebody told me that I looked like a duck. Quack. Quack.

And then,
Guess what! In the end of the party, there was another party. The pizza night. The pizza. Yes the pizza. MY PIZZA!
When Brianna announced that Ten Favourite Things link up is all about "Someone special" as it's V Day around, I knew what I was going to write about. My someone special who makes me feel better. Not going to add some more drama. Let me reveal.
Damn, it's all about Pizza!
  1. Firstly, pizza makes me feel good. How? This just happens without any reason or it's just magic. I wonder why JK Rowling didn't talk about this magical thing in her series. Duh!
  2. Pizza gives me comfort. Yay, just dial the number, pizza guys will deliver the yummy yummy to your house and you just have to move from couch to door to pick it up.
  3. Add some more cheese and it will make cheesy things in your mind go away!
  4. All of the peeps around me love pizza. This is one mutual thing that bounds us. So we never fight over menu in a restaurant.
  5. Pizza gives me blog post ideas. So inspirational. 
  6. Sometimes pizza comes with free drinks. Sometimes buy one get one free. Isn't it the best?
  7. Pizza has some cheap types that don't cost much when I'm broke. Like the bakery baked cheap type. I eat it anyway.
  8. When I have no one, no friend, nothing, I get myself pizza. Forever alone (s) and pizzas are GREAT together.
  9. A party with pizza after bad day is the most cute thing on planet.
  10. I tweet about pizza and  get retweets and favourites fo free. And it make my friends drool. And makes me feel funny. Look Heemz & Brittany, it's about us!

That's all. Pizza is happiness. Pizza is love. You just gotta feel the cheese.
How was your week? Anything about pizza? Or princesses?

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  1. hahaha I love it! can't go wrong with some pizza! thanks for linking up!

  2. Pizza just makes me feel better about myself. Guaranteed likes on Instagram when I post literally anything about pizza lol

  3. Awww! They are such pretty princesses! :)


  4. Absolutely beautiful! Glad they had a fabulous birthday! And they do make some lovely princesses! :)


  5. So cute! Love Disney. How magical to be a little princess!

  6. I remember when I use to prance around in my Disney princess costume! So cute!

    xx, Cathy from http://helllo-cathy.blogspot.com/

  7. Hahaha pizza really is a dream come true. And these pictures are so adorable!!

  8. Lol I thought that girl was you when you were younger! Then I thought I saw Noor... Holding the younger you... Can't be! I feel silly now hahaha

  9. aww the girls look so cute! :)

  10. Your cousins are so cute. That little Cinderella.. my goodness! I love her hair...!!! I would get your aunt to do YOUR hair like a princess for YOUR 17th birthday princess themed party.....
    That pizza.. the first one you posted, is exactly the kind of pizza I would order; ham, mushrooms, green peppers, onions-- YUM!!

  11. The princess party is so adorable. I can tell you really love your nieces. And to write ten things you love about pizza is pretty much genius.

  12. What a fun weekend! And OMG now I want pizza!! Thanks for linking up! <3

  13. Hahaha, your cousins are adorable little divas, aren't they? You can never go wrong with pizza (or cake)!!

  14. UGH!!!!! So you didn't tell me it was pizza party. Like more than one pizza. I HAVE to get some tomorrow. This is not good. I love pizza so much. It is seriously my favorite food.

  15. Just found you from the linkup and I LOVE that you wrote about pizza. I definitely laughed at "Pizza and forever alones are great together." Also, I'm a Disney freak myself- no shame.

  16. "I believe if you don't have a happy ending, it's not the end". I love that!
    Adorable little girls. :)
    Look at you giving a whole 'nother meaning to the duck face. ;P


  17. Sooo cute! My cousin's about to have a baby girl and I'm so excited to have a little princess in my family. :)

  18. Aw, they both look so cute in their Disney dresses! The pizza looks so yum, your blog isn't helping me and my diet ;)

    Corinne x

  19. Too cute! You're such a good big cousin! :)

  20. HA! Damn straight pizza's amazing! ;) Doesn't let ya down & just brings a good time!

    Yay for your little cousins! Disney-ANYthing and princesses are a great way to celebrate the big 0-4!! :)

  21. Pretty photos!! Happy Birthday to the little Princess xx

  22. I'm SO DONE with you and your pizza! I didn't even end up getting any last time...but I know for a fact I get some on Friday. Literally counting the days.
    Also, your cousins are SO adorable. I love their little costumes!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  23. They are so cute! Looks they had fun being princesses for the day!

  24. Your cousins are so, so cute!

    I love pizza, too! I don't get to eat it very often because Iman is a pizza store manager. But when I do it is always a great day!! (except the day all of my pizza fell out of the box in the parking lot)


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